The Aztecs were a Mesoamerican culture that flourished in central Mexico in the post-classic period from 1300 to 1521. The Nonoualca agreed, but when they later found that he had tied up the girls for sacrifice, their rage knew no bounds.

His diet is human blood. The Aztecs, who referred to themselves as the Mexica, extended throughout much of central Mexico and existed from the 14th century until the 16th century when they were conquered by Spanish conquistadors led by Hernan Cortés. When a chief who ruled during the Aztecs’ early years in the central valley was captured in war, for instance, and he pleaded that his naked daughter be given a bit of clothing, the enemy always sneered and said the same few words: ‘No, she will stay as she is.’ Everyone waited eagerly for the memorable line they had been hearing all of their lives. The Aztecs and Mexico City: 14th century: The Aztecs are a tribe, according to their own legends, from Aztlan somewhere in the north of modern Mexico. A winding sheet over a chief’s head sparked the story of his death. By clicking ‘subscribe’ you agree to the following: You can change your mind at any time by clicking the ‘unsubscribe’ link in the footer of emails you receive from us, or by contacting us at, If you want to review and correct the personal information we have about you, you can click on ‘update preferences’ in the footer of emails you receive from us, or by contacting us at

No one takes him up. The histories weren’t like the books such as ‘the Florentine Codex’ that the Aztecs wrote working side by side with the friars, answering the Spaniards’ questions, drawing pictures of a specific plant or god. Recently, it has become clear to those who study these Aztec annals that repetition is a feature, not a quirk or bug.

They weren’t now about to give up everything with a shrug of the shoulders and an implicit conclusion that no one could ever know what happened or why. I was excited. ‘Zan iuh yaz,’ they wrote (‘She will stay as she is’) when the elders got to that part of the old story about the captive chief’s naked daughter.

In March prisoners fight to the death in gladiatorial contests, after which priests dress up in their skins. Aztec, self name Culhua-Mexica, Nahuatl-speaking people who in the 15th and early 16th centuries ruled a large empire in what is now central and southern Mexico. The chambers were smallest of all towards the very back – the part they had built first, in about the year 850, and retained as sacred space when they built in later centuries, peaking in about 1050. This was far from the end of the story. They clatter round his city on their horses, in full armour, to see the sights (they are particularly shocked by the slab for. Dig into the mysteries of Aztec history right here! In their understanding, truth wasn’t singular and could accommodate different perspectives. It was hard to tell what they were without going closer. But most of the time, the speakers enjoyed licence to improvise or simply change, as they liked. Aztec History. In June there are sacrifices to the salt goddess. Rather, it was a time to add another perspective, that of the Christians. The Spaniards aimed to produce a local elite who would help them rule, and so they educated many of the boys and young men in the Roman alphabet. We will not disclose your personal information except: (1) as described by this Privacy Policy (2) after obtaining your permission for a specific use or disclosure or (3) if we are required to do so by a valid legal process or government request (such as a court order, a search warrant, a subpoena, a civil discovery request, or a statutory requirement). Detail from a manuscript painting from a set of annals written in Nahuatl called the Historia Tolteca-Chichimeca (1545-1565) from Mexico. I entered a sort of alley between the great wall of the building and the wall of the cliff. This is either in the year 1325 or, more probably, 1345. It was a reedy, swampy site that no one else seemed to want. They didn’t even proceed in chronological order. It has been calculated that the annual harvest of victims, mainly to Huitzilopochtli, rises from about 10,000 a year to a figure closer to 50,000 shortly before the arrival of the Spaniards. If it had been raining, it would certainly have sent me spinning off the edge. The Spanish party is soon confronted by a large number of Indians in a battle where the effect of horses and guns (both new to the Indians) is rapidly decisive. Cortes reaches the coast of Mexico, in March 1519, with eleven ships. They simply trusted their god, Huitzilopochtli, Hummingbird-on-the-Left, as they moved south in line with real hummingbirds’ migration pattern. But I had never visited any archaeological site that felt like it was truly theirs.

The Aztec Empire was one of the most power empires in the Central Mexican region which ruled the region during the 13th, 14th and the starting decades of the 16th centuries. A story of the war that simply vilified the Nonoualca wasn’t going to work. We will try and respond to your request as soon as reasonably practical.

