By signing up, I agree to receive emails from and other L'Oreal brands and programs. The Argument: Foundation Before Concealer. Yes I’ll be doing that shortly . Despite your preference to use concealer before or after foundation, there are different types of concealer that carry different formula. 15 Best Scrubs for Dry Skin Available In India, 15 Best Affordable Lip Balms Available in India for Dry Lips, 10 Best NYX Products Every Makeup Lover Must Try! Posted in Makeup on May 9, 2017 by Eleanor Pendleton. While concealer will forever and always be a mainstay in my makeup routine, I’ve come to learn that my method of application doesn’t always match up with that of the pros. It allows you to understand better about the makeup, if you aren’t familiar yet with its various terms. Concealer works together with foundation to offer extra coverage to accomplish even and smooth skin tone appearance.

But celebrity makeup artists Angela Calisti and Cassandra Garcia disagree — they stan the foundation-first method. These were my thoughts on the whole ‘When To Use A Concealer’ question based on my experience. If you wish to highlight certain areas of your face with your concealer, then choose a lighter shade concealer and use it after you’ve applied your foundation. Which is the Better Option: Applying Concealer Before or After Foundation? Even though it can be considered as the rarest concealer form, it works very great to give brightness to eyes area or to clean the eyebrow shape. I always use concealer before foundation, but after reading this post, I’m tempted to try other ways (after foundation) . To avoid this problem, put thin tissue to blot the area after you apply concealer. Please do the detailed post you mentioned at the beginning.. Hi Sreeparna! Mini Reviews+ Prices. Should you apply concealer before or after foundation? Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Why Not Trying Short Hair for Round Face?

“Putting a concealer on first eliminates the problem.” She adds that giving the product a moment to dry down before going in with foundation is key. Both foundation and concealer are available in different opacity, but in general the latter is more heavy-textured and pigmented than the earlier. . Thank you,.. A lot of my concealer questions were answered in this post. This can help if you have large problem areas (like your cheeks) and have trouble with makeup caking up.
Learn how your comment data is processed. I personally prefer it this way but again, everything has its limitations. Always apply your foundation first, unless you are using a powder foundation. It can blend on skin easily to give you flawless skin all day. Up Your DIY Manicure Game With These Nail Art Ideas, Big Pores? Else you’ll be left with patches of concealer showing over your foundation. It’s a Big No! Blemish or spot concealer is typically rich of pigment and thick in texture. Best Kama Ayurveda Products in India- Our Top 10 Picks! The most … For example, color-correcting concealer needs to be always applied first before foundation, with a layer of thin skin tone concealer in-between. This site is for U.S. consumers.

And one of them is color-correcting. © L'Oréal USA. In general, if your concealer does not match the exact shade of your foundation, it is best to use it before your foundation. Here are several types of it according to its form: Due to its ability to work with most skin types, liquid is the most popular form of concealer. How to Get and Maintain Suitable Bangs for Square Face, 4 Easy Ways on How to Get Nail Polish out of Clothes, Top Recommendations of the Best 2 Inch Curling Iron, Natural Red Hair Color Chart You Need to Know, Detailed Reviews on Premium Harry Josh Hair Dryer Newest Line. But to get the most bang for your beauty buck, you’ll want to prep skin as best as possible before you apply your makeup in the morning. What is My Eye Shape? It can be used on daily basis or to put on your travel kit bag as a part of your makeup regime essentials. Nobody likes the answers to most makeup questions. The primer will provide smooth surface that’s easier to work with when you apply concealer. Additionally, if you don’t have large areas to conceal (like just a few spots on the face or around your nose) you can use a concealer after a thin layer of foundation. “Applying concealer afterwards gives a more flawless finish, helps you clean up contour and helps you concentrate on problem areas,” she says. Like in the case of highlighting concealers. It rarely settles into scars or bunches up on acnes. let this be on your skin for 15 minutes before you apply make up. Here are three of the most common types of it: People usually tend to choose one or two shades lighter of a concealer than their skin tone if they want to use it to brighten or highlight their facial features. So you’re only left to conceal the isolated major ones, hence preventing concealer over-use. In general, cream concealer can provide more coverage than the liquid one due to its heavier texture. Tags: best concealer, concealer, concealer makeup, concealer use, dark circle concealer, how to apply concealer, how to apply concealer on face, how to use a concealer, how to use concealer, how to use concealer on face, orange concealer, use of concealer. Here’s How. Before you dive into the right steps to apply makeups, it might be better to learn about these types of concealer first. Concealer has coverage power that you must never underestimate. Myth Untangled: Beach Waves Short Hair is Impossible? | My Thoughts, Bobbi Brown Corrector-Light to Medium Peach: Review, Swatches, Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Anti-Ageing Day Cream- Review, Price, 10 Best MAC Products Everyone NEEDS to try! It is important to remember that you should only use color correcting concealer in thin layer to prevent it peek through the makeup. From covering breakouts (of which I have many these days) to brightening up my sleep-deprived under eyes, it’s the handy dandy magic eraser that can pretty much do it all. To avoid disasters caused by blending, always apply the concealer first but that is applicable if you are using a cream-to-powder formula.

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