They’re well worth considering if you’re heading out for an overnight hiking trip. They’re well worth considering if you’re heading out for an overnight hiking trip. You have no choice but to do t... We've introduced lots of natural fibre products to our clothing and equipment ranges over the last 5 years. And when he’s designing, he arms himself with pencil and paper. It is lightweight and packs small, making it easy for you to pack it away in a corner of your backpack and carry it about without any stress. Loved by us. ), Lightweight folding titanium camping fork, Titanium mug perfectly sized for morning coffee and soup at lunch, A perfectly sized titanium cooking mug for the soloist adventurer, Meths camping stove weighing just 150g with a flame regulator, This is possibly the world's lightest camping stove, Torso length self-inflating mat, weighing 450 g, Sign Up to Alpcols newsletter sharing tales of Go Nice Places Do Good Things, By adding your email you consent to our terms and conditions, Hunka XL is breathable, packs down small and weighing just 500 g is a favourite of many weight conscious bikepackers and alpinists, Tapered shape, sculpted hood with dual drawcords, Fully taped seams enhance water resistance. Our bivvy bags are the perfect partner for such adventures. One of the best ways to cut weight when overnight hiking or mountaineering is eliminating a tent. Who wants to put a sopping wet sleeping mat covered with slug trails back inside their rucksack- not me for sure! One of the best ways to cut weight when overnight hiking or mountaineering is eliminating a tent. Elan Free-Standing Hooped Bivvy Bag | Alpkit – Alpkit (US) Sub 1kg hooped bivvy bag with self-supporting canopy, mesh ventilation and zipped side entry. SPACIOUS: Ideal for tall bivviers, or small bivviers putting their mat in their bag. Just when you thought the Hunka was the perfect bivvy bag for you, we came up with the XL.Sleep can make or break your long awaited adventure. It might not be quite ideal to use in locations with lots of bugs and mosquitoes, as there's always the risk of crawling insects getting in through the open space. If you’ve ever worn a waterproof jacket or used a sleeping bag then you've probably used a PFC, maybe without knowing it. The bivi bag is perfect not only for camping in the woods but also for urban camping, which is a good option for those who would want to spend the night outside but still be close to the city. Hike, bike and scramble in the outdoor playground, Pile fleece-lined windshirt, an all-in-one layer for the cold and damp, Mountain sports waterproof for moving fast, whether hiking, biking or scrambling, Hillwalking waterproof cut for maximum protection, Ultralight breathable 3 layer waterproof jacket, Lofty and packable jacket using PrimaLoft® Silver ThermoPlume® synthetic insulation, Lightweight and packable micro fleece jacket. The Hunka acts like an outer shell to my down sleeping bag ‘jacket’, if you like. Width: Shoulders - 80 cm; Foot - 50 cm The Hunka deals with that level of moisture with no problem at all. Ideal for tall bivviers, or small bivviers putting their mat in their bag. What could be better than sleeping out in the open making wishes on shooting stars, breathing in that crisp, fresh air and waking up to a beautiful sunrise. This item is on pre-order. It stuffs into the side pocket of my backpack with ease, or can just be hooked onto the back if there’s no room inside. Safely Re-Opening Our Stores and Introducing 'Click & Collect'. This item is on pre-order. The Hunka is easy to use and offers excellent protection from the elements at a very reasonable price point. Chuck it in your rucksack, pannier bag or bikepacking bags for an easy-to-use makeshift bed. Being waterproof, it can withstand wet conditions to an extent. It is also a perfect choice for nature lovers who would love to feel the night breeze on their faces while lying under a night sky full of stars, not to mention a perfect view of sunrise and the opportunity to sleep close to nature that it affords. A simple bivvy bag weighing less than 400 g, Hunka is breathable, packs down small and a favourite of many weight conscious bikepackers and alpinists. It is due to arrive in stock soon and should be available from soon. Lightweight and small enough to be used as an emergency bag but tough enough to withstand roughing it off the beaten track: Bung it in a kayak, stuff it in your rucksack or attach it to your fat bike- wherever you go and however you travel, a bivvy bag is an essential. Grab a brew, kick back and relax with in-depth features and tales of derring-do. Helping 55 year old charity to meet the needs of today’s modern society, engaging with children and young people from the most difficult to reach backgrounds helping them, Amazing trio raise over £4000 for the Alpkit Foundation as they properly Go Nice Places, Do Good Things from Lands End to John'O'Groats. Bivy sacks have the extra value of being much smaller than tents as well. A footpath that was busier than anticipated at 7am in the morning. What Are Some Lifesaving Tips for an Amateur Hiker? Magic3org Carp Fishing Bivvy Day Shelter Tent Quick Erect 1-2 man... DNA Leisure Carp Fishing 1 Man Bivvy Day Tent Shelter In Camo DPM... Michigan 1/2 Person Olive Fishing Bivvy Beach Sea Coarse Shelter... Tf Gear Scout 2 Man Carp Fishing Bivvy Review. And as a nighttime wriggler, this arrangement means that wherever I go, the Hunka comes with me. Having only really ever slept out under the stars on perfect summer nights, the Hunka suddenly opened up a whole new way of getting out for the night, and not just for fair weather wild camping. A solid night of warm, dry sleep will ensure that you can tackle the challenges of the following day with strength and motivation. NEW! Packed size: ⌀ 13 x 15 cm. Absolutely crazily small pack size but full coverage. For people who are above 6 feet, the Alpkit Hunka XL bivvy bag is a preferable choice as it has more room. Having a December birthday and an obsession for the outdoors, means I don’t get to reap the benefits of many of my gifts until months later. The Hunka also packs down easily and is ideal for microadventures. Rob Slade. The trails were calling! The Alpkit Hunka bivvy bag is small and light enough to use as an emergency bivvy bag. Although stakes can be used for extra stability, Alpkit claims the crossed pole design is completely freestanding while offering more comfort than a traditional bivy bag. By signing up to the Alpkit newsletter you agree to our Terms and Conditions, read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. This means that it can withstand moderate weather conditions like light or moderate rainfall while still allowing you to breathe comfortably. is back-ordered. Project Evol - how one of our Sonder rider built his dream bike, To Live - Fighting for life on the killer mountain by Élisabeth Revol, On my Camino I can go anywhere - by Emma Pooley, Gratitude. We'll keep you up-to-date with your order progress and despatch as soon as it is available. And although a Gore-tex lining would up the waterproofness and breathability somewhat, it’s omission is only really noticeable from a cost point of view, saving you a whole load of pennies. Dive in discover a world of Go Nice Places Do Good Things. The bag is made to withstand moderate weather conditions such as heavy dew and light or moderate rainfall and so you can use it outdoors without fear of getting drenched. is back-ordered. So I was determined not to wait until summer until I busted out the Hunka. But it didn’t matter as the Kelp colour kept me totally camouflaged and out of sight from unsuspecting passers-by. Alpkit specialise in the lightweight camping equipment you need for self-supported adventures. Aside from the new way of sleeping easy in the wild that the Hunka facilitates, I love how light and small it is. No need to go looking for some cute little drawstring sack when you’re up before dawn freezing your nuts off. If there’s even a slight breeze, I like to pull the cord right in leaving only a tiny gap for air, with usually just my nose poking out! If stealth camping isn’t your thing, then opting for the happier colours saves you 30g compared with the Kelp. 1 - Bivvy Bag.

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