And so, wet seasons have no right to break every outing plan as the whole family will stay dry inside a tent. Or maybe it’s because Coleman is such a well-known brand. By Brandon. Inside the tent can be divided into 3 separate square rooms with thin privacy walls so you can reasonably head out with 3 individual 4-person families if you really wanted to! Perhaps an extended waterproof tent is needed. The stakes and poles are made of steel and fiberglass materials, respectively. Having an electrical power inside the tent is possible through the E-Port. Make sure you pitch your tent on a slight slope. When it is Christmas, it is time for merriment and time to catch fun. Roll the edges under to further help prevent running rainwater or splash from getting between the footprint and the tent floor.

Due to high demand, the tent isn’t available during the review of the product. Use the silicone sealing method to repair and improve the waterproofness of the seams on your tent.While the tent does come with 20x steel tent stakes, you may want to get 4-6 extra sturdy ones for the corners and center if you plan to camp in any nasty weather.Because of the extremely large, vertical profile of these tent walls, I advise pitching the tent with the short side into the wind. Specification: Product Dimensions: 25 x 8 x … It will never be good for portable needs. I’ve never been much for gear lofts – those mesh “shelves” at the top of the tent – but gear vestibules for storing wet gear outside of the tent are great!Since this is a two person tent you can always split things up so that the weight is more even from one person to the next. This site is an Amazon Associate. It has a capacity of 8 occupants and the option to divide the tent into three separate rooms for improved privacy. And, share with us your rainy season camping experience as you dwell inside your chosen watertight tent. It’s ideal for setting up at a campground where you can get the car, truck, or RV right up close.Some users complain about poor to mediocre waterproofness but that can easily be solved by seam sealing the rainfly with a silicon mixture as we talked about earlier. To further reduce condensation, pitch the rainfly up a bit to promote a breeze.There are also vent screens that you can leave open when it’s not raining to stay cool on warm nights.If you don’t trust the bathtub floor of the tent to keep water out you can always order the separate footprint to pitch with the tent. Other openings are the two closeable ventilation skylights and brace type window. Fantastic user reviews and an extremely affordable price make this tent a sure-win though. Winterial also makes a footprint that is specifically sized for this tent (sold separately), Best for Outdoor, Camping, Four-or-more-person, Cabin Tent, Extra tall center, straight walls and wall divider for two rooms provides maximum space, Included room divider creates a two room tent; Features front and back door access. An outdoor curtain can serve as an additional place to stay and just roll it up and secure with the buckle when not in use. The following are the frequently asked questions about waterproof tents for the family. It has a waterproof index up to 4000mm and also wind-proof.

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