Still have it and use it for mostly fair weather. southern new jersey, near the piney woods. It has a large floor space that can be used by many scouts to sleep. 11266 Southeast 21st Avenue, Milwaukie, OR, 97222, United States (503) 232-3362 From wilderness adventure base camps to catering kitchens, outdoor festivals, and glamping, these tents … Very nice camp! $19.98. I just found this tent in an old closet. © 2018 - We do not claim ownership to any content found on this site. . Thank you MartyJ, I could just make out the locking mech from your picture. icelandic canvas tents – Google Search. Articles, Politically Collect: Souvenirs from the Presidential Campaign Trail, What is it and What’s it Worth: Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, Marching to the Memorabilia of the Suffragette, By continuing to use the site, you are consenting to the use of cookies as explained in our. That is a stellar looking camp, many happy times to you. But if you want your tent to stay in good condition and have a long life accompanying you on camping trips for years to come, you need to be careful when assembling and packing it away. GigaTent Cooper Boy Scouts Camping Tent.

Every fall, when the rain and snow starts to fall and the temperatures start to dip it usually means it’s about time to break out our old trusted canvas tent.

They manufacture their tents form 110 oz. I have not seen one but have fond memories sleeping in one. You can easily pull this off and shake off any dirt each day, and if it gets ripped or damaged it’s a lot cheaper to replace than a groundsheet.

They proudly announce they made the first ever backpack used by the Boy Scouts back in 1931, and are currently the sole supplier of canvas wall tents to the BSA. I have just a few more Boy Scout wall tents, they are the light green color they always have . That canvas had a unique earthy smell. Looks like Kephart would feel right at home there (minus the coleman cooler), I did some searching wish I could find one lol. The 4 Season Multi-Purpose Outdoor Tent Standard Alpha Wall Tent Includes: Durable and breathable 100% cotton 10.10 oz. Thanks for sharing this! You learned that quickly. That rednecky area between B'more and Philly.

Hours. NO POLES! You can request a quote by visiting their website and filling out a request form, or by giving their sales team a call. Mildew is a common and persistent problem that affects canvas tents.

You need an old Willys jeep to go with that kit. Ah, tent camping at Boy Scout camp!. I read that you clean canvas with dish soap and a soft brush. Hot in the summer, heavy, and dripped through if you touched them. (Here’s My Take), Hip Pain in Runners: Prevention, Treatments, and Advice, 5 Reasons Why Fly Fishing Is Great for Kids, Half Marathon Training: From Couch, 5k, 10k, to Race Day. Mosquito net front. Under $50.00 - apply Price filter. We didn't have cots, though. Scout camp in wall tents. Fraternal, Political, Organizations Mariposa Gr. Mildew often forms on tents when they are left in storage while damp, it can be damaging to canvas and stubborn to remove. Is that a Lucas Forge Kephart? None have floors. visiting their website and filling out a request form, 5 Hydration Bladder Drinks Including Recipes and Cleaning Tips. Beautiful set up you have put together! All images Please keep in mind that delivery times can vary greatly from Ebay's estimate, due to a variety of conditions; please allow sufficient time for your item to reach you and contact us with any concerns. I chased a few down in California in the early Fall whilst a young Sprout. Anchored to a stout tree with a good rope, they can only get so far.

Slept four adults for under 3 lbs + ground cloths. Among the fond memories you gained being a member; like character building tasks, outdoors trips and educational games, and learning life skills – is sleeping in a BSA canvas tent while on outdoors trips. Then you’ll need to clean the area affected by the mildew with a strong anti-mildew cleaning product, IOSSO mould and mildew canvas cleaner is the best product for the job. A wall tent is ideal for a long outing at a BSA council camp since it can accommodate many scouts.

