Two of the best gas dragsters were the Albertson Olds and the Dragmaster Dart. Perhaps the best remembered part of drag racing in these early days was the low-tech approach of using a flagman to start races. Garlits won his first organized drag race in 1955. These early drag strips were temporary facilities with no safety barriers or grandstands—just pavement, people and fast cars. Updates?

The fastest top fuelers can attain terminal speeds of over 530 km/h (330 mph) while covering the quarter mile (402 m) distance in roughly 4.45 seconds. The two cars will slowly creep forward until the first (pre-staged) orange light is lit.

var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '='; Get exclusive access to content from our 1768 First Edition with your subscription. Owned by Dode Martin and Jim Nelson, the Dart was a formidable force and the pair used it as a template to build cars for customers such as Pete Robinson, Roland Leong, and Mickey Thompson. featuring 12 the history of drag racing high-resolution photos The National Hot Rod Association also played a big role in the history of drag racing. At any given time there are over 325 drag strips operating world-wide.A drag race pits two vehicles against each other over a straight, measured distance from a standing start. font-style: normal; Led by one of drag racing's savviest tuners, Keith Black, the GBP dragster used a special Schiefer clutch designed to slip just enough to keep from overpowering the rear tires.
However, 1963 proved to be a turning point in drag racing's development when tracks replaced flag starters with the electronic "Christmas tree" starting system and NHRA removed its nitro ban.

This type of racing consists of a series of acceleration, or top speed, contests, each between two racers, on a straight, smooth-surfaced course that is one-quarter mile long. }. Some cars have a mandatory "line-lock" which prevents the rear brakes from engaging when the brake pedal is depressed (which can be toggled on and off). Drag racing, form of motor racing that originated in the United States and in which two contestants race from a standing start side by side on a drag strip—a flat, straight course, most commonly 1/4 mile (0.4 km) long. While usually thought of as an American and Canadian pastime, drag racing is also very popular in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, the Caribbean in particular Aruba, Mexico, Greece, Malta, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and Scandinavian countries especially Finland and Sweden. Contestants line up in parallel lanes with an electronic starting device known as a Christmas Tree between the lanes. Both elapsed time (in seconds) and final speed (in miles per hour; mph) are recorded, although for most events the winner is simply the first to cross the finish line. Please do not republish the story and/or photographs without permission of MotorCities National Heritage Area. It is often related that Top Fuel dragsters are the fastest accelerating vehicles on Earth; quicker even than the space shuttle launch vehicle or catapult-assisted jet fighter (however this ignores the hydrogen peroxide rocket dragsters such as Sammy Miller and Kitty O'Neil's 3.22 ET and 663 km/h (412 mph) quarter mile world records set in 1977). The history of drag racing media gallery. Smoking the. Top Fuel and Funny Car dragsters generally deploy one or two special parachutes to deaccelerate past the finish line. Despite Top Fuel's rebirth, NHRA continued to sanction gas dragsters until 1971, highlighted by twin-, In the early 1960s, Top Fuelers moved from wide and short to long and thin. The world’s automotive legend automotive enthusiast Mr. Carroll Shelby said this about the sport of Drag racing, “Drag racing isn’t limited to adults. Because elapsed time does not include reaction time, a car with a faster elapsed time can actually lose the race if the driver does not react to the green light fast enough. Announcing our NEW encyclopedia for Kids! For further information on photos please visit or email This email address is being protected from spambots.
Despite Top Fuel's rebirth, NHRA continued to sanction gas dragsters until 1971, highlighted by twin-engine monsters like the Peters and Frank Freight Train. Speed through this quiz to see how much you know about auto racing. Don Garlits is a legend of drag racing and a highly talented race car driver.

Another important consideration is when to shift gears.

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