I always try to be cautious. We should be cautious in spending electricity at home and offices. A cautious action is careful, well considered, and…. I am quite cautious of his activities. Lernen Sie die Übersetzung für 'cautious' in LEOs Englisch ⇔ Deutsch Wörterbuch. He took a few cautious steps toward the door. He was cautious. These were a taciturn lot, slow-thinking, In drafting his first budget for the government of India, will Mr Singh prefer to be a, Here is real, unmistakable nastiness of a fetid, furtive kind, whispered in corners after a, Beethoven's six Gellert lieder were hobbled by bad intonation, while the, In other patients, however, the operation had no success, and Moniz was, The setbacks might range from muddy inconveniences to life-threatening crossings, and it remains for each driver to make a realistic and, It is the duty of an auditor to bring to bear on the work he has to perform that skill, care and caution which a reasonably competent, careful and, Regarded as a safe pair of hands, he manages to combine a strong streak of entrepreneurship with a, Perhaps that means they should be more wary and, The day was just on the turn, a little patch of greying twilight here and there, a few over, These are almost always small, but we have to be, The long-lived people would then have the ability to travel to the stars, but the risk would be too great for the, By this standard at least, there are grounds for, We are reminded that boys are conditioned from an early age to be adventurous and take risks, while girls are taught to be, Many activists and human-rights advocates met the news of the retrial with, While limiting its attention to what the defendant has actually said or written the court should be, Most fights involve hooking uppercuts or a, It's like when I thought I liked feta, but then I ate this feta that was in the fridge for like two months and it tasted like vom and now I'm very, Although the king was eager for war in Europe, his ministers were more, In many ways, Buchanan is a throwback to America First isolationism, but he is more, Kingsley Martin rejected two of his works and Gollancz was equally, Most of the reviews were short and on balance favourable, although superficial and, But if a person's medical history doesn't point clearly to MS and the MRI is normal, I'd be very, Grabner's influence can be felt here, although in this instance too, Thurnwald is, The ongoing story of acai and its homeland gives cause for, If she had a choice between being supercautious or supersorry, she'd pick, Since the 1960s there has been much less military damage and litter as a result of the DPA persuading the Services to be more, According to the report, many Japanese remain, Both these accounts gave rise to objections, and modern historians generally adopt more, Although stereotyped as being voraciously aggressive, they are normally, However, they soon began to shield Chinese junks and a, There remain fewer than 250 mature cheetahs, which are very, Yet CEOs' near-term growth estimate for themselves is more, The World Bank and the IMF have tended to be excessively, A bulky form was seen rising aft, and began marching on all fours with the movements of some big, Tudur, Isabel and Lowri are given as his siblings by the more, Much of the growth in the Bank's network had come from acquisitions and the management remained, They are the ghost kings of the high country, more, Managing director Peter Candler said the move was a big vote of confidence for the hotel, particularly when banks are, Although both Mason and Gilmour were initially, Nehru accepted that the bill was not complete and perfect, but was, Westlake coach Ernest Rittenhouse is taking a, So it's advisable for anyone taking warfarin to be, Its proponents believed that Federal legislators would be more likely to be, During the decades of Mutual Assured Destruction, nuclear-armed states were, Though relieved at making it through to the second round, the 44-year-old Japanese was, Due to the polymerase chain reaction amplification used in the test, one needs to be, The exact latching mechanism holding the trip varies a lot and some need to be set right at the edge in order to be sensitive enough to catch. They’re cautious planners. Learn more. 22 people chose this as the best definition of cautious: Showing or practicing cau... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. 2. 3. The driver had to be very cautious at speed breakers. I advised him to be cautious against his enemies. Being cautious when writing about the future. Here again, Washington's reaction has been distant, Use an electric razor when shaving and be, Luke had become an introverted, timid, and overly, But of course, many middle aged and older Afghans have more than enough experience of violence and disorder to be, Even though the press will split, with up to two-thirds against, it will need to be, Attentive and direct, the spectacled Maharaj was, North Carolina, like many states, had been, The GOP leadership is too hierarchical, too buttoned-up, too, When officials are upright and vigilant, drivers will be extra, On the night of the sixth season finale of the bravo reality show, fans and regular viewers were, While still smarting from the body blows, Mnisi appeared to be, For example, Manhattan billionaire Wilbur Ross and his wife Hilary Geary were, Water sloshed over sidewalks on some sections of Shore Acres Boulevard, and signs warning motorists to be, By a wide margin, he came across as the least scary, least risky, most, I then sifted together powdered sugar and a, Sam was holding a beautiful Siamese cat in his arms, which was purring happily, followed by a, The hospital turned to Brantly, who is meticulously, In his place, Charles X appointed a caretaker head of government, Martignac, who managed to steer his minority government along a, In addition to his temperamental aversion to populism, Roosevelt also had a practical reason to be, Through eliciting a secure foundation to support the argument about sovereignty as tino rangatiratanga, he is positioned as, Her eyes grow wide as saucers and she takes another, He recalls a pretty conservative fellow, heeding most rules on most matters, though far less, Japan wants to raise the ship to confirm whether it was a North Korean spy vessel, but China is.

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