The Fender MA-1 is a pretty great option as a starter guitar for kids aged around 8 to around 12. The Fender Squier is not only just pretty in looks but also sounds good. It is a 3/4 size, so it’s a more comfortable instrument for kids to hold and play than a full size. The Fender MA-1 is a 3/4 size guitar that is designed to fit more comfortably to the body for a wider range of players. These great-sounding, solidly built 3/4 size guitars are perfect for school music programs, individual students and beginners who are more comfortable with a smaller guitar. It covers with a hard case, clip-on tuners, and a wonderful back and sides. Fender's upgraded MA-1 Parlor 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar now provides an improved playing experience akin to that of more expensive full-size instruments. If you want to save your valuable time and make a hassle-free purchase, you can look for The Fender Squier acoustic guitar … item 3 Fender Squier MA-1 Acoustic guitar Indonesia Student Model 20th Anniversary Case 2 - Fender Squier MA-1 Acoustic guitar Indonesia Student Model 20th Anniversary Case $93.30 0 bids +$38.50 … Fender’s MA-1 offers a very clean, no-nonsense look with a traditional 3/4 scale parlor body, with a 23.3” scale length. It is an acoustic guitar… Its smaller size is meant to make it a more versatile instrument, easily accessible to … For the entry-level price you won’t find any solid woods here, but the guitar does sport …

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