Microsoft 365 Apps ProPlus is supported on Windows Server 2019. Virtual Machine cannot start with error "VDI is being used by another operation".

A new registry DWORD needs to be created within "HKLM\Software\Citrix\HDXMediaStream" for 32-bit machines and "HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\Citrix\HdxMediaStream" for 64-bit machines. This allows the internal services to reconnect to each other and is the most likely solution. ;twelve789012.e;eleven78901.ex;ten4567890.exe;simply it.exe;free hit.exe;notepad.exe. You may also want to use auto-update but adjust the default behaviour. Avoid using logon scripts, these are only going to add time to the logon. Doing exactly what the tagline suggests (and more). Some of the best articles out there are written by James Kindon and James Rankin, I have followed these guys for quite a while, and they know what they are doing. Credentials used in Blueprints – Blueprints can store credentials as an input parameter. ared during the webinar. Using one of my favorite applications, Citrix Workspace Environment Management, we are able to remove all pinned shortcuts in the taskbar during logon by simply checking a box: This will delete the shortcut during logon, it works and it is a non-destructive way of removing the shortcut.

The recommended approach is to use a mixture of Group Policy for initial configuration and auto-update to keep the list updated.

This is basically what I’ll cover with the Security Baseline GPO. The group will also be granted access to the confidential file share. So in this case I do not see how Deny GPO setting would work. ;twelve789012.e;eleven78901.ex;ten4567890.exe;simply it.exe;free hit.exe;notepad.exe. Back in the Windows Server 2012/2012R2 days, this registry value was needed to prevent Windows Search Index corruptions or bloating. All are located under User Configuration > Policies. This configuration is also driven by a wizard so it’s easy to set up. Now UPMEvent.exe will be run by the Scheduled Task immediately when the desktop shell has loaded. You used to be able to migrate VDI-in-a-Box 5.4 to XenApp/XenDesktop 7.x but this ability was removed August 2017. Right-click on Receiver and click Advanced Preferences. You should disable any power management functionality within XenDesktop to avoid conflicts with Smart Scale. Values accepted are LTSR or Current. The Enterprise Mode Site List Manager can be found in Microsoft’s Download Center here: If the Require that the Enterprise Mode Site List is available before tab navigation policy is configured that is probably not the case.Also make sure that the Enterprise Mode Site list path and name is properly configured in the Configure the Enterprise Mode Site List policy.

the above GPO does not work. (h/t Sean Bolding). This is expected as when StoreFront is upgraded files get deleted and recreated. One way is to configure OneDrive, manually, on a computer and get the ID from the registry in HKEY_CURRENT_USER. Open web.config on StoreFront and set 'showDesktopViewer="True"'.

Click OK. You can also set the Scale metric to Load Index, the default value is 10000 and cannot be changed. I always recommend deleting application shortcuts on the public desktop, as I prefer to control which application shortcuts appear on the user’s desktop. A duplicate SPN is causing Kerberos authentication failures. The folders where the tile shortcuts are located are deleted, but the tiles themselves are not. Now under Options click on the On failure drop-down box to select your desired outcome. The Management Interface shows blank in the Nteworking tab on XenCenter and the pool Management Network bond shows as "unknown" after adding a host to the pool. You can optionally enable Chrome’s roaming profile support. Unfortunately deleting the shortcut on the public desktop is not enough, a shortcut is also created on the user’s desktop (C:\Users\%username%\Desktop) during first logon, even though we deleted the shortcut on the public desktop. This concludes the guide and you are ready to start testing the Microsoft Edge browser in your Citrix environment and eventually releasing it to production. Communication always flows from the Connector Agent on your Resource Location to Citrix Cloud. Hi Carl,

You will have to implement a workaround, if you want Windows Search Index roaming to work properly in Windows Server 2019 and Windows 10 Multi-User. -1 means the user can defer any number of times. What this means is that if for example you have 20 VDAs in total with 10 users connected on a 1 to 1 basis, an 11th VDA will be powered on (assuming it is not already powered on) to be able to host an 11th session.

Note: There are some custom checks that can be run such as a VDA health check. Restarting the Cloud Connector server helps to reset the faulted channel. We can also open the specified sites outside the Edge browser in a standalone Internet Explorer browser, and not in an IE Mode tab in Edge.

The Citrix Cloud Connector being installed does not trust the primary or intermediate certificate which is used to sign the .exe bundle that installs the Citrix Cloud provider services.

This issue is reproducable with non-UPS printers on Server VDA 7.9 to VDA 7.15. This page assumes the GPOs have already been created and Loopback Processing has already been enabled.

You also have the option of creating new schedules, which dictates the amount of VDAs minimum that should run at any given time. You can also publish the same type of content using Citrix Clouds XenApp and XenDesktop Service. Check Choose an icon from a file on a representative machine and click Browse. Install the Site Agent on a Delivery Controller in the site you want managed. If you, like me, are running the Windows Defender on your servers, users will actually be able to go into the management console of Windows Defender, and poke around.

