– When they feel threatened, they usually retreat into their shell to protect themselves. Nails grow faster in summers and warm condition. Keeping the nails smothered with nail polish all the time can dry them out due to lack of oxygen, which in turn makes them brittle and prone to breakage.

Those in the lower classes wore light colors while the elite was allowed to put on red and other darker shades. In ancient Egypt, the symbol of a woman’s status was the color of her nails, with red as the highest rank. But if you’re super-duper fancy, you can also buy a bottle of Black Diamond Nail Polish created by a diamond company named Azature instead. It’s a living tissue that needs oxygen to breathe, just like our facial skin. This doesn’t signify that by any chance females are lesser. But a white spot on nail doesn’t surely mean a calcium deficiency. Read. Toenails, on the other, uh, hand, grow an average of 1.6 millimeters a month, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. That's just over a tenth of an inch. Surprisingly, they were found in the tombs of Babylonian soldiers.

If you like painting your nails, hold on and read this.

I am writing a post on the Nail problems that define health problems and will publish it in a few days. Some of its ingredients will evaporate once the bottle is opened, causing the polish to separate and thicken.

There is no methodical theory to figure its basis and a likely explanation of this hypothesis is that you may end up injuring yourself if you do not incise your nails in enough light. Everyone in this world wants to look beautiful and charming. The French manicure is probably the most popular nail color scheme. It breathes  and oxygen penetrate through the nail plate to nail bed. I hope you will get the answer to your query in the same. Nails of Men tend to grow faster than the nails of  women. However, nail polish removers do not have any shelf life. If you have nails, you should check out the facts and learn something new!

Scientists have found out that Excessive stress can actually Inhibit growth of Nails in individuals. Unless you’re obsessed about your favorite color, your nail polish color of choice isn’t random, whether you realize it or not. Meanwhile, bluish discolorations might indicate lung disease.

– Snails have no backbone. 17 Facts About Toenails That Make You Go "Oooh" And "Ew" Warning: gross GIFs ahead.

Snail is the common name applied to most members of the mollusk class Gastropoda that have coiled shells. Though the fact is that once an person dies, the body be apt to reduce in size while the nails do not. You can also find us on.
Men lean to have an enhanced growth rate of nails as contrast to women. Fungal infections, Bacterial infections, Vertical lines and Ingrown toe nails are some of common Nail disorders. People often neglect their nails and just cut it when it gets long.

Woah!! White spots on nails outcomes of some kind of Trauma that befell nail plates or the matrix which essentially is the source of the nail plate. The Nail on Middle finger has Fastest growth rate while the nail on Thumb has Slowest growth rate.
The next time you pick a shade for your manicure, it probably means a lot more than you think.

Trust me, shape, size, colors and lines on your nails are enough to tell your doctor about your health. During the Ming Dynasty, aristocratic women of ancient China would soak their nails in a formula made of egg whites, beeswax, gelatin, and gum Arabic, adding dyes from vegetables, orchids, and roses to color their nails. Unopened nail polish can last indefinitely, but once opened, it can only live for two years. But on the other hand when we speak on the toe nails, the time period for their growth will be about 12 to 18 months. There is a major difference between a healthy tan and the excessive tan resulting from repetitive trips out in the sun. Seems like colorful, creative acrylic nails are the trend in manicures right now, and if you're not already on the long nail bandwagon, chances are, you've thought about jumping on board.

Staying Happy is in your own hands, Yes it is. Parts of a Nail.

The increase of nails is also influenced by the difference in temperatures to a great extent.

Human nails are made of Keratin. In the warm summer, your nails will grow at a faster rate than they will in the cold winter. The speed by which the nail grows is around 1 cm for every 100 days, so with this pace you can get estimation that for a finger nail ... #2: Fastest & Slowest Nails.

So next time you find your nails getting weaker, check your sleeping habits and keep calm. Nails grow at a Faster rate in Males compared to Females. Interesting facts about Snails – Snails are gastropod mollusks; members of the phylum Mollusca and the class Gastropoda. Meanwhile, in Egypt, ancient women used nail polish to show their social status. With nail polish we can paint both our fingernails and toenails! So, here are a number of appealing & interesting facts about nails, The speed by which the nail grows is around 1 cm for every 100 days, so with this pace you can get estimation that for a finger nail to rise, it will take approximately 4 to 6 months simply.

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