This free printable indoor scavenger hunt is perfect for kids stuck indoors on rainy days and/or during periods of self-isolation. Laminators are awesome, if you don’t already have one I highly recommend it. We’ve even got two versions, a traditional text list and one with pictures for younger children. all blue and green or all LEGO-themed). Jill is one of the co-founders of Mykidstime and a mum of 2 girls, Website Design © JamJo.

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Not too mention, the kids think it’s pretty great, too!

This set of scavenger hunts will encourage your kids to find things around the house, including some of their toys—which may … Not only do they get the kids up and moving, but they’re also a way to add some fun and excitement easily to the day as well. Using items found around the house, this fun indoor scavenger hunt for kids ticks all the boxes and you can download our FREE printable to get you started! One of the BIG benefits to scavenger hunts is increasing a child's observation skills -- especially a hunt where you'll need to both find & count the items!

The rest you can mix up if you want to!

This set of scavenger hunts will encourage your kids to find things around the house, including some of their toys—which may come in handy when begging them to put … Don’t miss our 101+ Free Kids Printables full of Crafts and Coloring Pages. Potted Plants - another challenging item especially if you're like me and frequently kill most plants that come into the house -- but live herbs count as plants, right? day, this is a fun and super easy idea that takes little to no prep work. This means that with little to no effort on your part, the kids will be having a blast indoors! Instead of just leaving all the searching fun up to the kids, join in with them and see what you can find!

As a mom, Rachel immediately felt this strong connection to her son and instantly decided she wanted to become a stay-at-home mom. This Indoor Scavenger Hunt for Kids is not only super simple and fun, but it comes with a free printable full of awesome scavenger hunt ideas as well.

(and if you’re really creative, tie in some chores with it as well such as “penny at the bottom of the dirty dishes in the sink” – but to get the full points, those dishes need to be cleaned first! Instead, they have to be on the lookout for similar sounding items so the possibilities are endless. This site is dedicated to all of us trying to figure this parenting thing out.

Each card also has a number on it so you know what order to place them in. An indoor scavenger hunt for kids is an amazing idea for so many reasons. It also takes a bit longer than some of the other searches so you get an extra second to breathe. skylights are windows ;).

an Indoor scavenger hunt is a great way to beat boredom when you are stuck inside with the kids. Indoor Scavenger Hunt for Kids This fun scavenger hunt is a great way to keep kids busy for at least a half hour or more!

Here’s How to Survive. And similar to our Indoor Easter Egg Hunt, this one can also be done in almost any house -- at home, at grandma's, while visiting a friend, etc. Chaos and Clutter.

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As time passed and their children grew older the differences started to really add up – pacifier use, drinking during breastfeeding, organic foods, screen time, diaper brands, and on and on.

Please see our full, Indoor Scavenger Hunt for Kids (w/FREE printable! It also helps hone reading and thinking skills, as they have to figure out each clue to find the next one. This self-directed activity empowers the child to complete a task on their own (or cooperatively if playing … They both struggled over getting their babies to sleep and while Jo believed in sleep training, Rachel looked for alternatives like dream feeding and no cry methods. Stuffed animals - depending on your house, this one could take a while to count.

I am a big advocate of scavenger hunts.

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It's also a great thing to do for an indoor camping activity too! Related: Outdoor Scavenger Hunt for Kids. 10 Easy DIY Father’s Day Gifts to Make at Home, Working From Home With Kids? And before you go, be sure to download our completely free and awesome Indoor Scavenger Hunt printable, suitable for all ages (including toddlers!).

This simple activity is perfect for all ages, and children can work alone or in teams. If it’s a day for some indoor activities, what about trying something frugal fun with this hunt around the house? If you are looking for a fun indoor kids activity, you have come the right place. You can even pair up members of the family and go head to head and see which “team” is victorious. Homeschooling fun with kids As parents, we are always looking for fun ways to entertain the kids – and if they’re free, even better! This idea is super adaptable as it can be easily done as a color hunt for little kids or a letter or rhyming hunt for older kids.

For younger kids, you might have to nudge them in the right direction or give them a starting word. While it’s without a doubt that the kids will want to be outside exploring in nature, there is also the understanding that there is a lot of things to do inside, too. Whether you’re having an online party, bored at home, or stuck inside on a rainy (or snowy!) Plus, it inspires kids to burn off some energy but doesn't include jumping on the furniture or chasing the dog from room to room ;). This adorable, Here is a fun list of 15+ kids crafts and activities for your.

Using a flashlight to find objects around the house just adds a whole new element of fun and surprise. Looking for crafts to keep your child busy?

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This indoor scavenger hunt is great for all ages of kids and is a great way to have them engaged and active with one another, too. Depending on the seasonality and time of year, or how desperate your kids (or you!) Tap into our digital and parenting expertise and our active, engaged parent audience to meet your marketing goals. After discovering that “o” was the last letter of the word, that would become the new target letter for the next hunt. Top 20 Simple Snow Day Activities for Toddlers, How to Easily Dine at Restaurants with Kids, A Fun Graphing Lesson Plan for Kindergartners, 7 Things You Have To Do Before Your Child Starts Kindergarten, Everything You Need to Know About the Tooth Fairy Story, A Fun Graphing Lesson Plan for Kindergarteners. It’s a wonderful and fun way to have kids practice their letter sounds. Just in case you need some ideas to make this Scavenger Hunt fun over and over again, here are some ways to stretch it out and make that excitement last. Indoor Treasure Hunt | Treasure Box Kids. It could be something simple yet captivating enough to draw the interest of your kids. As you can see, there’s a wide variety of things to find! After they have found an item with the requested letter, we stretch out the word using letter sounds to help them figure out what the last letter of the word is. This is a ridiculously easy way to do an indoor scavenger hunt for toddlers. Even though this free printable scavenger hunt is full of great items to find, you can always add more to it easily.

This site is dedicated to all of us trying to figure this parenting thing out.

It requires zero prep and makes a fun activity to keep young kids busy.

Windows -- ALL windows, those that open and ones that don't (eg.

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