I’m going to meet him! When death is broadcast live. Breaking up with boyfriend just because she's chasing after her idol! Standing at the top of the pyramid, she sees the ugliest side of capital, and is disfigured for refusal to be pushed around. He is the cold and arrogant school hunk, and she is the adorkable fresh student. He's obviously a ''gay''! (2nd Wiki) She announced her exclusive right for that man in her childhood, since then she began to chase after him, but no matter what she did, he never darted her a look. • Drunkenness, one night stand and misunderstanding... how many difficulties still are on our love road? GOSU •

The encounters between them not only changed her life, but also affected the history of this world. When they meet... A hard time the devil school hunk gives me!

Oh, except for the last panel, hopefully, and second for some, unfortunately. Created by the author of Love Like Cherry Blossoms, a hidden love story that you can't miss!   •  An ordinary girl who works in a convenience store, encounters the idol, Pearson and attracts him with her gentle and kindness. But why forcing me to makeup? This life, what she wants is only making money and revenging. But will Eason Qin, a high-handed and hardhearted man, help her? In despair, she can only pretend to be a man and sneak into the Dark Empire to be a planted agent, which seems, however, to be the beginning of destiny... A shrewd and intrepid murderess, a mysterious and cruel boss, and a lovely child who spares no effort to draw them together? Right, Xia Zhi, that changed her and Shi Haitian who is passionately devoted to her. Without blessing from family, without wedding, without love, this kind of marriage will be happy? After five years, please chase after me with all your strength.

Everything comes from the original contract, the contract between humans and the secret party... Hatred, conspiracy, death, love, the fate of the two races... What kind of choice will she make? But all of a sudden, he fell in love with her, what should he do?

Magic love story happening in mages’ club makes your heart dokidoki. Hardcore Leveling Warrior •

A tale of love and betrayal in the fantasy world.

On the way to find out her real identity, the girl not only pursued freedom, grew up, but also helped her love become the emperor. All right! On the way to happiness, there are more difficulties and tests waiting for them.
Touched the time machine by accident, the modern girl was transported back in time to the end of Ming Dynasty and became the substitute of the famous actress, Chen Yuanyuan. But, the man that ended up buying her, was her enemy, the man that forced her father to his death -- Haden Yan. Finally, when she makes up her mind to let it go, Travis suddenly finds his life is so pale and boring without her and she has taken up the most important part of his life. Gosu (The Master)   •  Next time you come to my room, could you come in through the door? Tell me your wishes, my master!

An innocent girl VS An icy president. In the same school they can have a romance as a normal couple follows the adventures of the boy mysterious! They went toe-to-toe at first, but later on, they got engaged to each other?   •  Steps to the empress-see what a makeup master can do. Love chasing and revenge at the same time. Sorry, please keep away from my sole fiancee!

Also, there will be other gods and goddesses.

As Abby begins her new life, she and her friends learn that life is full of struggles, joys, and a lot of deadly drama.

  •  Instead, when she comes of age, she reveals her true colours: a dirty-minded, voyeuristic deviant. She thought she could hide in the private room and escaped the chase. When she is a horse, the emperor Bo Liang likes her very much, but when she transforms into a human, he turns a blind eye to her ... being badly stricken, Hu Xiao Cha decides to go back to her homeland to continue her cultivation, and it turns out that behind her seduction, there hides a great secret. S.I.D. Ordinary girl suddenly transported into the world of her favourite webnovel but, the webnovel was not only unfinished, it’s also headed towards world destruction?

Tragically, since Billy has tried to warn him.

【Story by Ordinary Salaryman; Art by FF; Produced by BiBo Culture】Betrayed by her best friend Qiu Jinyao and her boyfriend Gong Juren in her previous life, she died miserably in the basement. Rittz, you and me take the dark haired one. A Good Day to be a Dog Or..." "Are you really doing it, wife?". Why did the "Tyrant" change his mind towards me...? A hot relationship between husband and wife. If you like him, tell him! An ordinary girl named Stellar Xia, a powerful president Jamil Qin, and the engagement written on paper... poor as Stellar Xia is, she embraces a mysterious lot, in which there are unbeknown secrets; While Jamil Qin, a cold and bossy president, thinks that he can lives up to his family as long as he chooses an obedient girl to be his wife, however, after getting married... this story is not only about the growth of the leading female character, but also chivalric code of the married couple.

