"[7] She had dark brunette hair, very pale white skin, and, perhaps most unusually, lilac or violet-coloured eyes. This argument was particularly championed by the author and biographer Stefan Zweig, who wrote: "Not even Madame de Maintenon, not even the Pompadour, cost as much as this favourite, this angel, with downcast eyes, this modest and gentle Polignac. However, the exact nature of Gabrielle's relationship with Vaudreuil has been debated by some historians,[28] who doubted the liaison was sexual. [27] Eventually, Gabrielle felt Marie Antoinette's displeasure and decided to visit friends in England, particularly Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire, who was the leader of London high society and one of Gabrielle's closest friends. No specific mention of her disease was made in the various allegorical pamphlets which showed the Angel of Death descending to take the soul of the still-beautiful duchesse de Polignac. Didn't your father ever... December 16th, 1485: The Birth of Katherine of Aragon. [5] Polignac's family had a "well-bred" ancestry similar to Gabrielle's family, and was in equally uncomfortable financial straits. The usual chest pains and coughing up of blood, which are followed by night sweats, panic attacks, fainting fits, weight loss, pallor and a tendency towards exhaustion. The months leading up to the July 1789 outbreak of the French Revolution saw the Queen and the duchesse de Polignac become close again. The app includes the audioguide tour of the Palace and an interactive map of the Estate. I have seen it in others and I should like to know if there are variables which can affect one’s progress and, if so, what they are. GABRIELLE. Yolande Martine Gabrielle de Polastron, Duchess of Polignac (8 September 1749 – 9 December 1793) was the favourite of Marie Antoinette, whom she first met when she was presented at the Palace of Versailles in 1775, the year after Marie Antoinette became the Queen of France.

Gabrielle's family simply announced that she had died as a result of heartbreak and suffering. I shouldn’t like to detain you. Consumption took some of the peasant children who lived on my aunt’s estate at Claye. However, more sympathetic historians, such as Pierre de Nolhac and the Marquis de Ségur, agree that most of the problems originated with her entourage and that she was certainly no worse than many of the aristocrats or favourites who had preceded her at Versailles. In return for life, however, it seems a small price to pay. Now, obviously, from experience, I am aware that this disease is usually fatal. Her great-great-grandson, Count Pierre de Polignac, was the father of Rainier III, Prince of Monaco. [1][2], Yolande Martine Gabrielle de Polastron was born in Paris in the reign of King Louis XV. Most surviving portraits show her to be pretty. She was considered one of the great beauties of pre-Revolutionary society, but her extravagance and exclusivity earned her many enemies. It can be used without an Internet connection. She thus made her entrance into the queen’s inner circle of trusted companions. GABRIELLE. GABRIELLE. [34] The emigree court in Koblenz was however dissolved after the Battle of Valmy in 1792, and she returned to Austria, where she died. She was forced into exile by the onset of the Revolution in 1789, and was a frequent target of the libels directed at the Queen and her inner circle, often criticising their extravagant expenditure. While Gabrielle was still an infant, her parents moved the family to Château of Noueilles, in the province of Languedoc in southern France. Her beauty and early death became metaphors for the demise of the old regime, at least in early pamphlets and in subsequent family correspondence, the duchess's beauty was a much-emphasised point. [29] Despite the claims that they were lovers, Gabrielle showed no hesitation in distancing herself from Vaudreuil whenever she felt her own social position was threatened by the Queen's dislike of the manipulative courtier. No, I meant the tendency towards the skeletal. [11] Determined to keep her new favourite by her side, the Queen agreed to settle the family's many outstanding debts and to find an appointment for Gabrielle's husband. On December 9th, 1793, one of the last and the most exquisite of the ancien régime's socialites, Gabrielle, Duchesse de Polignac, died in exile in Vienna, less than two months after the execution of her friend and patroness, Queen Marie-Antoinette.She had been ailing for some time, although what precisely caused her death is still something of a mystery. Do you have time to answer a few questions on my condition? [31] The Queen was becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the ambition of her favourites, especially when they championed a politician whom the Queen despised. After her departure from France, she and her family lived an ambulating life, travelling from one place to another. By the end, they hardly seemed human. Antonia Fraser concludes that it was probably cancer and that the sheer stress of that last five years of her life exacerbated it. [3] She was born into a family of ancient aristocratic lineage, but by the time of Gabrielle's birth the family, despite its exalted ancestry, was encumbered by many debts, and its lifestyle was far from luxurious.[4]. There seems little cause for an apology on your part, doctor.

Please, there is no need for manners, doctor.

