/ S1988E92 : Topic is a specific subject of discussion. Fox, and Wayne Brady [OC/812.6], Both 2003 Tournament of Champions finals episodes [both OC/820.2-3], The 20th season premiere from 2003 (now w/no limit for returning champs) [OC/851.1], A 2003 episode from "Back to School Week" (w/kids playing) [OC/853.10], A 2003 episode where Sean Ryan becomes the show's first 6-time champ! *Eliot Schteir, the first runner-up in the summer 1995 tournament, was a finalist in the 1969 Tournament of Champions, losing to Jay Wolpert. producer Rocky Schmidt as a contestant [OC/924.20], Two semi-finals episodes from the 1985 Tournament of Champions [both GSN], Both 1985 Tournament of Champions finals episodes [both GSN], Veteran GS champ Marvin Shinkman's last two appearances from 1986 (one of his opponents in episode 1 is fellow GS champ Robert Wargo!) Please follow the link from the email to continue. *Babs McClellan, a semifinalist in the 1991 tournament, was the winner of the 1965 Tournament of Champions. Home / Series / Jeopardy! * [http://www.jeopardy.com The official website of Jeopardy!] To make room for nine semifinalists (because it happened in the quarterfinals), a fifth wild card was added to the mix. OK, Jeopardy! The J! You can paste URL of the image inside by kablamfan11 » Fri Jul 12, 2019 3:03 pm, Post category w/Vanna White revealing clues off the WoF puzzle board!) Fifteen former champions participated in the event, which was taped at Radio City Music Hall. From there until Season 11, each season wrapped up with the Senior Citizens Tournament. by kablamfan11 » Wed Jul 10, 2019 4:56 pm, Post Season 1988, Episode 92 | Aired on. Simkl automatically tracks what you’re watching, tells you how many episodes you’ve missed, and connects you to what your friends are into. Tom Welter, a quality controller from Anaheim, California; Gil H., from TBD; Maureen Hart, from TBD. The tournament, which commemorated the… …   Wikipedia, Tournament of Champions — The Tournament of Champions may refer to:* Jeopardy! Eliminated contestants leave with some departing money for participating in the tournament. [both OC], A 2010 episode where Roger breaks the $200,000 mark [OC], Both 2010 College Championship finals episodes [both OC], A 2010 episode where Tom Nissley breaks the $200,000 mark, All 3 episodes of "The IBM Challenge" from 2011 w/Ken Jennings, Brad Rutter, and "Watson" (episode 1 has low audio) [all OC], Both 2011 Teen Tournament finals episodes [both OC], Both 2011 Teachers' Tournament finals episodes [both OC], Both 2011 Tournament of Champions finals episodes [both OC], Both 2012 College Championship finals episodes [both OC], Both 2012 Teachers' Tournament finals episodes [both OC], Both 2012 Teen Tournament finals episodes (from Washington, D.C.) [both OC], A 2012 "Power Players Week" episode from Washington, D.C. w/Robert Gibbs, Lizzie O'Leary, and Chris Matthews [OC], Both 2013 Teen Tournament finals episodes [both OC], Both 2013 Tournament of Champions finals episodes [both OC], Both 2013 College Championship finals episodes (episode 2 missing small part of opening) [both OC], Both 2013 Teachers' Tournament finals episodes [both OC], Both 2014 College Championship finals episodes [both OC], Both "Battle of the Decades" tournament finals episodes from 2014 [OC], A 2014 episode where Julia Collins breaks the $400,000 mark [OC], A 2014 episode where Alex breaks the Guinness record for most episodes of the same show presented by the same host! The "Jeopardy!" This is where all of the games are discussed. Contestants in this tournament are full time undergraduate college students with no prior degrees. We have sent instructions to the email address you provided during signup. Missing introduction and first 10 clues of the Jeopardy! College Championship is held for the first time. Kids Week — (also variously called Back to School Week and Holiday Kids Week) comprises five special nontournament games and has been held a least once per season on the TV quiz show Jeopardy! Eligible contestants consisted of people aged 50 and over. 