-Curves: those are kids in there of about 12-13, they do not have curves yet, don't give them giant ass boobs just to make them sexier or more mature, that isn't even physically possible. Irken names are quite short and simple. Zim himself is about 200 (160) Earth years old. Simply click again to get 10 new random names. The Irken smeet matures faster once he/she obtains the information. Irk water is a base on our pH scale, closer to bleach or drain cleaner. 2. However, that is soon forgotten once the information is downloaded into their PAK. Since macros are likely processed before the typechecker the work on the AST.. which doesn't have types. Irkens are basic, with attennae, two normal colored eyes, green skin, and no extra apendages. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts - Just like Zim (and presumably other Irkens) hisses when he’s angry, Irkens also purr when they’re happy. truetype 137 glyphs 240 characters. Invaders have a certain uniform, along with Tallests, and even Medical Irkens, don't go giving them furturistic, fashionable clothing. Only the Elite are allowed to inhabit the planet’s surface and the undergrounds are strictly for the mass population growing and training of smeets. don't give them rainbow attire, nor heterochromia eyes!, not gold, yellow, green, or even white, that just isn't possible. -Eyes and Physical Appearance: You have no idea how many Irken oc's ive read that have heterochromia eyes, hair, or even a different skin color and extra appendages. But anyway, lets get down to business with Invader Zim Oc's. But use your brain! They can translate any language, help them speak any language, keep them alive and moving, and help them survive, they aren't just there to give them memories and personalities, they are tools, and weapons. Since the point of an Invader is to observe, and Zim is a former scientist, Zim actually can be smarter than he looks. This not only lead to the faster detection of “Defectives”, but kept free thinkers from threatening the invasive government style of the Irken empire. -Smeets are born by Incubators way underground. The bologna fused to Zim’s head because of the protein’s foreign molecules interacting badly with Irken biology. This is not an official name generator, merely one inspired by this universe. - Their PAK's are their everything. Is this your work? Jul 22, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Samus Aran. On the newer, second site (RollForFantasy.com), Wait, there's even more! - During training, all Irken children are required to learn the Vortian language and all Vortian children were required to learn the Irken language after the two had made an alliance. - Irken brains are green, a shade a little darker than their skin. So here are the many cliche's that I've (sadly) read overs and overs again, and what you should watch out for when bringing your OC into the fandom world. I've read many fanfics and let me tell you, I'm heartbroken with what I've been reading. Alien. You can't represent code as a list of expressions any more. - Zim likes cinnamon and no one knows why. I like it. Irken Font by IZ WIki. I was looking at Optima, as a taller font. Ch1 and 2 are up ! As is Humans being right handed for most of their population, Irken's are the opposite. The then former leaders will return to their old positions in the empire, though it will most likely be a superior version of it. - There is no such thing as a defective. - I believe it was The Trial that revealed Zim, Skoodge, Red, and Purple were all schooled together, and are therefore the same age. Names like Krunk, Larb, and Sqood, for example. Zim is actually smarter than a average Irken, He makes most of his tools and even upgrades his pack sometimes. Irkens do not have curves no matter what, even female ones. The term and classification of the “Defective” were thought up as a psychological trick to the majority of the Irkens, having them believe that the more free thinking Irkens were broken or imperfect. -Outcast: I've seen way to many Irken oc's being defective, stop it, only Zim is allowed to be defective, plus its highly cliche, so stop. They are curveless. -An Outcast: Stop making Oc's outcasts, sure i get it, 'MY OC IS SPECIAL, THEY DON'T HANG OUT WITH STUPID CANON CHARACTERS!' - Irkens have incredible expandable skin. Collect Share Designed by. That is why Irkens began intergalactic exploration which evolved into universal domination. There are some slightly longer names too, like Skoodge, Lardnar, and Flobee. Irkens don't care about that. No matter the oc, they need it! This is how template haskell works as well. While there are male and female Irken, their names seem to be unisex. - Irkens are given more biomass as a reward for excellence in their fields by the control brains. ^.^ As long as it is sugar based. They choose their mates entirely based on emotional connection. They can also be major pleasure receptors if treated with care, but most soldiers are unaware of that. Gir, who has been busy making a cake in the kitchen this whole time, joined Zim in his cheering and threw batter like confetti all over the room. However, much to the Irken's dismay, nothing ever goes according to plan. They just rarely do so, as they think it is uncivilized. Regular Style. Irkens have the ability to make strange animal noises, such as growling, hissing, chirping, and purring. Comments: 7 Kudos: 44 Bookmarks: 4 Hits: 263 1: Oc by AnonymousKitten AnonymousKitten51, 2: Second Oc By AnonymousKitten AnonymousKitten51, (UPDATED 6/25/2019) Miraculous Ladybug -REQUEST-. - Irkens have claws on their hands and feet. The Irkens are short, green creatures from the planet