Here Crowley is turning Freud on his head (as in Marx's famous claim to have turned Hegel on his head).

Crowley was instructed to include these passages in The Book of the Law during its dictation through intuitive indication.

Lighten the ways of the Ka! Since he was strongly hostile to imagery, painting ceased and was finally banned altogether, probably from the revised rules approved in 1154. [14] St Bernard's own brother, Achard, is known to have supervised the construction of many abbeys, such as Himmerod Abbey in the Rhineland. Here, Suger expresses the correspondence between the physical space of the church and its spiritual aim–to conduct the soul towards the contemplation of the divine. Tahuti standeth in His splendour at the prow, and Ra-Hoor abideth at the helm. Crowley had been taught how to perform this prayer in his travels and must have seen its powerful effects in unifying a community through a common ritual of divine aspiration and devotion.

What is more difficult to understand is how these different 'tiers of light' interact and relate to each other. Should brighten the minds, allowing them to travel through It must have been a truly religious experience! There's more to classical yoga than that, of course, but there's also much use of this kind of formulation. Suspending their disorder in Well-disposed Zones. Ra-Hoor-Khuit is the Crowned and Conquering Child. According to his own report, his own demand for precious gems was so great that merchants flowed in from all corners of Europe to satisfy it. To the true light, where Christ is the true door. [7], This new Cistercian architecture embodied the ideals of the order, and was in theory at least utilitarian and without superfluous ornament. 5. The problem is to conclude that one's own experiences from one's own perspective are the only valid ones. There is a second tradition, which calls for the aspirant to give the sign of Set fighting. Erlande-Brandenburg, Alain, Cathedrals and Castles: Building in the Middle Ages (New York, 1993), is a lovely pocket-sized work on the subject with fantastic illustrations. Also, there is a reference here to the 'Sun behind the Sun' — i.e. Yetzirah: Insight, clarity and enlightenment, also consciousness and awareness in general. This is very similar to the form of Resh. They are not reducible to such. It is also certainly fine to use Ankh-f-n-Khonsu's name in the adorations instead of one's own motto as he serves as a kind of stand-in for any aspirant. Change ), Light Upon Light: Abbot Suger and the Invention of Gothic, Book of Suger Abbot of St. Denis on What Was Done During his Administration, The Three Estates and the Body Politic: Christine de Pizan | mediaevalmusings.

They give access to the "house" of the gods involved — i.e. He represents the Sun as well as the rulership of the divine reality over the entire Universe. Consciousness, for Goethe, is always in an integral relationship with its world, and light and color are fundamentally as much an archetypal phenomenon of consciousness experiencing the world as they are a physical, measurable phenomenon. Crowley felt a strong magical identification with this priest, sometimes using his name as one of his magical mottos. At noon the solar reality is revealed in its aspect as Hathor, cow headed goddess of fertility and fecundity. Yetzirah corresponds to aspects of the planetary realm, as opposed to the lower elemental realm. Gnosis itself.

[19], Much of the progress of architecture depended on the mastery of metal, from its extraction to the cutting of the stone, especially in relation to the quality of the metal tools used in construction. Most Cistercian abbeys and churches were built in remote valleys far from cities and populated areas, and this isolation and need for self-sustainability bred an innovativeness among the Cistercians. Hail unto Thee from the Abodes of Evening. Nevertheless, typically male deities are represented in the dominant position, facing the viewer and holding the implements of enlightenment in pictures with their tantric consorts. Crowley, Aleister, Gems from the Equinox, pg. These are the adorations to be performed by aspirants to the A∴A∴. The former male component was valued as good, the latter female aspect bad. This is also a reference to the 'Crowned' and Conquering 'Child' in ourselves, our own personal God.

For example: Amoun-Ra. Wilkenson, Richard H., The Complete Temples of Ancient Egypt, Thames and Hudson, New York, New York, 2000, pp. Except ye become as little children, said 'Christ', ye shall not enter into the Kingdom of God. Later abbeys were also constructed in Renaissance and Baroque styles, which were more ornate by nature, but still demonstrated considerable austerity compared to other buildings built in those architectural styles. To make this sign the arms are held out straight to the sides and the feet are placed together, making the body into a cross shape. Death is itself part of this Unity, a necessary phase in its unfolding of itself.

[9] The same "rational, integrated scheme" was used across Europe to meet the largely homogeneous needs of the order,[9] along with similar prescriptions in the liturgy and music. There are four God-forms used in this ritual, Representing four aspects of the Sun in its journey. [11], The building projects of the Church in the High Middle Ages showed an ambition for the colossal, with vast amounts of stone being quarried, and the same was true of the Cistercian projects. Crowley, Aleister, Magick: Book 4, pg. 655-657. In some texts women are said to be able to obtain enlightenment by generating a subtle or astral body that is male, thereby allowing them to use that body to achieve nirvana. The formula works. This is ruled by the Sun at the center of the solar system, which in Hermeticism traditionally represents the primary emanation of the Unity of God.

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