How is the KCM barcode card used? Q-1: What geographic areas are considered combat zones? The outline of the Province of Kosovo denotes the area of conflict, and is combined with the NATO star, the highlighted cardinal points of the compass, signifying the Alliance participants who stabilized the region and provided massive relief. The time required to complete the process is contingent on a number of factors, such as the speed at which the system responds, or the presence and length of a queue, as other crewmembers may be waiting to be processed, and crewmembers having approved identification for the TSA TSO to process out and available. Crewmembers on short term disability, long term disability, Family Medical Leave Act … In the center of a bronze medallion, the outline of a map of the Yugoslavian Province of Kosovo. 3/17/20 – KCM Participating Airline AOSCs, Due to the rapid changes caused by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is directing Federal Security Directors to implement measures to maintain continuity of business. The ribbon consists of red, white, and blue pinstripes of equal width in the center; the ribbon to the wearer's right is dark blue and abuts to the red pinstripe; the ribbon to the wearer's left is red, and abuts to the blue pinstripe. 6/23/20 – Notice to KCM® Participating Crewmembers; 4/29/20 – Notice to Crewmembers; 3/17/20 – Notice to KCM Participating Airlines and Crewmembers; 10/01/2019 – Notice to Crewmembers; 8/31/19 – Notice to Crewmembers; Legal Notice: This website is only intended to provide an overview of the Known Crewmember® program. Crewmembers with pets will be directed to the passenger screening checkpoint and screened in accordance with TSA screening procedures. The rocky terrain, fertile valley, and mountain pass refer to the Dinartic Alps and the campaign's theater of operations. The Known Crewmember® (KCM) program is a joint initiative between Airlines for America (A4A) and the Air Line Pilots Association, Int’l (ALPA).KCM ties airline employee databases together in a seamless way and enables Transportation Security Administration (TSA) security officers to positively verify the identity and employment status of crewmembers. No. A. A. You are subject to all existing crewmember regulations regarding the types of items that may be carried onboard an aircraft. Q. Q. Q. It is the goal of TSA and A4A to ultimately include all U.S. airlines in KCM. Am I permitted to transport additional carry-on items that are not my own through a KCM access point? Why are not all airlines participating in KCM? The TSO (i.e., screener) will match the identification to your appearance and confirm your identity and current employment status via the KCM system. What if I have not received a KCM barcode card from my participating airline? A: No, The Known Crewmember Program® KCM® is a risk-based system that enables TSA security officers to positively verify the identity and employment status of active pilot and flight attendant crewmembers (i.e., flying the line). The KCM barcode card is used to expedite the crewmember verification process at the KCM access points. A. A. A. All air carrier employees are subject to TSA screening practices conducted within sterile areas, which include roving screening teams, random gate screening, and questioning by behavioral detection officers (BDOs). The Kosovo Campaign Medal (KCM) is a military award of the United States Armed Forces established by Executive Order 13154 of President Bill Clinton on May 3, 2000. Pets are not allowed through the KCM access point with the crewmember. The Kosovo Campaign Medal may be awarded to United States military personnel for participating in the operations and campaigns listed below: March 24, 1999 through June 10, 1999 (the area of operations for this campaign included the total land area and air space of Yugoslavia (including Kosovo), Albania, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Greece, Bulgaria, Italy, and Slovenia; and the waters and air space of the Adriatic and Ionian Sea north of the 39th North Latitude. While participating as a regularly assigned aircrew member flying sorties into, out of, within, or over the area of operations in direct support of the military operations.

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