This includes child custody, child support, maintenance (alimony) and property possession. One parent alleges a danger to the child from being with the other parent and seeks the removal of the child from that parent. Consequences of an order of protection can affect any child custody matter as well as a person’s professional life and freedom. The petitioner will … A good many of our divorce or paternity clients have come to us first seeking to defend against or to obtain ex parte or full orders of protection. At Kelly, Symonds & Reed, LLC, we have more than 50 years of combined experience handling a variety of family law matters, including ex parte and full orders of protection in Missouri. An order of protection seeks an order protecting an individual from physical abuse, physical threats, stalking or harassment. physical safety of a person named in the order of protection as a family member or household member, a child of the family or household member, or a child of the respondent or enjoined party. A protective order, by definition, is a formal order taking place after the Ex Parte to continue the action and to prevent the person who is a threat or danger to the alleged victim from having contact with the victim. A Sexual Assault or Domestic Abuse Protection Order may be renewed for 1 year, and yearly thereafter. Read More: How to Prepare an Ex Parte Motion. Usually an Ex Parte has been obtained prior to the Order for Protection hearing, and a hearing following the execution of that order is scheduled during the emergency hearing. The Order will include specific information about the other party's ability to contact, distance he must remain from persons, property and locations listed, and consequences for violation. An emergency hearing takes place without either party present and after the evidence and paperwork have been submitted to the clerk. An “ex parte” protection order lasts until you go to court, if you ask for a hearing to contest the order. If the children or the father are in a risky situation which does not allow time for a formal notice and hearing, the judge may issue a temporary ex parte protective order until a reasonably noticed hearing can be held. When couples are heading toward a dissolution or a divorce, angry words can turn to physical attacks. By using MyDomaine, you accept our. The filing of this paperwork is done at the family or juvenile court. In a Child Custody Case, Who Is Really the Better Parent, According to the Court? This means that the person filing the order for protection has the burden of proof in court, and the other party has the right to a proper defense at the hearing. Within approximately two weeks of a temporary order of protection, a full hearing will be held for a permanent order of protection. Cloud State University. The United States Constitution's fifth amendment requires "due process of law" in judicial proceedings, which requires both parties being present or at least having fair notice. While ex parte orders in divorce or custody actions often favor the mother at the expense of the father, this is not always the case. A hearing is scheduled, at which both the person filing the paperwork and the defendant need to be present, or the judge can dismiss the case or find in favor of the person who was present. Under the due process doctrine, both parties must have the right to tell the court their side of the story. We have handled a significant number of ex parte orders of protection matters for clients on both sides of the issue, especially in relation to a divorce, custody dispute, paternity issue or other contentious family law matters. Courts around the country are required to grant ex parte orders when a person alleges that he or she has been abused by a family member, domestic partner or certain other individual. A hearing is then scheduled, usually for within 24 hours (if possible) to a week. Ex Parte is removal of the child, or vulnerable person, from the current environment. People who receive them may be shocked and dumfounded at not being able to return to their home again — not even to get their clothes. Call 816-347-1818 or contact us online to get started. This is usually done by the sheriff's department, or in some cases, a police officer. A father who has custodial care of the children can secure an ex parte protective order to restrict the mother's involvement if she has been threatening or can be shown to be mentally unstable. An Ex Parte Order of Protection is a temporary order that is entered until a hearing is held and is intended to protect you to keep your abuser away from you. © 2020 Kelly, Symonds & Reed, LLC. Legal professionals who are handling a divorce, custody or counter-action regarding a vulnerable person sometimes take the information and proof from the party and file it on behalf of the person requesting the relief. ☒ That an Ex Parte Temporary Order of Protection is hereby granted pursuant to the terms herein. Additionally, the Court may grant orders affecting numerous other rights of parties. An Order for Protection cannot be supported unless a person can demonstrate a real threat, endangerment, abuse or desire to harm. Initial consultations are free for new clients and are available during regular business hours or in the evening, if it’s more convenient.

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