Written on December 10, 2017.

The fabric used for these pants is tough. I left off one star because they are very expensive. The thing about hiking, climbing, falling, and scraping yourself all the time is that it puts serious wear on your clothing. Dark pants absorb more heat, and light colors don’t.’”, So, these pants are probably breathable, but when you’re a signalman working outside on a railroad with no shade in the Texas desert… that is probably the best answer you’re going to get: “Buy a lighter colored pair.”, If you’re in the market for a highly versatile and tough pair of jeans, and you were to ask Sam McAnally if you should get a pair of Kuhl Rydr jeans… that’s the answer you’d get—“Definitely grab a pair of these and try them out.

Good reason to buy from Zappos rather then Kuhl or other companies, free no hassle returns and exchanges.

I am anxious to see how the hold up and clean. What color are the pants in the double picture? However, please note that "Forged Iron" is the same color as "Gun Metal."

I noticed the pants first: Interesting stitching, naturally faded wear patterns, and a side thigh pocket for a smartphone. This gives a slightly slimmer fit throughout but is in no way tight or uncomfortable. Mine came fully wrapped in brand new packaging. Too bad.

Kuhl Rydr Pants Design Review “In my work pants, the first thing to go is the crotch.


I must admit that I am really not a fan of tight-fitting jeans on men, but the tapered look is something different entirely.

Great for hiking or everyday use.

They are dressy enough for work, but casual to wear out all Sindat to relax in too. Love the sawdust color and the super deal I got from Camp Saver. The thing about hiking, climbing, falling, and scraping yourself all the time is that it puts serious wear on your clothing.

Durable fabric and fits the waist just right. But what about the actual material itself? Buy a pair now. Kuhl’s Born Free™ gusseted crotch and articulated knees allow freedom of movement, while the original yoke system and anatomically engineered fit follow your body’s natural contours for superior comfort. Love how these pants wash and wear. First, they were just sitting in the box with no bag and without any labels or tags at all (if you know these pants, they come with some rather thick tags).

That’s about three pairs of Target brand right there, and I shred those like incriminating documents. Good Nite, Good Bite: Palmer Lake Fishing Report, Kuhl Rydr Pants Review: Tested on the Railroad by a Signalman. Great looking jeans! The KÜHL FREE RYDR™ PANTS are amongst the comfiest heavyweight trousers I have ever owned.

“I’m a signalman for BNSF railway.” That’s how the interview with Sam McAnally opened. However the butt is too baggy. Required fields are marked *. I highly recommend! So, while Sam probably wouldn’t be the type to say, “These pants are tenacious, yet luxurious,” the way Kuhl describes them, this material is obviously a heavy-duty material with a tight weave that resists wear and thermal burns better than other pants Sam has worn on the job. Other unique features of these pants are the cinchable leg hem, just in case you were riding a horse or bicycle, and … My only complaint is how the dye can seem to rub off if you take a knee.

The second feature is the anatomical cut and stitched knee. My basset hound ruptured a sebaceous cyst and bled all over these pants the 2nd day I wore them and the blood came off without staining. This story begins with a buddy who started showing up to pickup basketball games wearing KÜHL clothes — before he changed out of them to play basketball, of course. The first feature I love is the gussetted crotch that stitched all the way to the knee. Our full fit features a full seat and thigh for a more relaxed fit.

Their focus on using high-quality fabrics and engineered design ensures that their clothing can stand up to any challenge. So, from Sam and from Kuhl—it looks like the design of these pants aligns perfectly with the field work that Sam does for BNSF. The combed cotton is super soft and flexible which makes putting them on a pleasure. They just changed the name this year. I think I actually thought I was ordering the Revolvr, thinner material pants, but surprised that I actually secured the Rydr at the Campsaver cost. KÜHL RYDR pants in Carbon, the left two months old, the other two years old and heavily worn. Next to the skin, these pants don’t feel like jeans or your average workwear, they feel tougher but softer at the same time. They really start to open up just before the knees, in order to accommodate boots.

Bought this a couple of months ago. The Rydr Leans are just a little tighter than I'd like. If you’re okay with paying $80 for pants, and plan to actually abuse them, go for it.

Some of the features of the design, like the drop-leg pocket, make them less ideal for formal or professional settings. Eighty-five dollars for a call phone pocket.

Another thing worth mentioning is that walking through nettles, brambles and thick brush is like taking a walk in the park with these pants which keep you totally protected from scratches, stings, and other inconveniences.

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This is my first pair. I’m truly happy to know that pants like this exist.

For this reason, I would suggest ordering 1″ larger than you normally would and expect a very good fit.

The waist runs a bit large and the length seems pretty true. I love that Zappos often stocks the longer length since the 34" inseam isn't available everywhere. He has sired two young squires, Ranimyr Heston and Wager Cash. According to Kuhl's web site, they re-branded the Rydr Lean fit "Please note: Hangtags on this style will say "Rydr Lean". I ove Kuhl pants and shorts but the lean fit rydr jeans are nut huggers. Secondly, there was a mark on the pants that could only be described as a stain. Pros: Great fit, comfortable casual pants.

