There is no right or wrong theme for each year, and so your anniversary present should be guided predominantly by your loved one's personal interests and preferences. It's believed to promote balance, strength and confidence. Amethyst, a translucent purple stone, represents tolerance and forgiveness. Deep blue sapphire is associated with faithfulness: one of the reasons it’s such a popular anniversary – and even engagement -- gem stone. 2 Year Anniversary Gemstone: Garnet attracts love and soul mates. Whether you’re celebrating your five-year anniversary or your 50th, we’ve got you covered with our complete guide. Each anniversary can be represented by a gift of gemstones or a metal used in jewelry. Additional Get it Fast locations are being added soon. Here are the traditional anniversary gemstones by year. The symbols chosen to represent wedding anniversary years offer deeper meaning for the couple's relationship. From the 20th wedding anniversary onwards, traditional gift materials are not offered every year; typically only every five years or so. The diamond is the hardest and most valuable of all gem stones. Opaque turquoise has long been used for protection and cherished by Native Americans for its healing qualities. The modern list differs in this respect, whereby a gift material is suggested for every year, at least up until the 30th anniversary, which possibly signifies a couples’ need to continue investing as much effort as possible into sustaining the commitment and romance in the later years of marriage. Specific flowers and colors have also come to be associated with each wedding anniversary year. Wedding Anniversary Gemstone List: Years 21 – 60 August 22, 2016 A wedding anniversary is an occasion to shower your loved one with a special gift – and there’s nothing more precious than gems and jewelry! Your roots have sprouted much like a tree by your fifth anniversary, so together you can endure anything. Anniversary Gifts and Themes by Year (Classic / Modern): 1ST ANNIVERSARY: Paper / Clock 2ND ANNIVERSARY: Cotton / China 3RD ANNIVERSARY: Leather / Crystal & Glass 4TH ANNIVERSARY: Fruit & Flowers / Applianes 5TH ANNIVERSARY: Wood / Silverware 6TH ANNIVERSARY: Candy & Iron / Wood 7TH ANNIVERSARY: Copper / Desk Set 8TH ANNIVERSARY: Bronze / Linens & Lace 9TH ANNIVERSARY… Some gemstones repeat themselves a few times, but your loved one won’t object to receiving diamond or sapphire twice in one lifetime. It is the thought that counts, especially the intention to commemorate each anniversary as a unique anniversary in its own right. Each diverse stone  has its own distinct properties, but in general, tourmaline helps promote openness and reduce stress. Any variations in gemstones for a particular anniversary year as derived from other sources, are listed as alternatives for completeness, and to offer the reader a wider variety of options. padding: 10px; The table in this section specifies for those particular anniversaries whether the traditional gift material was derived from a US source or UK source, which are the main two sources used across the globe. Tiger Eye is so called because its swirly amber color resembles that of an actual tiger's eye. We encountered an issue signing you up. Double check your spelling, try broadening your search words to more general terms or limit your search to one or two words. In the earlier years of a marriage, it is often simple to think of a meaningful gift when two people tend to have plenty of things on their wish lists they want to purchase someday. Luxury gifts tended to be given or exchanged in later years when the couple had already obtained the things they needed. Anniversary Jewelry: Gemstones by Year . This article was written by a professional writer, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information. By Contributor. .smartedit-darkbackground { color: black !important; a.smartedit_button { Below we have put together a comprehensive and accurate table detailing the most recognized traditional and modern gift themes by anniversary year. } Find out which gemstone is traditional for your upcoming anniversary! i Shutterstock / The Nest. Garnet, with its fiery red color, represents passion and intimacy – qualities firmly established by your second year of marriage. new Varien.searchForm('widget-newsletter', 'newsletter', 'Enter your email address'); This is one time of the year when time and effort needs to be invested into finding a suitable gift, and a gift that is romantic, unique, or symbolic in some special way for the couple. [CDATA[ color: black; It's believed to boost your sex drive – and your professional drive! For 1 year anniversary rings, it’s traditional to exchange gold jewelry. Gems and previous metals don't just look beautiful; they represent distinct virtues and promote unique healing qualities. It is also thought to clear the mind. Rose quartz, an opaque pink stone, enhances love, warmth and acceptance and is thought to provide inner peace and stress relief. Garnet, with its fiery red color, represents passion and intimacy – qualities firmly established by your second year of marriage. It is possible that any variation in the nominated flower for a particular year may represent the region of the world in which that particular flower came to be endorsed. Anniversary Gifts by Year: Traditional and Modern Gift Ideas for Him and Her, 1st Year Anniversary Gifts: 40 Perfect Presents for the Happy Couple, The Best 10-Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him, Her and Them. Gold is precious and pure, which is why it represents the first wedding anniversary. In that book, she listed suggestions for the first anniversary, followed by the fifth anniversary, and then every five years or so up until the 25th, and concluded with the 50th wedding anniversary. It is interesting to note that there are some inconsistencies between this and other reputable sources as to the exact gemstone for each anniversary. It’s a protective stone and will help ward off negativity in your marriage. Anniversary Rings Keep your love shining bright with anniversary rings from Zales. Long associated with love, romance and affection, blue topaz is the perfect stone to set in a piece of a jewelry as an anniversary present.

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