( Log Out /  By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. There are just facts and firsthand accounts of those who were present.

Watching it (repeatedly if you can) and linking it directly (not RT or sharing fb posts) and commenting on the film the day of will be a huge benefit to its success. For the superfans among us that are reading this: I’ll spare you the hassle–there aren’t any bombshells, spoilers, or anything that we don’t already know. Feels very neutral and clear minded about it all.

Until now, thanks to Danny Wu, there has been no one-stop-shop to summarize what is ultimately a complicated situation.

An investigation into the original 1993 allegations against. What matters more: preventing this person from hurting anyone else or cashing in? I especially loved Josephine Zohny's testimony. It removes the cacophony of the #MJfam flooding your Twitter mentions, mutes any sensationalism, and presents the facts. If she's lying and Jordan hates MJ and tells people he's a victim, then the people around him sure act very odd about MJ. For those who are familiar with the source material, it will likely re-center your points of reference in the cases. None of that. I'm glad that Danny Wu scrapped his "hangout" style interview with Josephine Zohny and decided to make it more of a journalistic affair, where he is mostly out of focus. People who are old enough to remember what happened formed their opinion then and there, with a lot less knowledge and access to Michael Jackson than we have now. Very good documentary which covers nothing but facts. Humanitarian. Discussions and content relating to the issues and allegations made in Leaving Neverland and related matters. He wasn't asked to share and was not prompted. One of the best documentaries I've seen about the 1993 allegations against Michael Jackson. It focuses on the 1993 case in which Michael Jackson was accused of molesting a 13-year-old boy. When Bashir's doc aired, Jordan voluntarily spoke up in support of Michael Jackson at a program meeting at NYU when discussing his innocence/guilt with classmates. He said he too thought that Michael Jackson was incapable of doing things he was accused of. The MJ case is constantly changing, and talltad is continuing to ignore new evidence that changes the whole scenario of things, such as how Evan Chandler initially wanted to take back what he wanted. In doing so, he's made something far more believable and compelling than that HBO and Channel 4-funded, celebrity and paid bot promoted nonsense that's made life hell for anyone in the Jackson sphere, including fans.

It’s horrible what they did to Michael. and it's even sadder to think that many of us are still blinded by these old lies. The Gloved One. WOW. Skin bleaching is specific term for people purposely lightning their skin. “Square One” is The Definitive Michael Jackson Accuser Documentary. There were a few occasions like this. ( Log Out /  The Gloved One. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, I Won't Be Complainin' Cause This Is Love Power, https://mjjtruthnow.wordpress.com/2014/05/20/was-michael-jackson-framed-the-defining-1994-gq-article-by-mary-a-fischer-that-set-the-record-straight-on-the-1993-allegations/.

Jackson molested boys, his lawyers couldn’t defend it, so they pushed a settlement.

Thanks! SPREAD THE WORD!!!! “, Thank you thank you thank you for showing Square One I enjoyed the indep I enjoyed exposing the claims against Michael Jackson keep doing what you doing it was a beautiful beautiful day documentary everybody needs to watch it I wish it was on television somebody everybody everybody needs to watch it I washed it and I enjoyed all of it thank you Danny Wu and everybody else who was involved I deeply appreciate you. Just finished watching Square One. An investigation into the original 1993 allegations against Michael Jackson brought by the Chandler family. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Most especially since Leaving Neverland aired earlier this year, I’ve witnessed and experienced some of the worst of the fandom myself, and I don’t fault any doubters or critics for distancing themselves from otherwise compelling material. There's far more that backs up her story than was posted. With Danny Wu, Charles Thomson, Jenny Winings, Taj Jackson. thanks for sharing.

There is a difference in skin bleaching and treatment for vitiligo. That is different then a person with vitiligo being prescribed depigmentation treatment by a doctor so they don't look like a spotted cow and have to endure ridicule every time the go out in public. I refuse to believe anyone who feels that he did commit such crime. Every other allegation is built from the Chandler case. I grew up watching this whole drama unfild with secrecy and sweeping under the rung and slander.

