We had a line on the diagonal of the 4th or serving square where the server had to stand behind to bounce the ball and hit it from. Your email address will not be published. Mark an 7′-8′ square on the floor and then subdivide it into equal squares. My teacher, [ when I was in 5th Grade --- 1967 - 1968 School Year ] --- was Mrs Betty Ann Clarke.

You need to install flash, shockwave, and sometimes java to play them. [Mrs Clarke concentrated on Phys-Ed - in College]. Don't bother pouring over the web for answers since we already looked, didn't find them either, and eventually wrote the Wikipedia article ourselves. 4. Just thought I would add this bit of information even though the post is extremely old!!! And once the summer camps had it in their blood, the game went back home with the thousands of international seasonal employees that are brought to the states to add diversity and perspective to a well balanced summer camp program. In our game of "Champ" you had to hit the ball after it bounced which made it harder as one had to step back to allow the bounce. We update almost daily so come back often to check out the new games!

If you had access to a phys-ed teacher's or an outdoor eductator's library then you might find something.

WWW.GAMEPOST.COM If you wanted to do a little leg work, you could look for those New Games genre of books and try to find the earliest edition with any mention of four square, king square, knock out, or even sidewalk square. - Emily Conklin, 2/10/08.

3. The remaining three squares are sequentially numbered in a clock wise direction. If you happen to know any history of the sport itself, not necessarily the league, then that would be helpful. Try playing with the standard rules, or mix it up for some fun! You can also post your games to us if you created one!

I am looking for an expert opinion, that i could possibly cite in my speech, on different aspects of the sport. "Underhand" is stereotypically associated with beginners, but in four square even the best players sometimes can't survive a round of underhand. 1. GamePost.com has a ton of fun games for you to play! What is hard to pin down, and might be interesting to your talk, is to speculate on how four square became so popular without having a rule book in circulation, or a unique equipment requirement to market, or even an iconic celebrity to tout it.

Four players begin the game, while others wait to take part. A ball can also be deflected in midair before bouncing.

Mrs Clarke was a very honest person, and I would not doubt her word on this subject. The remaining three squares are sequentially numbered in a clock wise direction. In 5th Grade, Mrs Clarke had told the class how she invented 4 square, in College. Dear Sean, By using this website, you consent to the. Either way it becomes something that educators talk about at meetings, conferences and workshops.

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