Supermarket Sweep - 1994 - Marlin & Marki vs Michelle & Trisha vs Karen & David (303T4) Today’s Special - Circus (81T1)

Super Sloppy Double Dare - 1989A - Repugnant Secretion vs. Louse Larva Casserole (131T3) All That – 1997 – Aaliyah [Original broadcast, with commercials] (224T3) Finders Keepers - (Eure) - Dan & Jill vs. Michelle & Derek (154T3)

-Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Racing Ramblers (131T5)

Unbeatables vs Kazooka Nuts(Super Sloppy, Groundhog Day)(15T2) Double Dare - 1988 Head Hunters vs The Boomers (20) Supermarket Sweep - 2001 - Darrin & Ali vs Alicia & Cherise vs Ed & Susan (251T4)

Legends of the Hidden Temple S01E10 - The Keys to the Alhambra (OB)(188T1) the Extra-Terrestrial made a guest appearance to hand out the medals to Moira during the medal ceremony. Welcome Freshmen - Health (125T2) YCDTOTV - Personal Hygiene (A) n/c (83T3) 1x10-Resistance Is Futile PAINFUL bonus loss! Nickelodeon Arcade - 1991 - Joseph & Danielle vs Charles & Keri (249T4) : The Tale of The Shiny Red Bicycle) The Lone Stars (145T1) Weinerville Election Special Finders Keepers - (Toffler) - Angela and Paul vs. Brandi and Daz (118T2) Crest Toothpaste

Double Dare 2000 - 40 - Red Warriors vs. Blue Monsoons Global Guts. (53T1)

Finders Keepers - (Eure) - Will and Cheyene vs. Jill and Mike (114T3) Pert Plus Shampoo and Conditioner Get the Picture - Mary & Justin vs Andrea & Thomas MTV 10th Anniversary Special (ABC)

McDonalds Scrabble Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego - 1x04 - The Loch Ness Mess (Eartha Brute steals the Loch Ness Monster) (intro missing) (256T1) Figure It Out Family Style - Benjamin & Dad ~ Rose & Dad Family Double Dare - 1992 - Slimers vs. Blue Bombers (129T2) Fun House - 1988 - Francesca & Steve vs Andrea & David (Western Day!) SNICK – 1992/93 – (2 1/2 Nights) 1st night – Clarissa Explains It All - "Marshall's Midlife Crisis", Roundhouse - "You Can't Fire Your Family ", Ren & Stimpy - "Sven Hoek", Are You afraid of The Dark - "The Tale of Jake & The Leprechaun".
JUNE 19, 1993: “Slime Time Phone Number”

(Original commercials, slightly jittery video) (245T2) Think Fast - Dave & Tara vs. Joe & Rena (61T3) The Bulldogs (38T1) Supermarket Sweep - 2002 - Travestine & Dena vs Linda & Dionne vs Arturo & Alejandra (273T5)

Playtex Portables Tampons

First Hour Of MTV

Supermarket Sweep - 1994 - Sweep of Champions!

Double Dare - 1988 - Swiftees vs. Double Dare - 1986 - Conquerors vs Warriors (273T3) Kids From Room 402 1x15 - All Polly All The Day She explains that she was going over the rules in her head, and admires Mike's energy, which is even higher this year because the show has 96 contestants originating from 12 countries, all competing to win the Crag trophy.

GUTS – 1993 – Kori vs. Jeff vs. Ellen [from GaS garage, with Big Ryan Sims!] Family Double Dare - 1990 - Tasmanians vs. Ghoulies (130T2)

Double Dare - 1987-Back to School episode!

Supermarket Sweep - 1994 - Dave & Kevin vs Pam & Lynnette vs Melanie & Jeff (303T2) Family Double Dare - 1992 - Space Cadets vs. Blue Sharks Legends Of The Hidden Temple S01E34 - The Codebook of Mata Hari (OC) (161T3)

Super Sloppy Double Dare - 1987 - Backwash vs. Headless Horsemen (197T5) (70T3)

A Christmas Miracle - The Making of A Charlie Brown Christmas (2008) Nickelodeon's world championship for kids! Supermarket Sweep - 1994 - Lisa & Liz vs Brooke & Roy vs Annette & Gwen (304T2) A Charlie Brown Christmas - Repeat Airing from 12/9/80 (170T1) Kids From Room 402 1x14 - The Anti-Mucous Forming, Artery Clogging, Energy Zapping Diet Fun House - 1990 - Kati & Steven vs. Rochelle & Todd (170T3) Double Dare Australia - Episodes four and five of G'Day USA Week (201T1) Think Fast - Kim & Earl vs. Kellie & Craig (153T5)

Connectohion vs Screaming Eagles (19), New 6/04/10: Fun House (UK) Series 8 - Helen & Matthew vs Jessica & Liam During the Medal Ceremony. Contestant plug!

Double Dare 2000 - ## - Red Anacondas vs. Blue Pulverizers Figure It Out - Dog/Beanbag 1989-Greased Thunder vs Mucous Membarnes (1T1) Think Fast - Leslie & Tim vs. Anna & JJ (164T2) Edge Shaving Gel

Super Sloppy Double Dare - The Marauders vs.

