'You need to work hard for that. We need to form some sort of committee or group. Cat. Both programs are unique in the world in their mission to create a healing process that addresses more serious crimes of violence, addresses those crimes within the community, addresses both individual and collective harms, and focuses on getting well instead of getting even.

I brought a young lady once to a Talking Circle at a house for troubled youth. They can hear that there are songs. I'm here as a person belonging to the Black community because I have a responsibility to it. Do not bring reproach upon the family and do not bring reproach upon your community'. You assume it's the nurse because she's wearing a white lab coat. I find that the majority of my work always has to do with that fine line of being on the reserve and off the reserve, and being a reserve Indian and an urban Indian. While many programs incorporate some of these aspects, few have integrated all of these approaches into one program. Who is more important? We need to stop that 'crab mentality' and we need to celebrate and reach out and understand that we're stronger when we're together. I spoke yesterday about viewing things with an Afrocentric perspective.

I worked there for the Native Youth Education Program which was a part of the shelter. Once the person harmed feels ready to speak their truth and confront the person responsible for harming them, and once the person responsible for the harm is ready to accept responsibility, the group convenes in a Circle, facilitated by at least one member of the project. People are shocked to hear that Africa had Christianity before any other place. They sometimes feel displaced with being in a system where we are saying to them, 'Go to school and get an education. The Harlem Restorative Justice Project is an alternative model for resolving conflict than the traditional criminal justice response of arrest, trial and sentence in a court of law.

They were sexually active earlier in their lives and young girls were getting pregnant.

Nonetheless, sentencing judges are willing to consider the combination of circumstances that underlie an individual's commission of an offence in mitigating sentencing. The only word I can use to describe it is that our youth are lost. Briefly, a white police officer arrested a black 15-year-old who had allegedly interfered with the arrest of another youth. Heard with the appeals in Hamilton, discussed above, the Court of Appeal again overruled the trial judge, finding that a sentence of 40 months incarceration should have been imposed at trial. Hollow Water's program has been tremendously successful: in the twenty-three years of their existence, only three people have reoffended. The victim and the community should be part of getting them back together. Maybe some day you might even be in a position whereby you will understand and be able to know what I'm doing here. The first part of this report is a summary of those discussions.

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