The charcoal in the cave shows its occupants built fires. But the Denisovan sequences differed from those found in living New Guineans and Australian Aboriginals. The dates for the older sediments seem highly reliable, says Higham, who dated Denisova Cave. The BEST conference of its kind in the world! Precise dates show the Denisovans took shelter in the cave 100,000 years and 60,000 years ago, and possibly as recently as 45,000 years ago, when modern humans were flowing into eastern Asia. The four layers that yielded Denisovan mtDNA were laid down 100,000, 60,000, and as recently as 45,000 years ago, although the younger sediments were disturbed.

Denisovans were the first of the two groups to move into the cave and the last to abandon it. Discovered by genomic research in 2010 on bone fragments from Denisova Cave, Siberia; Evidence is primarily genetic data from the bone and modern humans who carry the genes The Lanzhou University archaeological team made the first formal excavation of the site in 2018. The Denisovans bequeathed a particular genetic gift to modern Tibetans: a “superathlete” variant of a gene, called EPAS1, that helps red blood cells use oxygen efficiently and is found in Denisovans from Denisova Cave. Some may also have been on the lookout for modern humans, who were in the region by 40,000 years ago. And by showing DNA and dates can be gleaned from the same sediment samples, the work opens “a new era of molecular caving,” says geochronologist Katerina Douka of the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History. They also used simple stone tools, and, from the cave’s high opening, must have spied on animals grazing in the meadows below. The dig, led by Zhang and Fahu Chen of the Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research, took many sediment samples and found charcoal from fires, 1310 simple stone tools, and 579 pieces of bone from animals including rhinos and hyenas. The Xiahe mandible is the first Denisovan fossil to have been discovered outside of the Denisova Cave in Siberia. Zhang and her colleagues think the Tibetan Plateau Denisovans may have been adapted to life at high altitude, and that EPAS1 may have spread widely among them, before they handed it on to modern Tibetans. Homo sapiens must have met and mated with two populations of Denisovans—one in mainland Asia and one in Southeast Asia, says EVA paleogeneticist Diyendo Massilani—further evidence that they were once numerous and wide-ranging. So in December 2018, they began to dig, after promising the monks they would excavate only at night and in winter to avoid disturbing worshippers. In a separate study published today in Science, Pääbo reports extracting modern human DNA, the oldest yet in Asia, from 34,000- and 40,000-year-old fossils from what is now Mongolia and from near Beijing, respectively. It was the first Denisovan fossil discovered outside the Altai Mountains. Today in Science, Zhang’s team reports the first Denisovan ancient DNA found outside Denisova Cave: mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) gleaned not from fossils, but from the cave sediments themselves.

It also ends a long quest for Denisovan DNA outside Siberia.

And natural selection would have favored that gene variant only in people who lived at high altitude year-round, says archaeologist Mark Aldenderfer, professor emeritus at the University of California, Merced. It’s NOT Even A UFO, Mysterious Birth Has This Woman Suspect That She May Be A Hybrid - EMN video exclusive, #Disclosure Advocate Makes Secret NORAD Files Public, The Day After Disclosure: Richard Dolan's Unexpected Twist On What's Coming, An asteroid trailing after Mars could actually be the stolen twin of our moon, Milky Way’s Central Bulge Stars Formed in Single Burst of Formation over 10 Billion Years Ago, Scientists find Madagascar chameleon last seen 100 years ago, Oreo builds asteroid-proof bunker above permafrost line, fills it with cookies and powdered milk. They probably overlapped there around 120,000 years ago, and possibly at other times as well. The new find is "much more complete," one expert says. Last year, researchers proposed that a jawbone found long ago in the Tibetan cave was Denisovan, based on its ancient proteins.

Denisovans, A Mysterious Kind Of Ancient Humans, Are Traced To Tibet Until now, the only Denisovan remains came from a cave in Siberia. Denisovans, Neanderthals and related hybrids, may have inhabited the Denisova Cave over thousands of years, but it is unclear whether they ever shared the cave. The find shows that even though their bones are rare, “Denisovans were widespread in this hemisphere,” says University of Oxford geochronologist Tom Higham, who was not part of the study. Today in Science, Zhang’s team reports the first Denisovan ancient DNA found outside Denisova Cave: mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) gleaned not from fossils, but from the cave sediments themselves. But archaeologist Dongju Zhang of Lanzhou University and her team wanted more definitive evidence, including DNA, the molecular gold standard.

