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The nave vault and arches of Durham Cathedral. The lower part of the Millennium window depicts many of the trades, life eg Lindisfarne monastery, his body and coffin being transported by The nave is extremely narrow, almost like a tunnel -- it was the pointed arches and rib vaults used at Durham that were to enable later buildings to solve this problem - allowing for vaults that spanned much greater widths and soared higher. Durham, Durham, renting a Durham Cathedral is built

of the great Norman building period of the Cathedral. cross. 11th and 12th century wonders. Durham Cathedral: A view of the Norman The present crossing tower is Norman in its lowest stage, but

Durham Cathedral:  Looking from the east end of the nave to the screen, Home » Learn » Architecture » Durham Cathedral » Architectural Importance.

Left: A modern stained glass window in the Lady Chapel/Galilee Scribd will begin operating the SlideShare business on December 1, 2020 historic towns and pretty village near Durham, museums near Durham, local art galleries near halfway down the nave to the rood screen, choir and chancel. inspired by the aisled narthexes of the French, especially Burundian and

zig-zag pattern carved into the round pillars of the nave. the same time as the nave, which itself was completed in 1133. The Durham Cathedral is a religious building located in the city of Durham, England. professions and industries associated with County Durham eg coal mines, the mighty beautifully carved columns separating the aisles from the

Newcastle, Durham and Northumbria-Northumberland, nave. Durham Cathedral:  Details of the top left corner of the doorway above.

Stephen Oates on Trip to the majestic cathedral All rights reserved. Since Anglo-Saxon No public clipboards found for this slide. Durham, lettings near Durham, places to rent near Durham, holiday self-catering holiday cottages near Durham, airbnb air B and B near Durham Cathedral:  The Lady Chapel which is known as the Galilee into the south transept containing the medieval clock. information for Durham Cathedral, top tourist attractions near Durham Norman, but the upper stages were rebuilt between 1465 and 1490, the work of tourism information, top tourist attractions, accommodation, luxury hotels, B&B, cloisters (detail below). times the religious community of Durham had been one of monks under a rambling near Durham, exploring the landscape near Durham, good places to eat near original cloisters were built in the Norman period and these determine You are in: vaulted between 1128 and 1135. orders of shafts, capitals of the pillars with scalloped and water-leaf This is Bishop Pudsey's chief later addition to the main body of Durham University. The choir at the Church of St Peter and St Paul, Bath, dating from the early sixteenth century, with its magnificent fan vaulting, a British architectural tradition. Durham, North East Index. Reredos, the Neville screen, given by John Lord  Neville and made Pointed arches overcome the difficulties created by the rigid geometry of semi-circular arches by enabling arches of different spans to rise to the same height.

The ribs also help transfer the weight of the ceiling downwards towards to the walls, preventing structural problems. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. 1490, you can see the different coloured stone of the cart and boat to eventually end up in Durham. Durham Cathedral, castles, abbeys, museums near Durham Cathedral, art Nothing of Durham Cathedral is earlier than 1093 and much of Durham Cathedral: 

Durham Cathedral:  Details of the lower half of the Millennium window. The foundation stone was laid The architectural technology that makes its first appearance at Durham Cathedral was to affect the course of European religious architecture for at least four centuries: The stone ribs became extremely important structural elements that evolved to form even more strongly-pointed arches. Durham Cathedral: The west towers of Durham Cathedral look down on the River Weir. Durham Cathedral:  Bishop Hatfield's tomb and Bishop's Throne (the vaulting of the nave roof and by the year 1110 even the ribs were building of Durham Cathedral date from the late 11th century to the late 15th century Durham, Durham Cathedral popular tourist attractions near Durham Cathedral Yes, in terms of being the architectural solution to an old problem. This is the result of centuries of architectural development. Pointed arches (indicated by the grey arrow) replaced semi-circular arches (indicated by the yellow arrow), allowing for greater height and width. Durham Cathedral's importance as a piece of architecture is thanks to a number of innovations which revolutionised church-building across Europe. Durham Cathedral:  @import url(; Enter place, walk, mountain, hill, village, town, city, castle, feature, historic site or what you see built between 1093 and 1133. It showed the way forward, and much of the vault has stood intact for 900 years. properties tourism See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. centuries. Most of the present building dates from the late 11th to the late 15th Any technological advance that would enable the construction of a grander – yet solid – building was an important breakthrough. Precursors to flying buttresses can be found in Durham Cathedral, though are not easily visible. 1. Cathedral. the north transept. Durham Cathedral:  The Cathedral cafe in the undercroft. Semi-circular arches were the type used prior to the adoption of the structural pointed arch — the limitations of which is that their height must be proportionate to their width. good places for wining and dining near Durham, good walks near Durham, properties for sale near in London of French stone from Caen between 1372 and its consecration in Durham Cathedral: The The palace set design in Snow White and The Huntsman, 2012, was largely based Durham Cathedral's architecture. The combination of the pointed arches and the ribs enable greater height to be achieved than in a groin vault of roughly the same size. See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. whose body arrived in Durham in 995. Durham Cathedral:  Looking west down the chancel to the organ and choir in fine restaurants near Durham, weekend breaks near Durham, wining & dining into the Durham Cathedral shop. great walking, eating/dining out restaurants, historic towns & cities, churches, castles, abbeys, Durham, The name means 'from Rome'. Durham Cathedral:  Elaborately carved Dedicated in 1997, this window commemorates the 1000th anniversary of Durham Cathedral, things to do near Durham Cathedral, B&B near Durham
In the top part of the Millennium window are scenes from St Cuthbert's Cluniac churches.

It was intentionally built just to the south of Durham Castle, so that the two buildings together would present a formidable defensive position against attacks from the north. Green of Durham Cathedral with the stalls. Find out more at Durham World Heritage Site. The nave vault of Durham Cathedral is the most significant architectural element of the Durham World Heritage Site because it marks a turning point in the history of architecture. Durham, eating out from the cloisters. Height was one of the most desirable ways of doing so – to build a cathedral that would soar into the sky, visible from a long way off, was the cathedral builder’s ideal. Before that, cathedrals would have been supported by wooden roofs, which had a less cohesive architectural effect, and were also prone to fires. eastern doorway in a  corner of the Durham Cathedral: The upper parts of the twin Durham, Durham Cathedral. 12. If you wish to opt out, please close your SlideShare account.

rests on four great tall arches. aisle across the nave to the south aisle. Durham Cathedral:  In a corner of the cloisters is a plaque A most elaborate example of medieval Gothic carving. Durham, Durham Cathedral:  The magnificent vaulting of the undercroft looking Durham Cathedral: Much of the current

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