If you can't find a close match it will expand the search and slide you a nice havel monster for you to deal with. To be soaked in the blood of your kind."

Not Gren. lol are you kidding me? As a murderer, you have to be selfish and have a cutthroat attitude.

If I read it right, I can only get rank points from duels and from vanquishing blue phantoms. hell with 10 FTH and a ring slot or some points in ATT you can spice a full heal right?

It felt like the best place for facing skilled opponents and the honour system made it feel really rewarding to improve and get good enough to consistently win duels.

tl;dr losing in the BoB arena is unnecessarily frustrating because it sets back your progress in the covenant.

but i don't care about winning there, i'd imagine it changes if you are deliberately trying to rank up. W...T...F... please tell me this isn't the case. Picked up Sotfs when it was on sale on xbox. Been doing ok with invasions though...win some lose some.

Hell, I'm not even doing badly.

Answers. I guess, like you said, I'm headed to ng++ to buy it. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Tryharding resonant kids in 3 out of 4 games. It is the easiest place to farm wins/orbs, and the matches take seconds if you're using the right strategy for it. Press J to jump to the feed.

you can totally heal using miracles... even with very low faith... greater healing is the shit... they never see it coming and generally dont follow you around corners, so you can take your sweet time healing. However, after the 1 minute timer expires... you could face SL150's.

150 but id just go until your stats are ideal I always message people and ask what sl they are and everyone is like 50-100 levels higher than me at 150 and my SM isn't high. Beat vanilla ds2 on 360.

The only issue I had was the boss fights felt very anti climactic because there was no music! It doesn't seem reasonable, at all, that I need 500 more wins than losses.

just do invasions. If you don't like, then come join us blues! lol did you forget what covenant your in?

If you don't like, then come join us blues! I thought I was grinding tokens of spite for this covenant but I came across a wiki that said I need 500 rank points to max this covenant. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

One of my favourite parts of Dark Souls 2 was duelling as a member of the Brotherhood of Blood.

Only the truly strong rise to the top ranks of the brotherhood. I love invading and I love getting invaded.

And i get to do it against the biggest group of try hards in souls history, so that when I win, it's much sweeter, and when I go out invading, it's a walk in the park. I am at SL 120 atm and wonder if i should farm the souls to level up or just stay at that SL. who gives a shit, just do the giants memory a couple of times if you need souls.

Is this still the case? They should have a separate ladder for W/L. I'm angry that the game is telling me I need to win, or else I'm not good enough. İ play fashion souls as a budget solaire since my first heide knight dropped his helmet and would want to continiue that way without putting me in a great disadvantage. Maybe I'm just too impatient.

Yeah get a katana scrub and infuse it with dark, use resonant weapon and 1shot ppl like it's cool. It's masochistic.

Which their goal is to cause blood lol.

I mean, you are in the Brotherhood of Bloods. agree, and it encourages all kinds of bullshit. Titchy Gren is an NPC in Dark Souls 2.

how do i messsage people on pc after i fought them? Around sl90 is when you become quite viable in PvP.

My win/loss ratio in the arena (since I started keeping track) is a whopping 66/36. Loved every minute of the playthrough, sotfs is my favorite souls game. It's a terrible system. If I lose a duel I lose rank points.. sl 150, many people at sl 200 too but they are monkeys, thanks for your answer. Like the lack of an infinite invasion item, very low soul count for winning invasions, and not being able to heal during invasions. suekru - 6 years ago.

I can't even seem to get a battle in the arena. I mean, it's an aesthetic thing that doesn't tie to anything else. All rights reserved. I'm not angry that I lose.

Press J to jump to the feed. Titchy Gren Information.

I like the arena in concept, yeah. That doesn't bother me as much as everything else that's wrong with that covenant. I dunno I have more fun in blue sents than I ever did in BoB.

How do I level up in the brotherhood of blood? The most angry I remember getting at a game was against Manus on my SL1 challenge.

It is annoying, but take it from me -- you don't want to be the guy who doesn't record W/L. Crest of Blood is a Ring in Dark Souls 2 (DKS2). Don't get me wrong- I'm actually a member. Really I just want the great chaos fireball for the pyromancy achievement, but if 500 rank points is what it takes and the rank points work the way the wiki says they do than screw this covenant. If you have taken this oath, then you know what you want.

The entirety of my first playthroughs of Dark Souls, Demons Souls and now Dark Souls 2, while difficult, never made me feel truly angry. Discussion. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts.

Will check out 150 first (obviously). it aint worth it, arena isn't even fun.

Arena matches are the fastest and most reliable way. Every time I lose, I simultaneously feel the irritation that I am being pushed further and further from my goal, but also that if I continue losing I will never get to my goal at all.

The arena is great. A community dedicated to everything about Dark Souls 2. In fact, I love dueling people. Does anyone else miss the Brotherhood of Blood from DS2?

I would totally be okay with only the best members getting that blood aura. Perhaps, in the end, an oath is but a window into the ambitions of the oath taker.

IMO, the bridge map needs to be removed. You're talking about a covenant whose stated goal is to crush people and paint the walls with their blood.

I agree on a personal level that the system is annoying, but I think it makes sense conceptually. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America).

He does not care if it's from a brother killing another brother. You'll just have to wait until I top off my rank 3 then... either that or git gud. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. I can try out a variety of weapons, tactics and practice parrying without losing souls or effigies. The problem is, From decided to make ranking up in the covenant, something that is encouraged in every covenant both in DaS2 and the original DaS, a multiplayer COMPETITION. I thought I was 10 points from hitting rank 2 fifty points ago.

There is no brotherhood, blood is blood, and that is all that he really wants to see. This time i did it with Fume ugs and fume sword, no poise and no no-backstabb items. A nice congratulatory nod (and pretty scary for your adversary), but nothing you would feel annoyed at not having.

i would definitely be using FTH heals as a dedicated invader.

I wouldn't even be bothered if all they allowed us to use were Lifegems, just let us heal. © Valve Corporation.


I get invaded by a blue once in a blue moon but not enough to reliably grind rank points... BoB covenant is the worst. i definitely agree with this, and despite it being frustrating sometimes i do like it for all of those reasons.

Only the best and the cheapest (in a a way, the worst) players get to rank 3. Has been, is, and always will be SL150 for Dark Souls II and DSIISOTFS. I'm not angry that my opponent won. Crest of Blood "Ring of the Brotherhood of Blood Covenant. Well I guess if you lose in the arena you do lose a token of fidelity and don't gain a cracked blue eye orb :/.

Like the lack of an infinite invasion item. It's not the Brotherhood of Cupcakes. No other form of PvP does this, so no other PvP makes me this mad at losing. Does armor matter much in DS2? Just accept anybody over sl150 as a challenge.

Though İ get the feeling that İ sometimes throw my own dungpies while trying to parrybait my enemies so maybe İ belong to SL 200. Regardless of the level you choose, just make sure you're confident in your build to handle much higher level opponents. Nobody is at SL 150 from what I've seen, only thing I encounter in the arena are mages and hexers withOne shot kill spells that or Havel monsters, Doesn't matter, You're going to end up dueling a range of players going from SL 80 to SL 800, that's my personal experience on SL 150 anyway.

poison the **** out of them with pyromancies xDD, The Arena's instant queue is +/- 5 SL only, so if you can get an OP 1 million soul memory build while also being only level 35 or so, you'll pretty much always beat anyone in the arena between levels 30 and 40.

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