's first-ever blind contestant!) Jeopardy! Larry Frantz, Pat O'Connor, Arthur Hanks, Jr. Pat O'Connor, Margie Melby, Dave Gramling, Dave Gramling, Cheryl Stein, Steven Popper, Steven Popper, Ron Abbott, Christine Heely, Steven Popper, Michael Kannellos, Daniel Lubin, Steven Popper, Heather Wood, Mary Jane Eager, Bob Sutton, Greg Sullivan, Marianne Durgavich, Tom Lawrence, Dale Armstrong, Fred Bernstein, Mark Lowenthal, Debra Malki, Paul Hjelmervik, Mark Lowenthal, Michael Edelstein, Joe Sansonese, S04 Seniors Tournament Quarterfinal Game 1, S04 Seniors Tournament Quarterfinal Game 2, S04 Seniors Tournament Quarterfinal Game 3, S04 Seniors Tournament Quarterfinal Game 4, S04 Seniors Tournament Quarterfinal Game 5, Mark Lowenthal, Joshua Kosman, Bill Pawlak, Janelle Kauffman, Jim Berkowitz, Clyde Ayer, Jim Berkowitz, Rob Pierce, Sharon Beattie, Michael Rankins, Margaret Bellisario, Mark Meyerson, Michael Rankins, Bill Henner, Steve Silva, Michael Rankins, Paul Donnelly, Naomi Yavneh, Michael Rankins, Kristie Ackerman, Richard Fond, Greg McIntosh, Stephen Lebowitz, Rick Kitchen, Stephen Lebowitz, Tom Straczynski, John Chivers, Stephen Lebowitz, Keith Richards, Charles McBride, Stephen Lebowitz, Jimmie Bucci, Steve Herron, Neil Landau, Barbara Linn, Pierre LeBoeuf, Neil Landau, Robin Carter, Norman Sidebottom, Robin Carter, Lenny Manning, Bill Gellert, Kevin Frear, John Tranquill, Andrea Michaels, Bruce Naegeli, Bryce Maritano, Christine Dibble, Dave Prechtl, Vernon Jones, Molly Herrington (Season 5 begins), Alec Iorio, Mary Lou Gallagher, Richard Gorelick, Alec Iorio, Sherry Schwabacher, Steve Biddle, Sherry Schwabacher, Gloria Sarver, Melinda Finberg, Sherry Schwabacher, Carl Rush, John Heacock, Harriet Helfand, Keith Hunsinger, Bob Chauls, Bob Chauls, Cheryl Davis-Plotts, Norton Moses, Alison Roberts, B.W. by Ivoryface86 » Fri Jul 12, 2019 4:20 pm, Post [OC], Future politician Richard Cordray's first appearance from 1987 [OC], Richard's final appearance from 1987 [GSN], A 1987 episode w/*Wink Martindale* in the audience [GSN], Day 2 of the 1987 Seniors Tournament finals [GSN/948.8], Five general 1987 episodes [1 OB/550.2, 1 OC, 3 GSN/944.5; 1052.11], Dave Traini's final appearance from 1987 [GSN/1053.4], A 1987 episode w/then-unknown Dave (David Anthony) Higgins as a contestant (has tracking problems) [OC/924.4], Day 2 of the 1987 Tournament of Champions finals (part of opening missing) [OC/301.3], Two consecutive episodes from 1987 w/former "$otC" champ David Nagy (Rogers) [episode 1 OC/924.5, episode 2 OB], Leah Greenwald's final appearance from 1988 [OB], Both 1988 Teen Tournament finals episodes [both OB/825.1-2], A partial 1988 episode w/future "WWtBaM" champ Michael Shutterly (JIP at Double J!, end credits missing) [OC/924.1], Michael's final appearance from 1988 [OC], Seven general 1988 episodes [3 OB/707.3; 1058.4, 4 OC], Ron Trigueiro's final appearance from 1988 (end credits missing) [OC], Bruce Naegeli's final appearance from 1988 [OC], A 1988 episode where a 1-day record of $27,800 is set! On the December 30, 1988 episode, the 1,000th episode aired on this date. occasionally holds international tournaments which feature champions from each of the international versions of Jeopardy! Sign Up Now! We have sent instructions to the email address you provided during signup. [OC], Both 2009 Teen Tournament finals episodes [both OC], A Celebrity Invitational Tournament episode from 2009 w/Christopher Meloni, Harry Shearer, and Joshua Malina [OC], A Celebrity Invitational Tournament episode from 2010 w/Doug Savant, Elizabeth Perkins, and *Pat Sajak* [OC], April Fools' Day 2010 episode (w/appearances by Pat Sajak, Neil Patrick Harris, Jeff Probst, and Will Ferrell!) or so) [OC], The last 3rd-round UToC episode from 2005 w/Michael Daunt, Dan Melia, and Jerome Vered [OC], Day 2 of the 2nd UToC semi-finals match from 2005 w/Chris Miller, John Cuthbertson, and Brad Rutter [OC], All 3 UToC finals episodes from 2005 w/Ken Jennings, Brad Rutter, and Jerome Vered [all OC], The first post-UToC episode from 2005 (Alex and the 3 finalists do the intro) [OC], A 2005 episode where David Madden breaks the $250,000 mark [OC], A 2005 episode where David breaks the $300,000 mark [OC], The 22nd season premiere from 2005 (and David is still going strong!)

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