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This has taken a lot of work to put together, I hope you enjoy. This wipe the event server is going to be transformed into something a little strange.

Hell yeah bois!! As much as I want to believe this apology, it seems to be a very convenient way to explain away the fraudulent statement of Geithner's arrest.

(We have no idea who the other Neural Upgrade candidates are - find out in August when more info is released!). If you are wondering why everyone is referred to as she/her in the simulation, I set everyone as female.

When entering combat on a non-allied node: Increase all allied T-Dolls' Rate of Fire by. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. What consequences they will experience and what justice will be dispensed we at this time do not know, as we are in the early stages of this ongoing investigation. Totally normal stuff in GFL, Nvm, it was tsunami lmao. By Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. I can't believe I was actually starting to believe all this channeling nonsense! These sites make your head spin with contradiction and misinformation, preying on the good will and innocence of sincere common people. He IS entertaining, and I thought I saw some cocaine stain under his nose once. This leaves 10 spots left. ( Log Out /  It's only been a month since the July batch - hopefully your memory fragments and cores will have recovered by her release, because she's widely considered the most OP 6-star Mod in the entire game. So the audio quality wouldn't be incredibly top tier.
Apparently their are some intruders and betrayers among the GFL ranks and they have been releasing fraudulent information to the public. Posted on July 19, 2012 by enerchi1111. Discord: soulmuse#8741. Drama Within The GFL Ranks. We apologize to Greg and hope that he remains a loyal and faithful channel for us and part of our team, the Galactic Federation of Light. Please give us something to fortify us and to re-unify us.Thank you,Lisa.

They wish instead to treat you like cattle and they only wish to be the herdsman. They must go, and this is why these arrests will continue. KSG and G3 Propagandist. The winners circle has 4 people. Okay so. There are GFL related custom events (and a few joke ones) and some extra custom text. This is some crazy drama going on with the GFL and Greg Giles. Hey – did you get a good laugh? Anyways, I digress. It is expected that the small percentage of us who do believe or have a knowingness should endure the persecution by our piers and some times family members for our beliefs. Arson With The Numbers Consider supporting GamePress and the author of this article by joining GamePress Boost! Top Heli kills3. If you read the message below you will “find out” that Timothy G. was not arrested but detained and let go back into the community after revealing secrets about the dark cabal. ( Log Out /  GFL_2016_SEN_Rd10_South Barwon v Newtown Chilwell_1st half.mp4 by Redvision Archive.

If the article we read seems to be of the light and makes claims of this and that then proof is needed. Aside from Astra's costume, the shop stocks Type 79's special equipment (a hollow-point ammo giving +25 damage), tokens, combat reports, and some other miscellaneous goodies like the standard seasonal event.

Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. For example, @KeiraJJ and @BraeLyn2212 are sisters. Remember, you can re-simulate these simulations with the same players as much as you'd like. Sounds familiar, here's some of my highlights, my personal favorite being my cry for help, I'm currently live with voice over thingy, You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

It's easy! These kinds of deals will be made from time to time with those in positions that can be beneficial to us and our mission to assist you purify your world of these beings who have to go as they will not learn to live amongst you amicably, fairly, judicially, law-abidingly, nonviolently, nonthreatening, and constitutionally.

All of the other messages besides the one about Timothy Geithner and the message describing gunfire during one of the arrests can be trusted and followed as guidance from us, higher dimensional beings from the Galactic Federation of Light. There are zero changes, except "alive" and "dead" is shown as online and offline. My first favorite is when me and Nick had a bond in the TD sim. Then they all hate each other in an elimination competition. Theater is a time-limited combat event that requires about 15-30 minutes per day and offers excellent rewards. We apologize again to Greg and say that this will never happen again to him. We the light holders, the light workers, the believers need a little help here. GFL Semi-Finals The winner goes into the winners circle.

