The results of the 1967 Referendum are significant for three reasons: So we are, you see, dealing with two quite different intellectual traditions. This takes us back to the time when enlightened opinion both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal, seemed to want that Aborigines should have all discriminatory measures against them removed. This includes the specific language content for each learning area and capability that students need to master in order to be successful learners within that field of study. We do know, so we cannot possibly consider it a matter of land management only. Despite the overwhelming majority vote on Saturday there were pockets of opposition to the Aborigines question, particularly in Western Australia, where the vote against was 18.56 per cent. Two concern Canadian Indians and two Sami from Scandinavia, from Finland and Sweden.

Dr Reynolds — No, I do not think so. The Education Programs and Resources offers a selection of curriculum appropriate activities, programs, exhibitions and excursion packages for students and teachers. I do not at all think it means an exclusive use of country. Then the majority for was four to one with all States in favour. Academic vocabulary can be broadly defined as the specific language requirements students need to know and understand in order to learn. The ‘1967 Referendum – Sample History Unit’ is based on the 1967 Referendum, which was a significant milestone in the progress towards equal rights for Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Students may consider the thoughts, feelings and reasons for action of people at the time and recognise the evidence used to support these interpretations. Despite the change of international scene, there is no doubt that the international situation was still significant for Aboriginal policy. Kitock took his case to the Human Rights Committee because, he said, a government regulation prevented him from reindeer-herding and he was therefore not able to enjoy his culture as Sweden committed itself to under article 27.

It was based in Adelaide. This resource provides ideas and tips for teaching and learning activities using historical sources, including templates to support students’ use of historical sources. However, despite all that, the referendum must be seen as an event of central importance. In the nineteenth century when they profoundly believed in Christianity and that there really was an after-life, they were convinced that that was more than compensation enough. There has always been international attention on the position of indigenous Australians, right from the nineteenth century, and now, that is much more formalised. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server.

Sandra Lovelace could only practise her culture on her own reservation. The two most important figures were Colonel G.C. They argued: if we now have these international responsibilities for Papuans and New Guineans and other peoples of the Pacific, surely we must also have international responsibilities for Aboriginal Australians. Wright-(Lib., Tas.

Our secondary sources will be the overviews of the primary sources. It was quite quickly assumed that article 27 implied more than a passive role for the state in actually protecting minority rights rather than just leaving minorities alone. In that case, Australia would find itself in the company of countries notorious for their treatment of their peoples and notorious for their record on human rights. Not just for Australia, but for the whole world. I do not think it at all means exclusive use of the country, it certainly means access to it for cultural and religious purposes. Only NSW had a majority of votes in favour of the proposal to break the requirement that the Senate must have half as many seats as the House of Representatives. The third case, in 1990, was that of the so-called Lubicon Lake band of Indians in northern Alberta versus Canada.

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