Colonial Fleet in the first and second Cylon engagements. The males are also typically more slender then the females, with a shorter, rounder snout. Battlestar Galactica (or "BSG") is a franchise of American sci-fi films and television series, the first of which was produced in 1978. Viper Mark VIII Type Three … And last but not least is the Rungwe bush viper, a unique looking bush viper from Africa, more specifically in Tanzania, Zambia and Malawi. The variable Bush viper is a venomous snake that can be found in west and Central Africa only. These beautiful vipers have the keeled scales that are common for bush vipers, and also come in many gorgeous colorations. Top 10 Common Bush Viper Facts – The Snake that Looks like a Dragon? Due to its popularity, it has shown up in many Fan fiction stories for example the Battlestar Hyperion found several of them still in the box at a abandoned Space Station. on 10 Beautiful Ball Python (Python Regius) Morphs. They are a mix of various greens, with black splotches, and yellow zigzag like patterns down the body. on Top 11 Common Collared Lizard Facts – The Lizard That Can Stand On Its Hind Legs? An even more recently discovered snake, Matilda’s horned viper was discovered in the Southern highlands of Tanzania during a biological survey. They are a range of brown to blackish-brown in colour, and have the typical keeled scales that bush vipers have. Click here to add a strategy!

Battlestar Galactica Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Snake Species of the World: A Taxonomic and Geographic Reference, vol. The Colonial Viper is the main starfighter used by the Colonial military before the destruction of all the colonies. The next bush viper goes by these names: Mount Kenya bush viper, Ashe’s bush viper, and Desaix’s bush viper. The Air Force Viper is a Caprican Air Force aircraft used for atmospheric flight on Caprica in the years prior to the Cylon War.It follows an earlier model and predates those Vipers used by the Colonial Fleet in the first and second Cylon engagements.. A Viper flight simulator featuring these single-pilot fighter jets is available through the virtual world interface for holoband users. A Viper flight simulator featuring these single-pilot fighter jets is available through the virtual world interface for holoband users. The 2003 Battlestar Galactica mini-series inspired a video game for Sony's PlayStation 2 and Microsoft's Xbox in which the player plays as Commander Adama as a younger man, and flies a number of missions in different craft against Cylon ships, following Adama's career during the First Cylon War. These scales not only look very cool, but they help the snake blend into their surroundings. They are referred to as either the Cameroon bush viper, or Broadley’s bush viper. As one of their common names suggests, they can be found in two populations in Kenya, one of which being on Mount Kenya. The Viper Mark VI replaced the Viper Mark V as the Colonies main space superiority fighter. They highly resemble the Usumbara bush viper that was described above, and is the second and only other bush viper with “horns” above their eyes. Viper Mark II. Enjoy this article?

The previously independent and competing militaries of the varies Colonies were for the first time pooled together under a unified command to fight against the Cylons. Atheris acuminata; Atheris anisolepis; Atheris barbouri, Uzungwe mountain bush viper; Atheris broadleyi Top 10 Brazilian Rainbow Boa Facts – a Snake With Rainbow Scales? The Viper Mark VII was the latest in a long line of Viper fighters operated by the Colonial Fleet and was the standard fighter as of the time of the new Cylon attack.

The name Marathon comes from the Fenris Class Battlestar's name: Marathon, the first Battlestar to carry them. Ten years into the war, Galactica took part in the Ghost Fleet Offensive behind the scenes; not part of the flotilla, Galactica was credited with sending a Raptor crew to courier orders to prevent radio broadcast detection.On the tw… Battlestar Classes: Mercury class | Galactica-type | Valkyrie-type | Orion class, Battlestars: Galactica | Pegasus | Valkyrie | Columbia | Archeron Osiris | Yashuman | Triton | All Named | All Unnamed, Support Ship Types: Loki type | Berzerk type | Defender type | Catamaran type | Watersled type, Support Ships: Loki | Berzerk | Brenik | All Unnamed, Auxiliary Craft: Viper Mark II | Viper Mark III | Viper Mark VII | Stealthstar | Blackbird | Raptor | Atmospheric Shuttle, Colonial Stations: Armistice Station | Colonial Fleet Headquarters | Ministry of Defense | Ragnar Anchorage Scorpion Fleet Shipyards, Pre-Cylon War: Air Force Viper | Blackhawk | Graystone blimp | Jump ship | Phoenix, Virtual aircraft: Autogyro | Dreadnaught | Vintage Viper, Post-Fall Civilian Fleet: Astral Queen | Cloud 9 | Colonial One | Daru Mozu | Demetrius | Gemenon Traveler | Gideon Olympic Carrier | Prometheus | Rising Star | Scylla | Zephyr | List of all civilian ships, Civilian Ship Types: Passenger liners | Mining ships | Repair ships | Tylium refinery ships | Research ships, Civilian Operators: Gemon Liners | Pan Galactic | Saggitarian Spaceways | Eversun, Basestar Types: Cylon War Era basestars | Modern basestar | Guardian basestar | Rebel basestar, Support Ships: Resurrection Ship | Reconnaissance Drone | Freighter, Auxiliary Craft: Cylon War Era Raider | Modern Raider | Heavy Raider, Cylon Stations: Cylon Refinery | The Colony | Resurrection Hub,,,, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike, This page (like all pages on this wiki) was, Interior shots of the Viper in "The Imperfections of Memory" feature several cuts to existing footage from episodes of, The Air Force Viper appears to be a marriage of components from existing military aircraft like the. Share it with your friends using the links below! on Top 10 Common Bush Viper Facts – The Snake that Looks like a Dragon? It is light and inexpensive to build, yet is a very powerful fighter for its size.

This beautiful snake goes by a few different names, including: rough-scaled bush viper, spiny bush viper, hairy bush viper, rough-scaled tree viper, African hairy bush viper, and hairy viper. This is a list of all genera, species and subspecies of the subfamily Viperinae, otherwise referred to as viperines, true vipers, pitless vipers or Old World vipers.It follows the taxonomy of McDiarmid et al.

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