Otherwise make sure Group Policy is not set to delete profiles on the PVS Servers after a number of days. Unable to answer Skype for Business calls by using buttons on the headset or base on a Plantronics Savi headset. I built a brand new Windows Server 2016 VDA streaming from PVS. Many of the logon friendly optimisations and best practices out there today are straight forward and common sense and help to get you started: There are more, and I’ll cover off some additional ones in this post to really reduce logon times. However from a user’s point of view it might be helpful to have a password manager if he user accesses a lot of different website which require a username and password. Finalise the image. I always use Group Policy Preferences to populate both the includes group and the exclude groups, if needed. For copy/pasting:%LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\Teams\Update.exe –uninstall –msiUninstall –source=default. A "1030" error occurs when connecting to a Remote PC connection. Both backups are happening almost at the same time. Make sure all XenServer hosts in the pool have identical NTP servrs specified. The version comparison has a timeout of 65 seconds. This means that even if you activate the plugin in Outlook,during first logon, it does not work until Teams is launched. Now you have to specify the location to your template virtual disk (.vhd) file that has been prepared for imaging.

Get called back by an With these conditions I can create a filter rule which can be assigned to the “Teams per-user uninstall” external task. I have written a couple of articles about the new Microsoft Edge browser, which you can find here and here. Even in the same session!

Next check notifications are switched on for Secure Mail by navigating to "Settings -> Notifications". You can exclude AD groups, of course, but I don’t see any way to add local groups. Under Action select Start a program.

When I had the basic OneDrive configuration mastered, I looked into the KFM feature and this is where it gets strange. Run procexp.exe after unzipping and placing the program into a directory. The "Citrix Print Manager Service" log on account is set to "Network Service" which does not have permission to the printing virtual channel.

If the string value is not present, create it. Hoping that Microsoft had built in a “secret” command line parameter I had to try “DONOTCREATETASKBARSHORTCUT=TRUE”, unfortunately it did not work. This is it! Test on other users to see if this is specific to certain accounts. This is no longer the case, or technically it is, but we can now use “emulated IE” tabs, called IE Mode, within the Edge browser, so we don’t have to leave the browser when accessing legacy sites. Make sure each machine has the Smart Tools Agent installed before deploying a Blueprint. This issue will be addressed in a future SCOM MP release. only a subset of the settings applies to All Users?). If you want to copy Office 2013 settings to Office 365 / 2019 / 2016 settings, see Microsoft’s Copy-OfficeGPOSettings PowerShell script. Session printers do not delete as appropriate as users roam between devices and sessions. On the Common tab you can check the box to Apply once and do not reapply. You can add executable files into the list of excluded processes via Advanced setup (F5) > Detection engine > Real-time file system protection > Processes exclusions. You can also add additional locations. If you have any comments or questions feel free to reach out to me on Twitter or in the World of EUC Slack channel. If you add users to an AD group and then add that AD group to local Administrators group, then you can exclude that AD group. After running a batch of updates, the Write Cache is not filling up quickly. I have penned an additional Edge article where I focus on how to secure the browser using the Microsoft Security baseline GPO settings. The third option is using Preferences.

Keep the task running under %LogonDomain%\%LogonUser%. This feature was designed to exclude backup tools. Refer to the, HKCU\Software\Adobe\Adobe Acrobat\10.0\Originals\bAntialiasGraphics: 0x00000000, HKCU\Software\Adobe\Adobe Acrobat\10.0\Originals\bAntialiasImages: 0x00000000, In some environments, Distiller performance may suffer if the messages.log file becomes too large after a number of Distiller operations. This is a destructive solution, so if anything breaks, you will have to have some way back to the original state.

Avoid the pothole Now here's where I help you avoid a serious pothole. So, how do we create this so called Enterprise Mode Site List? "SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED CVhdMP.sys" message when booting images created by App Layering via Citrix Provisioning Services. Resync the clock of each Delivery Controller in the farm using command "w32tm /resync". We are able to use Internet Explorer all day long, we don’t want that, we want to get rid of Internet Explorer or at least limit the use of it. Once the VDA is complete, the deployment will return as complete.

Citrix report that it is safe to ignore these errors. Can I use the receiver.admx template mentioned here: Instructions: To avoid failure, run PowerShell as an administrator. What version of Office you are using?

At the moment, I haven’t found any way to hide or remove the Window Security app, it’s an immersive app aka. Click Save. When using MCS I/O Optimisation for a catalog containing 32-bit VMs with a RAM cache greater than 256MB can cause the Operating System to stop. Instead an empty box appears. Make sure the local admininstrator account is not set to change password at next logon. If it is, restart it and then check if communication is restored. Apps and Desktops Health Checks – This check ensures that your Delivery Groups are available to serve applications and/or desktops. Here I block the access to the “about:config” page. As a result, the average logon time has dropped to 20 seconds. We can even produce logon reports and show them off to managers or other teams within the organisation to show them how good (or bad) the virtual workspace performs! The StartupDelayInMSec key added earlier simply speeds up when run keys (startup applications) are started. Citrix are aware of this issue and a solution is under investigation. Click Yes. The power state of each VDA also appears as "Unknown". Citrix Studio does not start and you receive a "Snap-in Unavailable" error.

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