Supermarket Sweep - 1994 - Twin Car Giveaway - Chelle & Darlene vs Richard & Maurice vs Cindy & Cory (300T4) Double Dare - 1986 - Equalizers vs. Weirdos (143T3) the Extra-Terrestrial from (E.T. Certs Breath Mints Takeshi's Castle - 1987 - Episode 34: Couples Special! Finders Keepers - (Toffler) - Byron & Nikki vs. Ed & Anna (169T5) Double Dare - 1986 - Fantastics vs. Knights (133T2)

Figure It Out Family Style - Thomas & Mom ~ Danica & Mom Americas Funniest Home Videos TV Spot1

Supermarket Sweep - 1994 - From Twin Car Giveaway! Pathunkins vs Mysterious Stingers(Super Sloppy 87)(16T3)f Make the Grade - 1990 - Nick vs. Joanne vs. Chaz (122T1) LOTHT - 3x03 - The War Fan of the Forty-Seven Ronin (Master copy) (6)

(22) Double Dare - The Hamsters vs. Make the Grade - 1989 - Matthew vs. Stephanie vs. Paul. (2T4) SNICK - 7-17-93

SSDD - Unidentical Twins vs.

Get The Picture - Elizabeth & Brian vs. Mindy & Nicholas

Fun House - Seven Seas Day (1989/OB) (48T4) Kids From Room 402 1x16 - Spoons,Spiders and Space Beasts Double Dare - 1986 - Psychedelics vs. Bodacious Befreckled Bears (144T2) May 8, 1993 Family Double Dare - 1992 - Slime City Slickers vs. Irizarry All Stars (111T3) Finders Keepers - (Eure) - Lauren & Imi vs. Erin & Darnell (Wes gets Silly Stringed) (180T2) Think Fast - Tina & Louis vs. Kelley & Shawn (NICK) (102T1) Figure It Out - Justin ~ Tara Family Double Dare - 1990 - Desert Heat vs Blue Waves A Physical Challenge is won in 2 seconds!!! Bobby's World S03 E08 - Misery Loves Company

Family Double Dare - 1990 - Odd Squad vs. Farvergnugens, New 8/20/10: Whatever Turns You On - Winning the Lottery (78T3) Figure It Out Wild Style - Dakota ~ Esther & Annmarie Coca Cola Magicup Instant Win Game Finders Keepers - (Toffler) - Monica & Santiago vs. Angelica & Mike (159T5) Think Fast - Carlton & Anita vs. Sean & Latorria (50T6) -Are You Afraid of the Dark? SNICK - 8-14-93


(NICK/wo/c/A+)(271T1) Life with Louie (Complete run)

Supermarket Sweep - 2/1990 - Don and Mary vs Casey and Nancy vs Dani and Elaine (original broadcast; commercials) (258T2) Double Dare - The Space Cadets vs. 1995 repeat with commercials & contestant plug!

Super Sloppy Double Dare - The Pepperoni Pizzas vs. YCDTOTV - War (173T4) -Roundhouse: #2-01 “The Game of Popularity” (new) Make the Grade - 1990 - Kenneth vs. Lauren vs. Joey, then Mark vs. Chrissy vs. Jim. 1987 - Frantic Furors vs Vultures (2T2)

Figure It Out - Charlie ~ Debbie

Get the Picture - Jammie & Lucianne vs. Joe & Ashley (100T2) Figure It Out Family Style - Joe & Mom ~ Allison & Mom Early episode with blue nametags (74T1) Double Dare - 1988 - Tortellinis vs Refills (124T3) Spill Your GUTS Ana Corredera of Valencia, Spain, Martina Schiersch of Groß-Gerau, Germany, Kostya Kimlat of Tbilisi, Georgia

Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego - 10/96 (Taped 7/30/96) - Baron Wasteland threatens the history of sanitation! Figure It Out Family Style - Erin & Dad ~ Casey Get the Picture - Eric & Randa vs Doug & Kim Nick Arcade - Darius and Erika vs Deana and Douglas
- 1993 - Matching people to hats, mini-golf caddy, an alphabet game, The Price Was Right (but no Doug Davidson, sorry!) Finder's Keepers - Sung & Robin vs. John & Stephanie *End Credits are missing (23) Supermarket Sweep - 2000 - Matt & Kirsten vs Danise & Gina vs Tim & Patrick (274T2) Think Fast - Melissa & Brian vs. Angela & Mark (61T7) YCDTOTV - Enemies and Paranoia (A+) o/c (82T1) Figure It Out - Gabrielle ~ Seyi Eric & Matt vs. Lara & Larry vs. Janine & Ryan Figure It Out Wild Style - Robert & David ~ Jenelle – 1989 – Sonja & Jeff vs. Neil & Maureen [Original broadcast, no commercials] (217T1) Make the Grade - 1989 - Doug vs. Jaime vs. Marisa. Record $975 win; Kevinand Deena vs Daniel and Kelly (6) In preparation for this season, 150 people undertook 6 weeks to build a new Extreme Arena in Soundstage 21, now featuring 21,000 gallons of water in the GUTS pool, 18,000 feet of elastic cord for aerial events, and the arena is complete with the 30-foot-tall Super Aggro Crag. Make the Grade - 1990 - Billy vs. Meghan vs. Greg (123T2) SNICK - 7-24-93 (66T2)

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