Pegasus is destroyed upon collision with a basestar. Ragnar was ideal because it was well protected, and Galactica could rearm after being disarmed for her decommissioning. The Cylon colony is struck by a volley of nuclear warheads accidentally launched from a dead Raptor, and Adama orders Kara Thrace to jump the ship before Galactica is destroyed in the conflagration. Adama’s Speech (D8) During the Galactica decommissioning ceremoy Commander Adama gives a speech and here is his speech for the Battlestar Leonidas's Universe: "Thank you very much. These events precipitated his transfer to the ageing Galactica as a graceful swan-song to his career before returning to haunt him three years later. He values his integrity and character, oftentimes refusing to deal with anyone who questions these characteristics, which he places high importance on both before and after the attack on the colonies. This makes him a natural commander and leader in the CIC. Adama's past experiences with the Cylons left him with a healthy distrust of sophisticated computer systems and heavy automation. Two thousand civilians and the battlestars Galactica and Pegasus at half-strength. Biographical information Admiral William Adama was an officer in the Colonial Fleet. When the star in the planetary system begins to show sign of going supernova, Adama orders a rescue mission be launched to the planet. After an incident on the hangar deck that resulted in the deaths of several pilots, Adama became aware of the true details of his son Zak's death after Thrace let her affair with Zak cloud her judgment again by being too harsh on the replacement trainees. Naturally, this makes him a non-religious person, often stating religion to be "crap" and something for people "stupid enough to believe" in it. Adama was barely able to restrain himself upon learning of the cause of Zak's death from Thrace. 1. At some point during this phase of his career, Adama either served aboard or visited a Mercury class battlestar. Although his strategic and military decisions change throughout the series, the importance he places on loyalty, of all forms, remains constant regardless rank or relationship. Even at times of intense stress, when his son was in harms way, he has been shown to treat him similarly to other members of his squadron, almost never showing favoritism - strictly maintaining rank and treating those under his command in an extremely formal manner when addressing or interacting with them.

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