The report that was issued two days ago discussing gunfire throughout certain areas where these arrests have been taking place is erroneous as well. I feel like such a fool. This stuff gets more interesting by the day so this post deserves a popcorn monster avatar! Like a soap opera, people are addicted to reading each new script of the next GFL episode instead of tuning in to what their hearts can intuitively tell them. @Coven @cha_man1 @Cryotheum @drae @Dini @Dominic @Duc2000 @Duck. There is relationships, profiles, and alliances. Because all this seems to be leading us away from our proper goal for the end of the year. For any readers who missed out on the Theater scouting drama from Season 1, give the following series a read! Apparently their are some intruders and betrayers among the GFL ranks and they have been releasing fraudulent information to the public. Just look at the amazing set of changes: The movement speed buff is insane - it raises all T-Dolls to at least SMG-tier movespeed, allowing the player to dodge AoE attacks much easier, especially with T-Dolls with slower base movespeed. @Angie @Ash @Bae @Ben @BraeLyn2212 @Bue. The next top 13 players advance to the semi finals. You can also find me in the GFL section of the community discord. The winner goes into the winners circle. YOU LET GEITHNER GO ? The summer event is pretty similar to other seasonal events - 4 stages where you can farm for a limited amount of shop currency each day, plus a few limited drop T-Dolls. The finals are special. But I need to move on and take care of my own sphere of influence and do the best I can do. I think you might like the team names. (Aka rank 2 - 14). This is a vanilla hunger games simulation. When a Duck's on the hunt, nothing can stop him, Except for killing myself, I'm very good at that. Okay, now we're in the semi finals. Read more about it here., Hello everyone!

This means the avatar lacking player will appear as a blank box. (It also blows P30's skill out of the water - as unfortunate as it might be for P30's viability.). What transpired is an obscenity to use our channel in this manner.

Change ). I also personally picked 8 people to be in the Total Drama Simulation. I cant believe that GFL how advanced they are, "in technology", "in heart", "in being smart", and they did let some entity to talk lies to Greg, with this channeled message I realized that we the humans are not too far to be like these entities that declares themselves as evolved, SAYING LIES IS FROM very very LOW ENEGRY!now this makes sense what GF said, that these entities doesn't exceeds the 3D ~ 4D, because in 5D everything is different and lies doesn't exist.Don't give your power to anyone, find your truth in your heart. Take the case of two pupils who are asked to enact a simple exchange between a @k2nod @KeiraJJ @Lemillion @Liloz01 @Loke @Mamoru @motorsteak @Nick @Pyros @Reeve @reme leader 049 @Rennadai @Rick @RivalRevival @_Rocket_ @Roy @Runda @Salad@Shuruia @Skittlez @SkydivingSquid @Snowy @Stud @TheSadBandit. It's challenging work, but the black market prices for selling a liver is worth it! We cannot say at this time how these individuals got a hold of our technologies to initiate this deception, but we will say that it will never happen again and that you may from this day forward and from the day before the message referring to Timothy Geithner trust in the messages shared through Greg, as he has been doing a very good job for us and has been relating very accurate information, and this includes the information that we have shared that there will be rising sea levels in your future that will necessitate, in some areas at least, relocations of your populations who do not wish to deal with floodwaters throughout their neighborhoods and even some cities. Girls Frontline is Copyright SUNBORN Network Technology Co., Ltd. All images and names owned and trademarked by SUNBORN Network Technology Co., Ltd. are property of SUNBORN Network Technology Co., Ltd. Christmas Event: "A Snowy Night Capriccio" Pre-Info, 2020 White Day "The Photo Studio Mystery" Guides & Event Info, Girls' Frontline Setting Exploration: Beilan Island Incident, Girls' Frontline Setting Exploration: Relic History, Project Neural Cloud - Everything We Know Part 2: Beta Test. Here's the T-Doll from the roadmap, revealed: The long-awaited M590A Calico Neural Upgrade is finally coming to EN! ( Log Out /  There are 4 costumes in this set, and they have been included below - all costumes are Token re-supply only.

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