Us kids didn't know any better, and had a great time. Please note that the one day shipping. 1416 / For 2-Boys, BSA Official "Camper" Boy Scouts Of America Tent Vintage Canvas 1416-200, Coleman 6 Person Tent + Tent Kit + Light Package Deal, USSS Secret Service 4" Patch HAMMER Hazardous Agent Medical Emergency PO, Rare 1876 Philadelphia Centennial Exhibitor Photo Pass Ticket - George W, 1962 Seattle World's Fair Space Needle Pinback Buttons Pins, 1950 Lincoln Prep School Yearbook, Lincoln Green, Providence, Rhode Isla, Political Button - Richard Nixon & Spiro Agnew - US Presidential Campaig, Alphonse "Allie Boy" Persico FBI Wanted Poster Colombo Family Mafia Boss, Florida - Highway Patrol Police Patch FHP CSO COMMUNITY SERVICE OFFICER, Vintage 10k Solid Gold York Rite Past Grand High Priest Masonic Lapel Pi, 1920s CONSTRUCTION Of "GLOBE Of FATE" DAREDEVIL MOTORCYCLE ACT~ANTIQUE N, Yosemite. Disclosure: Some of the links within my website are affiliate links through the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. Canvas Boy Scout Camper Tent. SPONSORED.

They also have downloadable catalogues and price listings for easy browsing. If you are after a BSA canvas tent you should contact them via their website with any questions you have about the specifications. Price. Your email address will not be published. I'm ordering some scoping poles for the front. Vintage National Canvas Products Corp Lakeshore No 4 Boy Scout Pup. $19.98.

75. You learned that quickly. For any dried dirt and debris use a brush to remove any of the loose dirt. Looks great, pushing the edge getting into British Campaign level luxury camping right there. I don't have door flaps,but the awning was folded over the roof. And they are terrible. Get it as soon as Fri, Nov 6. 4.3 out of 5 stars 343. FREE Shipping by Amazon. 10 x 10 would be a good size but this one was built for boys. Do any of you have one of the classic canvas Boy Scouts tents? Depending on the age and style of tent you will have either metal, or wooden poles to construct the tent with. We used them pretty much year round... sometimes in the winter we slept in snow caves, and at summer camp we had 8x8 or 9x9 canvas wall tents on a platform.

Which/Why: 3-Way Gas / Electric Portable Camping Fridge Freezer, Deuter vs Osprey: A Look at the Airlite and Daylite Plus.
You should feel better about your options if you are in the market for a canvas tent. I had a wall tent for ronde but changed to a large wedge, 3 times as easy to set up. EENA Wall Tent. Looks like a I have an afternoon of work to get this tent into shape. If you have spotted mildew starting to grow on the canvas you can halt, or slow down its growth by drying out the canvas fully.
This is the Canvas Tent Only! If that red cooler was not showing I'd swear I was looking at a picture of Kephart's camp from the 40's. There are different types of tents and these are defined by various factors such as shape, intended purposes, weight, number of people they sleep as well as price and number of entrances among others. The ones with the oblong washer is what I have. I wanted it open to the fire and didn't need the shade as I was in a grove of trees. You can request a quote via their site after listing all the details to meet your specifications. I hope you find this site useful and want to Thank You in advance if you make a purchase through my affiliate link. They manufacture their tents form 110 oz. They are not as readily available or easy to come by today, but if you are looking for one here are some of the companies that will be able to help.

If you can get one I think that would be great. Thanks for the post. Man that looks like fun all around. + 7 S 0 P O N S O A R P A 7 E E D-1-1 U J-1 0 F J-1-1. Nice vintage setup! All Rights Reserved. Learn how your comment data is processed. Painting Letters On Wood Without A Stencil, Where Can I Get The Cheapest Photo Prints.

), no bad grease stains, etc. … Cub Girl Boy Scout Official Charm Bracelet Tent Fire Hiking Boot Arrow Light BSA. You, sir, are speaking my language with vintage gear. My small troop had one canvas wall tent… Ticket.

$225.00. your item will ship on MONDAY; items paid for on Saturday will ship on Monday.International Buyers - We have had MANY successful international transactions over the last sixteen plus years and we want yours to be just as enjoyable! Love the camp set up. Obviously the groundsheet is going to get most of the dirt as people walk in and out of the tent. Is it Safe to Use a Propane Stove in My Cabin?

poly/cotton canvas, treated to resist water and mildew. canvas tent for elk hunting or base camping with internal frame, side wall .

I saw these for sale on a mil surp site and it brought back fond memories.

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