For four centuries after it was abandoned, Casa Grande stood mute, ravaged by weather, vandals and souvenir hunters. Not so much. Contact the Park. Get close and you can still see names and initials carved into the walls of the structure before it was protected. It’s believed to have been the home of the Ancestral People of the Sonoran Desert in the early 13th century. When the first Europeans arrived, all that remained of this ancient culture were the ruins of villages, irrigation canals, and various artifacts. Archeological evidence suggests the people who lived at Casa Grande developed irrigation farming and had an extensive trade network, as well as time for recreation.

Gen. Kearny brought a military detachment to the area in 1846. This National Park Service diagram shows the extent of the Sonoran irrigation system.

Phone: (520) 723-3172

Mailing Address: 1100 W. Ruins Drive Coolidge, AZ 85128 . The square portal under the blue arrow was the alignment for the peak of the lunar nodal period, which astronmers call the lunar standstill. We just took advantage of the picnic tables to eat our lunch.

This flooding was followed by years of drought, which lowered the water level even more. Starting out as hunters and gatherers, they quickly advanced beyond that.

selon les recommandations des projets correspondants. Shortly after in 1932, the park service constructed the canopy in efforts to further protect the walls and floors from the elements. However, it's believed that Casa Grande was part of a larger compound and may have been built around 1350CE - but why remains a mystery.

In the late 1300’s, the Gila River Valley experienced flooding on a monumental scale. If you get out to Arizona, make sure you take the time to visit. Visitors are no longer allowed inside the structure, but Pam guided us around the outside, highlighting key areas of interest. Using only pointed sticks, they dug hundreds of miles of irrigation canals to bring water from the Gila River into the desert. The walls of the Casa Grande have tales to tell about that.

Copyright © 2020 Adventurous Way LLC.All rights reserved. Hard clay under the desert floor was ground up and mixed with water to create a sticky mud that could be molded like Play-Doh and dried as hard as rock. As we walked around the outside, our guide helped us understand the layout of walls and rooms, helping us to interpret how it may once have been used.

It was built with a substance called “caliche” (cuh-LEE-chee).

Up to this point in our #parkchasing trips, we had only been to sites with history of the Northern Plains native communities (Blackfeet, Crow, Sioux, Lakota, etc.)

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