Irk. My apologies for the strange question... Would you have any objection to me making a t-shirt with your logo? Contact About Irken Font. To start, simply click on the button to generate 10 random names. Sleep is also used to recharge a PAK if it is severely damaged or if the Irken just sleeps a lot. -Siblings: I've seen way to many oc's being either friends with the membranes or even family members that are outcasted. there aren't enough female irkens! changes with each new tallest, depending on what their favorite color happens to be. But his love of chaos and doom usually gets in the way. If they do sleep it’s out of pleasure or to recover from a severe injury. Each Irken also has a "PAK", which is a backpack-like device attached to their spines, which not only act as a second brain, a container of their knowledge and personality, but is also like a bag of tricks, as it contains all sorts of tools and weapons. I've seen irken oc's without Pak's or not even needing Pak's. Conversely, one thing I like about Lisp is that parens are the only syntax there is. - Planet Irk exists in three levels; 1 .Underground where the Academy is. It’s rare, though, because they aren’t happy all too often. Please stick to the color scheme or your irken oc will come out tacky. While there are male and female Irken, their names seem to be unisex. Your oc could go to Earth not because of being an outcast, but because they where sent there on a mission. They need it! Aka: An Irken Dib AU where Dib is an experiment by Professor Membrane, and he and Zim met during Zim's brief years as a scientist on Vort. - Despite being defective, Zim would be an amazing scientist/inventor for the Irken Empire. The person officiating the ceremony than declares them married, at which time it is traditional for the couple to kiss. This can sometimes result in interracial relationships such as an Irken with a human or Vortian. IZ WIki. The syntax in haskell specifically drives me up the wall. I always thought in a statically typed lisp the macro stuff would be typeless. They have taken advantage of the Irken ability to simply “collide” with living mass and absorb it along with growth not being needed for maturity. - Irken PAKs allow micromanagement of DNA, allowing Irkens to quickly evolve to their environment, which is why Zim is no longer hurt by water and can eat/touch meat. There are some slightly longer names too, like Skoodge, Lardnar, and Flobee. - All Irkens have perfect sight due to ocular implants. (Join me?). No one would want that. The couple will typically exchange vows of marriage, as well as wedding jewelry. Copyright© 2012-2020 FantasyNameGenerators.com. -Gender's: i know i've been saying this allot, but there is more than just female oc's, try doing a male one. isn't that why we should create more!" Of course it also says that they are Pansexual too. -Attire: Stick to regular Irken attire, no human attire, or even alien ones, Irkens stick to attire that are given to them with their roles. If you're interested, the next big steps for the project are to write a real gc (I'm looking at a 'beltway' collector) and an LLVM-asm backend... the current output is very SSA. - The tallest are figure-heads & hold no real power over Irk. The same with Zim, yes it makes your story interesting, but with Zim's personality, not even I would go near him if he would just treat me like a slave, pet, or even lower than Dirt. Zim's Pak is broken, and he enlists' Dib's help. ....wait, if every element of a given list has to be the same type, how do macros work? By: Sweetums128neo. Discover (and save!) A "Defective” is the term used by higher members of the Irken government to define a more free-willed Irken. -Irken Pak's supply Irkens with all the nutrients they require to live. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, https://github.com/samrushing/irken-compiler/. your own Pins on Pinterest I'm sure that if you didn't even know Dib or Gaz, you wouldn't go near them. -Odd Color Scheme: IRKENS DON'T HAVE ODD COLORINGS! The ground where working class irkens live their lives 3. So stop making your oc suffer through that. - Irken eyes bulge out of their head slightly giving them a wider range of vision than humans. Rated M! Zim is the only Irken who is smart to learn the second language!” Returning to his usual self, Zim stood up and began boasting about his greatness. Meat doesn’t actually hurt Irkens–it’s the chemicals, spices, juices, and sauces that do.”. They don’t need to biologically. IE it would re-arrange the s-expressions and type-check after the macro expansion phase. - An Irken’s lifespan can range from 900 or 1000 Earth years. This also means that Zim can eat Earth food, like waffles, that doesn’t contain protein. r/programming: Computer Programming. (Trust me, all this is true)-Almost all Irken's are left handed. One thing I like about ML and all languages related (Haskell, Ocaml, F#) is the lack of parenthesis. All other original content is part of FantasyNameGenerators.com and cannot be copied, sold or redistributed without permission. Updated Aug 24, 2019. - Zim is actually an incredibly competent invader when he puts his mind to it. Free Download. - Zim is 16 in Irken years and 160 in Earth years due to how slow Irk rotates around its sun. Cloned in fact by taking two DNA samples from random invaders, creating an embryo and inserting them into incubator chambers to create baby Irken's. The Control Brains are the real leaders. Eating is only optional, just like sleeping. -PAK's: EVERY IRKEN HAS A PAK AND THAT PAK IS LIFE. You can help Irken Empire Wiki by MAKING IT BIGGER!.

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