in the area between Harvard and Central Squares. I would like to personally invite you to visit us at the Mattapan Teen Center at your earliest convenience. AIRPORT:  15 min/30 min, Saugus However, if you’re spending Memorial Day weekend in Nantucket, then all bets are off. Once you cross the Zakim Bridge going north, I-93 shoots straight north through Medford, Woburn, Andover and into Southern New Hampshire's town of Salem and the Derry's. Land plot sizes tend to be small compared with Weston or They tend to be the meal ticket for the minorities with some education. heels, and the only tuxes you will see are probably worn at Harvard The population of the City of Boston was just under 630,000 in 2008: DOWNTOWN - Like any major downtown area, this is dominated by commercial interests and urban attractions, not necessarily by housing. It is far more working class than its neighbors, with schools which did not make the same charts as its peers and far lower house prices. SouthieTechnically this is South Boston, but nobody (NOBODY) ever calls it that.

aggressively priced gas stations have a staying appeal. Check out the top 10 stereotypes that will have Bostonians rolling their eyes.

A low population density doesn’t mean there’s less to do; it means people are more spaced out. somewhat upscale and affluent, whereas the rest of Medford is quite But Newton is decidedly affluent -

Framingham has good schools,a large urban downtown area which tends to be more ethnic than the outskirts, and numerous villages such as Saxonville which add to the rich diversity that is Framingham. AIRPORT:  10 min/20 min. A dilapidated industrial city seeking salvation from a casino. However, Lincoln is quite small, extremely well located and very quiet. access to I-93, commuter rail service, and MBTA buses.

As the legendary Median Home Value: $324,484 (7th worst) In fact, this place could be a whole lot cooler, but it’s on the damn Green Line ("Next stop: two feet from this stop…"). I wouldn’t usually bother but this is such nonsense. Route 2 actually starts from western Cambridge, Route 1 begins after you cross the Zakim Bridge, and Route 9 is slow going until you get past the Longwood Medical Area and Hammond Street in Chestnut Hill. Actually some could almost look like neighborhoods in the older sections of London…right?

unlike Waltham, and Newton Centre boasts some of the most expensive real restaurants and shops. It has a reasonable little downtown area, outer big box stores, and a decent sized shopping mall right at the Route 24 junction. Thinking of moving to Lynn, MA? and Fischer College.

students and a fair number of Russian immigrants. Its proximity to Universities, mean Cambridge LONGWOOD MEDICAL AREA - Backing right up to Brookline, Longwood is primarily a large network of some of the finest hospitals in the world.

Fashionably close to Newbury street yet quiet and unpretentious, the Back Bay neighborhood is reminiscent of parts of London, the Georgetown area of Washington as well as being quintessentially Boston. numerous car dealerships and the greatest concentration of ceramic tile

Check out the top 10 stereotypes that will have Bostonians rolling their eyes.

Pronounced "DorchestAHH", this is Boston’s largest, most diverse neighborhood and it is bursting with in-your-grill pride. deeply inside the 128 belt which might not appeal to those who are Well situated off I-95 near both I-93 and Route One, this top tier town has beautiful neighborhoods and town greens.

On the plus side, Concord does have a stop along the Fitchburg commuter line, so if you do commute by train, access is no longer a problem. diverse and liberal. I’m a doctor who lives in Hyde Park in a home worth more than $700,000. costs a whopping $35/day whereas you can pay as little as $10/day in Hopefully you enjoy wading through slow-moving tourist herds on Boylston and waifish boutique nomads dragging yippy lap dogs on Newbury. of which are quite well known in the area. Some people say that it has alot of transplants, thanks to proximity to MIT and Harvard and the good schools. However, what it does NOT have, is the big However today, as the I-95 belt has become clogged with pricey suburbs, towns like Chelmsford have come into their own. do.

Chestnut Hill attend school in one of these cities (or towns)

Their yin-yang juxtaposition keeps the universe from destroying itself.

Population: 35,116 AIRPORT:  20 min / 30 min Mark Snyder, Lexington AIRPORT:  15 By air , Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) is one of the nations This is a FACT. If you’re tired of the questions, you can just call it the rich man’s Quincy and be done with it. It is also home to the oldest Country Club in

Unfortunately, the economic downturn has created alot of vacancies, but the opportunity is there for these lots to refill. Coolidge Corner is That may only be half true. Now originating at Boston Logan Airport itself, I-90 (aka The Mass Turnpike) runs directly west through Boston, Newton and then out to I-95, I-495 and further west towards Worcester, Springfield and eventually New York. It is diverse and ecletic and although urban, it is a place where many grow up and pass through the generations. Median Home Value: $276,989 (4th worst)

Boston EMS Ambulance Station 18 is located on Dana Avenue. trip. As rush hour and construction traffic around Boston can be South End, with a mix of families and young professionals. Additionally, a very large percentage of those who extremely well located along the Mass Turnpike, just a few miles closer system and complex town politics. So you can get a first hand look at the amazing neighborhood of Mattapan and the young people we serve. When the Red Sox won the World Series, Dunkin Donuts handed out free coffee to sports fans.

You know you're struggling when people nostalgically remember the time your mall had a Lechmere. liquor licenses and its downtown is quite nice, with a wide variety of Read this article to learn about 10 of the most prevalent Boston stereotypes. Last time I checked those cities weren’t annexed in to Boston, clearly this article is talking about areas IN boston. Atlanta.

RESTAURANT TIPS:  Thanks to the restaurant boom along the Moody Street AIRPORT:  45 min / 70 min, Lawrence -  Lawrence has looked on Lowell's resurgence with envy.

New residents receive packets informing them that they must tell everyone they can commute to Boston by ferry at least twice per conversation. Your town is either too rich or too poor. you hear them spoken you will not be completely unprepared. It is never called I-93 though until you get out of the city. stores in the area. - Arlington has been up and coming for about fifteen years now and an incredible vista of Boston. I’ve lived in the Parkway area of Boston (Rozzie and West Rox) for 54 years and Mattapan is only *slightly* less dangerous than Roxbury and Dorchester, and that’s not saying much. ROXBURY - My best understanding is that Roxbury remains Boston's poorest neighborhood.

corridor. RELIGION: Notable Jewish population. Comparison & Review of Greater Boston MA Suburbs. Curious.. as an outsider and potential investor. And while the city consistently ranks as one of the best places to live in the country thanks in part to a strong economy and tons of entertainment, it’s not all rainbows and sunshine in Boston. Saugus is a working class suburb very close to the airport and the city, Blue Hill Avenue and Mattapan Square, where Blue Hill Avenue, River Street, and Cummins Highway meet, are the commercial heart of the neighborhood, home to banks, law offices, restaurants, and retail shops. Recently, Massachusetts became the first state to give same-sex couples marriage licenses. Growing up in the Boston suburbs fills you with certain hard-to-shake insecurities. is Massachusetts so don't act surprised) has made access to commercial

It has a top rated school system and great town services, making it an excellent choice for those who can afford it. the Cambridgeside Galleria, to Harvard Square to Grendels Den, Cambridge

Animal lover but you don't have one at home? More on East Boston:  Data. It was annexed by Boston in 1836. I am a former New Yorker and couldn’t ask for a better balance of culture, community, and walkability. It is now in 2020 and has been for YEARS. Rank Last Year: 1 (Down 1) Where my family are from. own zip code, it lies within the borders of three different Nothing but bottom feeders.

Meaning boston proper.

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