There will be instances where some of the information that you need to reference an item proves elusive. Shop (including exam papers), OU Students on Plays and poems should be referenced similar to a book or book chapter (depending if the entire work is a single publication or part of a compilation or anthology.   How do I reference a journal through an online library? The following should help: No date of publication is given use [n.d.], No place of publication is given (sine loco) use [s.l. There are a number of ways of incorporating in-text citations into your work.

(Holland, Crossley & Yap 2014) The Open University. 187–212.

In Harvard style referencing, to distinguish between two sources by the same author that were published in the same year, you add a different letter after the year for each source: Add ‘a’ to the first one you cite, ‘b’ to the second, and so on. Example: Department of Health, 2001. Where different sections of a reference work are attributed to different authors, they can be referenced like chapters in an edited book., Finding information on your research topic, The Classical Studies guide to referencing.

Module code: Module title. Where do I find the OU's Harvard Guide to citing references? When the editor is the main author (i.e. At the end of the reference, specify the page range on which the chapter appears. (2012) Castles of Spain. nclude a link to where you found or purchased it online instead of publisher information. Reference list: only includes sources you have referred to in the body of your text; Bibliography: includes sources you have referred to in the body of your text AND sources that were part of your background reading that you did not use in your assignment. Surname, Initial. Full title of report. If a book contains chapters or works by various different authors, such as a collection of essays or an anthology of short stories, reference the specific chapter or work, followed by details of the book. B Pearce, Monthly Review Press, New York.
(Accessed: 18 July 2015). When you reference a book that has been translated from another language, include the original language and the translator’s name. Information from The Open University (2015) emphasises that good referencing is an important academic skill. team: Help with the University’s computing systems: Help with accessing the online library, referencing and using libraries near you: Quick guide to Harvard referencing (Cite Them Right),,,§ion=1.3,,

(Author Surname Year, act #, scene # (or verse #), line(s) #). Author surname, initial.

Goddard, J. and Barrett, S. (2015) The health needs of young people leaving care. Otherwise, the ebook format differs slightly: Include a link to where you found or purchased it online instead of publisher information. in the MMU Harvard guide for instruction on what to use when no author’s name is provided on the source. (Year of publication) 'Title of chapter or section', in Surname of book editor, Initial. 468-9, If an ebook is readily available still in print form (as the majority of our ebrary and EBL titles are), then you can, (Author Surname Year, page number if available). Some reports are written by specially convened groups or committees and can be cited by the name of the committee: Committee on Nursing (1972) Note there are some exceptions to this such as: BBC Philharmonic Orchestra BBC News where the abbreviations or initials form part of the official name. Use the first few words if the title is too long. a book, the author who wrote the chapter should be cited, not the editor of the book. (Year of publication) 'Title of message', Title of discussion board, in Module code: Module title. Shah and Papadopoulos (2015) emphasised that good referencing is an important academic skill. . The following should help: No author is given use [Anon.] Year of publication. How to write a reference for a chapter in an edited book. Dictionaries, encyclopedias, and other reference works very often don’t list specific authors. 83–95. (2012) ‘£10,000 carrot to tempt physics experts’, The Guardian, 20 June, p. 5.
Fernandez (2015, quoted in Nabokov, 2017) states that…. This tends to happen with older publications and also some electronic sources. This is usually the case where you access an article in pdf format and it uses sequential journal page numbers. Available at: URL (Accessed: date).

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