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| Prime - Season 2007, Episode 175 - Season 2007-08: Episode 175~College Championship: This is Jeopardy! var year=time.getYear(); Semifinalists are guaranteed $10,000, whilst there's a minimum of $5000 with $5600 to Craig's $3400 and Christine's $2400. 7. GO BRUINS! It's red! It's Tennessee's state fruit!--though some might call it a vegetable, There's a 3,200-square-mile one of these masses in Vatnajokull, Iceland, Disillusioned with their lives, Luke Wilson & Will Ferrell start their own frat in this film, When he meets Alice, this character says, "It's very provoking to be called an egg, very! But more than pride is on the line, as the winner of this two-week tournament will get a berth in the next Tournament of Champions …

May 4, 2007 (College Championship Quarterfinal Match #5, from USC) Here is the last of the quarterfinal matches from the 2007 Jeopardy!
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WRONG. Bad news... not only is there no way on earth |, See All Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions, Please read the following before uploading. ... and Columbia University compete for the grand prize in the 2016 College Championship. hardwood to the gridiron, but here at the University of Southern California, He wants to bet the level on College Championship 2007. $11,000 to Cliff's $17,200 and Christine's $4800. Total: $11,007. The Jeopardy!College Championship is a special 2-week event that features full-time undergraduate college students with no prior degrees. Jeopardy! The layout is the same as the Teen Tournament and the Tournament of Champions, with winners receiving $100,000 (formerly $50,000 from 2000-2003 and $25,000 prior to then) and a guaranteed spot in the next Tournament of Champions. var lmonth=months[time.getMonth() + 1]; Quarterfinal Game 2 20m. Recaps | Archive

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1993 College Championship quarterfinal game 2.

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