Since this is an ingredient that most companies tend to be very proud of, you typically find a specific kind of juice or vegetable that is used for flavor, sweetness, or coloring. And since everything was a little bit of a mystery back then, lots of secrets from that era are still kept tightly hidden away even today.

This is one of the ways that Dr. Pepper keeps their 23 flavors a secret. Since Dr. Pepper doesn’t include it, it is unlikely to be in there. Keep this mixture in the sealed pitcher or other airtight container.

They're a wonderful seasonal treat, but not necessary. Go fancier if you want, but stick to those.

4 Cups of any kind of Dr Pepper (Diet, Regular, or Sugar Cane), 1 Teaspoon of Ginger (grated fresh, if you can, but ground will do too), 1/2 Cup of any non-strawberry Berry or Grape Preserves or Natural Juice. Pour hot mixture over the Lemon Slice into a tumbler or other thick cup or mug that can handle the heat.

1. 1. Stores are over stocked with various appealing and very well marketed soft drinks these but when it comes to picking which one to drink, it is important to consider a variety of factors including... Sore Throat After Drinking Soda ? As such, this recipe will not taste like contemporary Dr Pepper purchased in the store. Rum 21. This one is incredibly simple, quick, and easy if you're in a hurry.

This confirms Dr Pepper's claim that there's no prune juice in it, giving them the benefit of the doubt, because we think Plum is a much more present flavor. Enjoy!

A longer steeping time might produce a stronger flavor but ultimately result in a less palatable drink. A blender may also work. 4. Dr Pepper contains 23 different flavors. Go fancier if you want, but stick to those. Juniper - throw it in if you can find some.

You can seal the beverage in an airtight container and keep it in the fridge, but it will still likely go flat within several hours. It might make more sense for Dr. Pepper to include a bulk-forming kind of laxative, like fiber, but there isn’t any of that in here, either.

I'm a soft drinks enthusiast amd I'm bringing you all I know and research from the world of Soda Pop & Kombucha soft drinks. Prune 17. SodaStream, in particular, allows you to easily reduce the cost of your cola, and the Dr. Pete flavoring provides a healthier alternative since it has less sugar fewer calories, and does not include high fructose corn syrup. The caramelized sugar should begin to smoke slightly immediately before you remove it from the heat.

The 23 ingredients in Dr. Pepper are not given out to the general public.

This latté does require some non-dairy milk, because the casein in regular milk, half & half, and lighter creams will cause the dairy to curdle, and you don't want that.

(Remember, this does have caffeine in it). What is the Secret Ingredient in Dr. Pepper? This can sometimes act as a diuretic, meaning that it can flush fluids from your system. He also loves retrofuturism, phobias, and the fact that every pop culture icon has at least a few photos of them that make you feel like you might know them. This does not have a severe effect and there is very little caffeine in Dr. Pepper, so it’s not something to be concerned about. It’s also important to notice that carbonated water is the number one ingredient.

or "what's in Dr Pepper?". Try a few different recipes and see what your taste buds think! So here's our thinking on this, and our opinions on the 23 flavors we decided we would use... Amaretto - This would contribute to "medicinal" taste, so we are omitting this, and have plenty of berry accents as it is. No matter what brand or flavor of cola you choose, you really do not need to worry about finding any laxatives in it. High Fructose Corn Syrup

Furthermore, any drugs that might interact with something else, such as laxatives, are required to be listed on the packaging. This one TV spot stars a young Dick Clark, Bob Seger, "Night Moves," A Coming Of Age Song, SNL’s Widette Family – It was a “crack-up!”, Groovy Photos Sure To Knock Your Socks Off. They also deny the other rumors that Dr Pepper now or ever contained prunes, black pepper, chili pepper, bell pepper, peppermint, or prune juice. But it's not great, and we're here to achieve greatness. This makes sense when you consider that we can make it ourselves at home using SodaStream and Dr. Pete flavoring.

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