Zhang expects more digs at the cave will clarify the issue with DNA and perhaps fossils.

Precise dates show the Denisovans took shelter in the cave 100,000 years and 60,000 years ago, and possibly as recently as 45,000 years ago, when modern humans were flowing into eastern Asia. But molecular dating suggests EPAS1 spread rapidly only in the past 5000 years. Those genomes included Denisovan DNA, the legacy of mating that happened roughly 50,000 years ago. Some researchers questioned the claim, however, because the method was new, and no one knew where in the cave the jaw had been found.

The Baishiya Karst Cave is situated in Ganjia Township of Xiahe County, northwest China's Gansu Province. Denisovan is the name of a hominid distantly related to Neanderthals and anatomically modern humans. ET Contact During Crop Circle Formation - Barbara Lamb's Experience, UFOs As A Gateway To Self Discovery - The Richard Dolan Show, Abducted 8-Month Pregnant Woman Wonders; “Is there a clone of my daughter?”, Physicists Simulate Sending Particles of Light Into the Past, Strengthening the Case that Time Travel Is Possible, Ultraviolet light reveals how ancient Greek statues really looked, Mind over matter: Scientists study woman who can grow a seed into a plant in 20 minutes, Zimbabwe UFO Child Conactee Speaks Publicly For The 1st Time, Black Knight UFO Satellite Explained…It’s NOT 13,000 Years Old! (Dongju Zhang / CC BY-SA 4.0 ) Denisovans: Relatives of Modern Humans In 2019, a Denisovan jaw fragment was evacuated in Xiahe. The Denisovans may have lived only seasonally in the cave. The mtDNA, perhaps shed in poop or urine, most closely matched that of Denisovans. “The study of this cave is only beginning,” she says. After working from dusk to dawn while temperatures outside plunged to –18°C, then covering traces of their dig every morning, the scientists’ persistence paid off. Those questions are likely to fade.


But the partial jaw from Baishiya Karst Cave was the first fossil evidence. © 2011 Copyright Earth Mysteries News .com, Jupiter’s icy moon Europa may glow in the dark, UK firm to turn moon rock into oxygen and building materials, DNA tracks mysterious Denisovans to Chinese cave, just before modern humans arrived nearby, Richard Dolan talks about Disclosure at ACE 2019, UAP Sighted over Toronto on Sep 15 and 16, The World's Top UFO Researchers Discuss Alien Disclosure (June, 2018), Stanton Friedman receives Lifetime Achievement Award at ACE 2018, The Rendlesham Forest Incident: A Firsthand Account From The Original Whistleblower. [5] In 2019, a team of archaeologists from the Novosibirsk Archeology and Ethnography Institute discovered a 45,000-year-old cave lion statue made from woolly mammoth tusk, according to " The Siberian Times ". Paleogeneticist Qiaomei Fu of the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology in Beijing managed to extract hominin mtDNA from the sediment itself. “It’s been a decade.”, The presence of Denisovan DNA in the genomes of living people across Asia suggested these ancient humans were widespread.

Zhang and her colleagues identified the jaw as Denisovan based on a new method that relies on variation in a protein. Unearthed in the Baishiya Karst Cave by a Tibetan monk in 1980, scientists used protein analysis in 2019 to identify the ancient human from this ancient jawbone. They used optical dating to reveal when light last struck mineral grains in the samples, showing when each grain was buried. Zhang’s team will need to find nuclear DNA to test its hunch. “Every year, I’ve said we will find this,” says co-author Svante Pääbo of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology (EVA). A human jawbone found in a cave on the Tibetan plateau has revealed new details about the appearance and lifestyle of a mysterious ancient species called Denisovans. Meanwhile, geochronologists led by Bo Li and Zenobia Jacobs of the University of Wollongong dated material from those same sediment samples.

Archaeologists wearing anticontamination gear sampled Baishiya Karst Cave on a winter night. The 160 000-year-old fossil, comprising a powerful jaw and unusually large teeth, suggests these early relatives would have looked something like the most primitive of the Neanderthals.

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