After the storming of the Bastille on 14 July 1789, all the members of the Polignac family went into exile. Today, Gabrielle's descendants sit on the throne of Monaco. Langlade, Émile. The cost of maintaining oneself at the court of Versailles was ruinous, and Gabrielle replied that her husband did not have the money to finance a permanent move to the palace.

"[14], Charismatic and beautiful, Gabrielle became the undisputed leader of the Queen's exclusive circle and ensured that few entered without her approval. Contradictory royalist reports of her death suggested consumption as an alternative cause of death, but no specific mention of her disease was made in the various allegorical pamphlets which showed the Angel of Death descending to take the soul of the still-beautiful duchesse de Polignac. GABRIELLE. As was customary with aristocrats, most of whom bore more than one Christian name, she was generally known by the last of her names (Gabrielle). Whether it was consumption, cancer, depression or all three, Gabrielle’s desire to maintain her beauty was granted – even in the final, no doubt horrifying, stages of her illness, her daughter Agläié made a point of mentioning her mother’s ‘charming face … [although] one could see death written there.’, I have chosen to present her condition as consumption primarily because the dramatic potential is too great to be missed – the final iconic beauty of the. All opinions, unless otherwise stated, are either my own or possibly Gabrielle de Polignac's. She kept the details of her suffering so tightly guarded that even her own family don’t seem to have been certain of what it was which actually killed her in the end. I am sorry there are no refreshments. [citation needed], Assessments of her character aside, it is generally agreed that she was one of the key figures in the ultra-monarchist movement throughout the early summer of 1789, acting under the influence of her friend, the Comte d'Artois. But my beauty would be destroyed.

Royal governesses had previously been quartered in four or five room apartments. I will quite understand if you do not. See more ideas about Marie antoinette, French history, Lamballe. I beg you, employ the prerogative. Ultimately, the Queen's favouritism towards the Polignac family was one of the many causes which fueled Marie Antoinette's unpopularity with some of her husband's subjects (especially Parisians) and members of the politically-liberal nobility. In the final stages; perhaps after five or six years of the condition. [6] Within a few years of the marriage, Jules and Gabrielle had two children: a daughter Aglaé and a son. Madame de Polignac was of a naturally lively, happy disposition, and became a close friend of Marie Antoinette from 1774 onwards. Musings on history, life, popular culture, and art by historian Gareth Russell. After Gabrielle had left, the care of the royal children was entrusted to the Marquise de Tourzel. However, without the necessary military support to crush the insurrection, Necker's dismissal fuelled the serious violence in Paris, culminating in the attack on the Bastille fortress. LASSONNE. There are hardly any letters surviving from the couple, who either in reality may not have been sufficiently close to write to each other when separated, or may just have been very careful in masking their communications for political reasons. Full nameYolande Martine Gabrielle de Polastron, Her traces in VersaillesHer representations.

The marquis de Bombelles, a diplomat and politician, remembered Gabrielle's ceaseless work to promote hardline responses against the emergent revolution. During guided tours, a speaker from the Palace invites you into lesser known locations otherwise closed to the visitors. Perhaps due to the Queen's intense dislike of the Comte de Vaudreuil, whom she found rude and irritating, Gabrielle's influence over Marie Antoinette temporarily waned after 1785, when the Queen's second son was born. On December 9th, 1793, one of the last and the most exquisite of the ancien régime's socialites, Gabrielle, Duchesse de Polignac, died in exile in Vienna, less than two months after the execution of her friend and patroness, Having written Gabrielle in as one of the major characters in my play.

[27] It was rumored at Versailles that Gabrielle's youngest child was actually fathered by Vaudreuil. Blessed with a pleasing physique and an ‘attractive, solid character,’ Yolande de Polastron married Count Jules de Polignac, the nephew of ‘Madame Etiquette’ in 1767. [32] Marie Antionette confided to another lady-in-waiting, Henriette Campan, that she was "suffering acute dissatisfaction" over the Polignacs. Although there was no evidence to back up these accusations,[19][20][21] they did immeasurable damage to the prestige of the monarchy, especially given the deep-rooted suspicion of homosexuality held by the bourgeoisie and urban working-classes at the time.[22]. In fact, it probably wasn’t, but for the purposes of the play it suited the narrative better and, in fairness, there is a faint possibility that is what it was. Two more sons followed several years later, including Jules, prince de Polignac, who became the prime minister of France in 1829, under Charles X. Politically, Gabrielle and her friends supported the ultra-monarchist movement in Versailles, and Gabrielle became increasingly important in royalist intrigues as the summer progressed, usually in partnership with her friend, the comte d'Artois, the King's youngest brother.

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