But they didn’t always want to fight; the texts they left us tell us that much. As it was, the car managed to hold on. Courtesy the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Paris When an eagle landed on a cactus, they decided that their God meant that they should stay. Discover in a free daily email today's famoushistory and birthdays The god favours the hearts, which are torn from the bodies as his offering. We also send occasional donation requests and, no more than once a year, reader surveys. We will use the email address you provide to send you daily and/or weekly emails (depending on your selection). The exact origins of the Aztec people are uncertain, but they are believed to have begun as a northern tribe of hunter-gatherers whose name came from their homeland Aztlan, or “White Land” in the Aztec language of Nahuatl. A temple at the top of a great pyramid at Tenochtitlan (now an archaeological site in Mexico City) is the location for the sacrifices. This is a lethal combination. And in the details of the stories they told, a pattern emerges of a rotating vantage point. No book, no map and no website had been able to prepare me for this hidden land. As they continued their wanderings, over and over they found themselves attempting to bond with other groups to become stronger and survive. We cannot guarantee that the personal information you supply will not be intercepted while transmitted to us or our marketing automation service Mailchimp. The owner of the ranch where I was staying had told me that she had heard the road to Chaco was open today and I had nodded cheerfully. Eventually, the Mexica found an island at the centre of a huge lake. They spent a great percentage of their time deciding to join up with another group, learning to live with them, or deciding to break apart. When the pyramid is enlarged in 1487, the ceremony of re-dedication involves so much bloodshed that the line of victims stretches far out of the city and the slaughter lasts four days. It was a way of keeping history that literally depended on multiple speakers standing up at different moments. Outside the city, the impressive pyramids of such truly ancient sites as Teotihuacan still stand. We will retain your information for as long as needed in light of the purposes for which is was obtained or to comply with our legal obligations and enforce our agreements. Each February children are sacrificed to maize gods on the mountain tops. ‘Perhaps we have done wrong. At every fork in the path, each group of Nahuas prayed to the god who had helped them most. (The difference in date depends on how the Mesoamerican 52-year. However, to understand the Aztec Empire, its first important to understand their early history and how they came to be. In 1519, a clash of cultures was to take place, unlike anything before it. I entered the building and wandered from room to room. Fortunately, both sides came to their senses and realised they should blame the evil chief, not each other. The reason is that whenever they came to a period of contention, or a place where things could have turned out quite differently, the history-teller turned into a sort of director, bringing a series of speakers to the fore in order to speak. Hours later, I lurched through the entrance of the Chaco Culture National Historical Park. The bits of polished jade and stunning quetzal feathers had come from Central America, via a vast trade network dominated by cities in Mexico such as the fabled Teotihuacan. In fact, the truth was that the past was still with them, the efforts of their multiple sets of ancestors still a part of who they were – and everybody present in the community needed to continue to give all they could in order to make the future come into being. They sit in his hall of audience and attempt to convert him to Christianity. This pattern had almost certainly been part of their social practice for many generations, as they sat around campfires, talking and telling stories, trying to build common cause with the friends they’d made along their route. I realised now that I should have wondered why it might not be. Amid tough competition, they frequently came to grief and found themselves fleeing, or fighting for some territory they could call home. In the silence, insects whirred, making the same sound heard by the person who had left the pot here, something like 40 generations ago. There, far to the south, the corn-and-beans agricultural complex was much older than it was here, and it had engendered a wealthy civilisation, home to pyramids, hot chocolate and pictographic writing. So the Nahuas often won their battles. … “What kind of people are we? Obsidian Snake soon came to dominate the Triple Alliance and he used the tight (forged-in-fire) connection with his allies to convince others to join them, and then to take territory from those who were recalcitrant; he had launched what has come to be called ‘the Aztec Empire’. Their military power grew as well, and they began to conquer peoples in the surrounding areas.At the height of its power, the Aztec Empire was organized and strong, but ruled with fear. Courtesy the Wellcome Collection, Photo by Paul Zinken/dpa-Zentralbild/ZB/Getty, A formal dinner at Magdalene College, Cambridge. How can we know the details of exactly what they said? By the 1200s, the Mexica had reached the central valley of Mexico. The articles on this site are ©2006-2020. It was people called Nahuas (NAH-was), speakers of the Nahuatl (NAH-wat) language and other closely related tongues, who travelled south in waves in the 10th through the 13th centuries. The Aztecs were a Pre-Columbian Mesoamerican people of central Mexico in the 14th, 15th, and 16th centuries. The power of the Mexica peoples became more consolidated, and they began to form alliances. The history-tellers needed to craft a careful story that fostered unity not division. Become a Friend of Aeon to save articles and enjoy other exclusive benefits, Aeon email newsletters are issued by the not-for-profit, registered charity Aeon Media Group Ltd (Australian Business Number 80 612 076 614). They forced their way through the rough, desert terrain, as dangerous to travellers then as it is now. One German scholar grew so frustrated that he simply rewrote the longest Aztec history, reorganising it as he thought it should have been done, putting all the material from one year together, rather than returning to the same year various times.

Just barely. They separated, though some Nonoualca spouses went with the Nahuas who had to move on. One group might remember a certain political marriage, a battle or a war one way; another might recall it differently. The hail of missiles greeting this attempt leaves the emperor mortally wounded. The destruction by the Spaniards of the great. It is said that the major Aztec weapon could chop off the head of a horse with one blow. These were wide-ranging, confusing histories about mysterious, pre-conquest political dramas, often without any apparent narrative or context.

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