She blatantly lied about stuff and her acting was abysmal. Now I'm 30 minutes in and it's following the timeline very logically. Square One: Michael Jackson is a 2019 investigative documentary directed by Danny Wu. Acquitted in life, back on trial after death. Yes photography books containing naked children were at Neverland, but they are not child porn and can be legally purchased in any bookstore. I had read Geraldine Hughes but even though I already knew that MJ was innocent. Best of all, perhaps unintentionally, her reasons for not going public as stated in the film (as well as how the subject of Jordan is handled in general) does much to assuage the irritation of many who bristle against the "name calling" of bad actors in the discussion of these allegations, satisfying one of the biggest "purity test" obstacles in getting this information outside of the circle of Michael Jackson fans (and newfound sympathizers who may not be fans). Police investigated it at the time and obtained the full unedited tape, and it sounds quite different - aggressive, vengeful but not about money. Through a chronological exploration, director Danny Wu demonstrates cohesively how Jackson became the … Leaving Neverland: Take Two is a documentary exploring the other side of the Michael Jackson ... See full summary ».

it seems a lot more reputable than LN, yet not spoken about nearly as much. I didn’t know to what degree she had processed everything that really has happened to our family.” that was very telling to me.

The King of Pop. There is nobody on this earth who is 100% pure and honest. He had adult hetero porn...no CP. However I do think Joy is in denial and deep down knows the truth, she was asked in her deposition if she read Wade’s lawsuit and she answered no and that it wasn’t her business. Square One is an excellent film because it shows people who were prevalent during the case but were weary to testify or speak up because of their circumstances. The tape that was edited by Anthony Pellicano featured in Square One. How do we know this Josie girl really knew the real Jordan?

I grew up watching this whole drama unfold with secrecy and sweeping under the rug and slander.

As far as the bleaching stuff, those 'bleaching tubes' you're referring to only work on people who have vitiligo and are used to even out the blotches. I wish more people would watch this. Michael Jackson shows you his home videos. documentaryindependent filmjames safechuckjordan chandlerMichael Jacksonsexual abusewade robson.

There must be some sort of statute of limitations for that sort of thing... or also the fact that he was a minor when it happened... also do we even know it if it was him who took the money or his father? Completely explained this ugly saga and pulled the curtain on the lies that were perpetrated on Michael.

To the lay readers or casual fans: this is what I hoped we could show you all along.

Michael Jackson fans protest against the film.

Personally, I don't blame him for wanting to disappear.

Photograph: Dingena Mol/EPA And here is the saddest truth of all. I’ll be honest, while the traffic I’ve received to this post is promising, I have to say it’s probably not gotten as much attention as fans think it does. The King of Pop.

Excited to watch this.

July 7, 2020. A promotional trailer and music video for Michael Jackson's HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I studio album. The interviews showcase statements from trial witnesses, Jackson's nephew, and legal assistant to the prosecutor in 1993.

I’m glad this rebuttal film is coming out but I wish it was on TV for everyone to see and could you please give me the time that this will be shown on YouTube so that I do not miss it. 28 minutes ago.

Enter Square One. It uncovers new evidence and information through interviews with people closest to the case. We spin things, we’re aware of who Michael Jackson truly was as a person, we’re traumatized and disenfranchised and desperate for anyone to just listen, please…and some of us get way out of hand. Change ). More posts from the MichaelJackson community, Michael Jackson.

we still buy them like they are the truth.

Wade however is lying to Joy which explains why she contradicted him several times during deposition. Whether you believe that Michael was guilty or not, this film is a must watch. And yet, without much Michael Jackson in it, it sucks you in.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. He said he too thought that Michael Jackson was incapable of doing things he was accused of. I suspect something very similar is going on with Joy and the rest of the Robson family, probably along with some self deception, rather than any willful, conscious attempt to deceive others.

The reality is that the Chandler case is intricate and complex, and there’s no simple way to articulate that to someone who only wants to consume bite-size information. Ms. Hughes was also at the event!

This should have been mentioned in Square One but wasn't. I think he would. Father. I’ve been reading about and researching these cases for years, and never have I seen them presented on a timeline like this.

But the timeline and story are clear and easy to follow and will finally explain everything we have been saying for years in a way that is much more digestible than poring over endless court transcripts and long, densely-worded books. The Gloved One.

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