17 % 4 Rated 4 stars out of 5. From Kuhl: The Kuhl Rydr Pant is cut from our exclusive combed Cotton Euro Twill for tenacious, yet luxurious, style. Customer Reviews KUHL Free Rydr PantsWrite a Review. Full disclosure, I have not asked Zappos to remedy this situation as I'm not interested in them as an option any longer. .good style, comfort and durability. These are good pants. I love Kuhl pants and they have always served me well; in particular the Rydr Lean cut. pair of shoes, firearm… these things all get (almost) daily use, and buying quality can actually improve your day-to-day existence. Very uneven fading and white streaks on first wash on gentle cycle. I will continue to shop Camp Saver! They are also heartier than the average pair. The material (cotton) is of good quality and stylish practical pant. If you’re cool with going through a few pairs of jeans a year, hold off. The other styles are fabulous too...I have the Kontra Air, Revolver, and slak'r ...look at the "oz/yard" weight to see what thickness of fabric you prefer. wonderful fit for a skinny guy but the snap (push-thru snap not a jean button) tends to pop loose if I squat or bend. I would like if they fit more like levi 541 atheletic cut jeans.

I have been wearing Kuhl pants for some time now casually, I bought these for work since they are a bit heavier. He is tall (6' 3") and lean (180 lbs.). Very comfortable, stylish, and rugged jeans.

Top 8 Best Surf Ponchos – Hooded Changing Towels for Wild Swimming and Water Sports, Top 50 Best Dry Bags for Hiking, Camping, and Outdoor Sports, Casio G-Shock GWM5610 Review – Best Automatic Solar Watch, 7 Best Serrated Knife Sharpeners | Beginner’s Guide, Suunto Core Review: An Outdoor Watch that Punches Above its Weight. Price: $79. I genuinely do! A signalman does the same thing, except we work on the connections between tracks. Love the style of these pants, my only complaint is that they are so heavy, more like "Carhartt" working pants, very heavy duty and real soft. I would normally wear a 33″ waist, however, I found the 34″ waist to be a better fit which also reduced the risk of popping the button open when I crouch down or after a big meal. this material is obviously a heavy-duty material, Infrared Heaters Pros and Cons: Why you Should (or Shouldn’t) Buy one for Yourself, DuraStart: American Products, American Story, Breakfast of Pancake Elitists – Best Buttermilk Pancakes. Review Breakdown: 62 % 5 Rated 5 stars out of 5. My favorites, tough, stylish and grow more comfortable with each washing.

While they are ok for hiking in, they are a little bit too thick to wear for long-distance hikes where lightweight pants are the preferred choice.

A cell phone pocket located more posterior on the leg holds up to the multiple inserts and removals. “See this?” Sam says, as he points at the light switch in Drew’s office, “It has wires and electricity inside it that allow me,” he flips off the switch, flips the switch back on, “To open and close the circuits that allow energy to pass through and control the light in that outlet. Thanks for reading this KÜHL FREE RYDR™ PANTS Review, subscribe or stay tuned for our next post!

I have to say that's what caught my eye right off the bat. In my opinion, one of two things happened: I was either sent a used pair of pants or I was sent a factory second. The Klassik cut ones are basically an entirely different style of pants. The fabric is very durable. THANK YOU CAMPSAVER! Material: 98% Combed Cotton, 2% Spandex. As an outdoor person who rates performance over style any day of the week, I am not ashamed to say that I absolutely love the way these trousers look. I feel comfortable wearing these pants in almost any situation and with any combination of other clothing and have even received compliments on how they look. I have found that the Kuhl Rydr pants can both function as nice office work pants or as durable armor when doing physical labor outside. AWESOME PANT and right sized as marked.....34/30 is a 34/30. I love it when companies take the time to explain why you’re paying $80 for pants that you’re going to torture, and destroy in a slightly roundabout way.

Rain Jacket: Which is the better waterproof? You can wear the FREE RYDR’s with trainers, shoes, or boots without worrying what they look like because they just look good all the time.

Also, true to fit so order your normal size.

0 % 3 Rated 3 stars out of 5. I probably would have chosen the Free Rydr or Free Rebel if I had tried them on. The fit can be a bit baggies depending on your style, so look into the differently styles Kuhl offers.

These are the best fitting, most comfortable pant. Go for the lighter colors or pass. After finding the Konfidant summer weight pants at REI (exclusive), I was looking for something that had a similar fit.

Kühl calls the cotton that they used “combed.” Being a normal human being, I had no idea what that meant, so I Googled it. Kühl also isn’t in a lot of northeastern stores, so if you’re on the East coast above Virginia, you may need to risk buying without trying. Thank you." They are great for both casual, sporting events and business casual days. Wish there was more colors. If you have ever tried to wear jeans for outdoor activities you quickly learn that while they offer good protection, they are ultimately not suited for active pursuits. They are slimmer cut than usual Kuhl which is perfect for me. The outside is super soft with a brushed cotton “Euro Twill,” and the flannel lining inside is equally soft and incredibly good at … These pants did not have tags on them or in the box. He is a true 34x34, and the Kuhl Konfidant pants are a tad big in the waist, so when I first ordered the Rydr Lean Fit in 33 waist, it was just tight enough to be uncomfortable since the waist doesn't stretch over time, so instead I got the Rydr Lean Fit 34x34, and he prefers wearing the 34x34 with a belt.

Can't wait to climb and hike in them.

Powered by. One day I’d like to test if they are flexible enough for parkour. We’re about to learn about gusseted crotches, articulated knees, and double needle bar tracks. 11 Best Waterproof Ponchos for Hiking – Ultimate Guide to Rain Ponchos.

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