A comic ranking the first among love stories from 2019 to 2020, which you definitely can't miss! Forced to accept the reality, on the first day of her enrollment, she bumped into the school's hegemony snake who once intended to eat her.
At her lowest point, that man hugged her and smiled. When her best friend and boyfriend betray her, she even lost her virginity. Everyone wanted her to die, and everyone wanted to take advantage of her?

A woman who has become bitter from breakups. The coach isn't willing to see that Skip is throwing games because it would break up the "family" he has with the team.   •  It was supposed to be forced marriage.

As for the third time, Qing Ling talked to him, "Difficult the first time, easy the second, come on!"   •  However, behind this interracial love lies the turbulent party struggle and unspeakable love. Chen Xiyan, a girl from the 21st century, travels in space to another world which is full of wars. I just wanted to have a husband, but who knew that I'm a jinx to my future husband. HIVE Being frozen, being passed, forced to be a nanny... A girl found the person she wants to get revenge on and somehow ended up taking him in. Can long distance be overlooked? Luckily, after many years, he can’t recognize her, but the child is much too similar to him, will she get away with him? After several confrontations, two hearts become closer. A dedicated emperor who only cares about his country, and an unlucky fox spirit who determines to destroy the country through her beauty. Can a divorced relationship be reconciled easily? Read hidden text; hmm, looks like they DID make a sex-metaphor joke!

Right for the strong lady? From living together to being homeless, say goodbye to playboys and be in love with a cute guy who is also fond of cats!


I’m ….a little uncomfortable now. As a single woman in her 20s who start to work in NINA, a well-known bridal shop. To make changes, she nerved herself to face the reality! She was killed by her husband and sister during pregnancy? Centre of the stage and living without worry. The thorny life, we love each other and we torture each other... As a top surgeon, there are no diseases that cannot be cured by Gu Nuan, including erectile dysfunction. Could you sacrifice everything for love?   •  The leading female character is so kind, tough and cute that she must be loved by every reader. Bad things such as being pressed for payment of debt, mobile phone being robbed, salary being deducted, and dereliction of duty happened one after another on her first few days of work. The moment she woke up, she found herself transport back in time to Prince Xuan’s bed, and inexplicably became his servant. The most charming girls are those who are confident and independent! The Crows and Human race have always been at odds. The unforgettable love turns out to be a shell game. Her low profile and forbearance in the previous life brought her nothing but betrayal and misery.

“Give your life to me, and I’ll help you forget a person.” As a result, countless people go for it and use part of their life to exchange for a peaceful life.

Now the laughing stock of the industry and broken down, she could only flee the country and study overseas. Bai LiangChen got drunk at a bar, and somehow became the bride of a family... That's not right, well to say it exactly, Lian JiaYun's personal maid.

The enthusiastic sexy girl bump into the phlegmatic president, how will it end? Accidentally discovering my Prince Charming's secret and pretending to be his girlfriend, how lucky I am!? Why does this man look so familiar, did she meet him somewhere?

Fight Class 3

A capricious and naughty ex-girlfriend vs a cool and scheming ex-boyfriend. She swears to herself that she will make them pay whatever it takes. He, appeared like a demon in my dream, is the Law. Nevertheless, these seven sons are actually much more sparkly than she imagined, and appear to be alright after being left by their mother. Waking up, young boy HaoXi Chen found himself became an adorable girl, WTF!! If safety is your main concern, consider substituting the gloves for a baseball bat. A+ arts, the most beautiful drawings ever. 【Completed】With both happiness and regrets, this is a story where the leading characters strive to grow up for each other, and you will feel different after reading it. But after one night, he choose a path to doting on her without return. He promised to help her make the truth public, but she must be his wife. As a child gave her his scarf, but fate united them again. The tyrant Yu Chenhua forced her and imprisoned her, which, however, couldn’t cover her brilliance. As she was getting more involved in the case, she was tied up with him more tightly.

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