The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun – World’s Largest Pyramid Once in a blue moon, something is discovered that completely rocks the world of archaeology and invites us to reconsider what we understand of history. These principles convey the interconnection of all nature, reminding us that we have a relationship to the whole of creation. The city invested $30 million and hired O.T.

The revelations did not land well with established academics.

In October 2005, media speculation began to focus on an aquarium or a Bass Pro Shops superstore as the most likely long-term tenants of the arena. Oddly enough, during its heydays, the Great Pyramid of Cholula was also decorated with kaleidoscopic facades covered in assorted red, black and yellow insects.

It’s also worthy to note that Pi wasn’t officially discovered until a few hundred years ago. Perhaps one of the most extraordinary features of the pyramids around the world are the mathematical relationships between structures and the sacred geometry created as a result. Within hours of the international announcement of this extraordinary discovery, the story suddenly disappeared. His nonprofit organization – “Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation” welcomed thousands of enthusiastic international volunteers in the excavation and discoveries of what appears to be the oldest pyramid in the world. [13] A committee headed by Memphis businessman Scott Ledbetter studied possible uses of the arena in 2005, and considered such uses as converting the arena into a casino, an aquarium, a shopping mall, or an indoor theme park. As mentioned, ancient structures become indistinguishable with overgrowth that buries whatever building materials are there. Like in Egypt, the length of the base divided by the height is π (Pi) irrational numbers. So what exactly distinguishes a pyramid from a hill or a mountain? The fourth element is artifacts. In total there might be around six complete constructions that were built within a time-frame of over 1,200 years, and all of these additions account for the ‘mega-structure’ of the Great Pyramid of Cholula as we know it.

[10] As a result, the $250 million FedExForum was built as a condition of the Grizzlies move from Vancouver and opened in 2004. Legends and myths surrounding the Chololtecs also allude to their economic opulence, with the inhabitants willing to build gigantic pyramids for every year inside their sacred city, in a bid to garner favor from the gods. The "Great American Pyramid" was conceived originally by Mark C. Hartz, a Memphis artist in about 1954. Great Pyramid of Giza (Khufu’s pyramid), Pyramid of Khafre, Pyramid of Menkaure (right to left). Just like the Pyramid of Giza has the Nile nearby and water sources underneath it, the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun is near a river and has extensive layers of underground streams at different depths. To that end, it is known that the core structure of the monument is made of adobe bricks, which are composed of mud mixed with binding materials such as straw or sand – and then dried in the sun. This small ceramic pyramid was ironically found near the structures at a site overseen by an archaeologist who petitioned to stop Semir’s research.
When excavations began for the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, at roughly 3,5 feet of soil, large rectangular blocks were discovered, each weighing 7 tons and having six flat sides. But while their pyramid is a tomb for a pharaoh or something, ours is the blessed sanctuary for a much grander and nobler pursuit — the largest outdoor recreation store on the planet. Or was it again just a coincidence? The city of Memphis did spend $7 million on renovations such as improved dressing rooms and new television camera platforms for the Grizzlies' three-year stay in the arena. Well the primary reason might pertain to the fact that this mammoth structure is hidden beneath layers of dirt, thus resembling a natural hill top. However, the plans were scrapped because of a fallout between Tigrett and Shlenker and the latter's financial difficulties. These structures are everywhere, and yet, we’re still telling ourselves that primitive people built these for their dead and built them in ways we can’t figure out. This Rock had symbols carved onto it. The Grateful Dead played 2 shows on April 1&2 1995. The tunnel walls themselves are made of conglomerate a natural combination of sand, rock, and pebbles, tightly compacted over thousands of years by water sources. Equilateral triangles and triangles within others are sacred geometry. While the Pyramid of Giza holds an error to true north of 0° and 2 minutes, the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun holds an error of 0°, 0 minutes, and 12 seconds, making it even more precisely aligned with true north than the Great Pyramid in Egypt.

It is 321 feet (98 m) (about 32 stories) tall and has base sides of 591 feet (180 m); it is by some measures the tenth-tallest pyramid in the world.[8]. There are ten scientific criteria that pyramids possess, and we’ll name each and compare how the Bosnian pyramid weighs in on those requirements. The building also includes an Uncle Buck's Fishbowl and Grill with a bowling alley and a saltwater aquarium. According to modern measurements, the area is around 450 m x 450 m (1,480 by 1,480 ft), which makes it four times as big as the Great Pyramid of Giza (Pyramid of Khufu). The eighth criteria is astronomical features. As we noted in our. For millennia, Earth has held a natural frequency, a pulse of 7.83, which is known as the Schumann resonance. Furthermore, it should be noted that among these constructions, the Pyramid of the Nine Stories (built between 350 – 450 AD) alone is bigger by volume than the famed Pyramid of the Moon at the Aztec capital of Teotihuacan. Given his research of other pyramids, Semir investigated other criteria to find that it was also structurally aligned with the cardinal points: North, South, East, and West, another fundamental feature of the ancient pyramids. In addition to the retail store itself, Bass Pro Shops at the Pyramid is home to an archery range, shooting range, and laser arcade.
No explanation is known for how, or when it was carved, but visitors spend time near them and find that ailments and pain is lifted and that they feel very relaxed.

Though Sameer is powerless to public defamation from established mainstream institutions, he found the perfect strategy to protect his research and decided that this project would belong to the people so he engaged all those who wished to contribute and learn, making sure that all discoveries would be fully transparent. As mentioned, the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun has four sides, angles of 60° and the south side has a causeway, which distracts from the perfection of those angles. The Pyramid was the home court for the University of Memphis men's basketball program, and later for the National Basketball Association's Memphis Grizzlies. Marshall and Insight Design Architects was later hired by Bass Pro Shops for its renovations and construction, leading to its opening April 29, 2015. When excavations began for the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, at roughly 3,5 feet of soil, large rectangular blocks were discovered, each weighing 7 tons and having six flat sides. One such thing was discovered in 2005. The conquistadors massacred around 3,000 of the city’s people (or 10 percent of its total population) within just 3 hours. In 2001, the city of Memphis looked to lure either the Grizzlies or the Charlotte Hornets to town. After Sneferu’s first two attempts to build a true pyramid (Meidum and the Bent Pyramid) failed, his third attempt was successfully and the world’s first true pyramid …

This doesn’t happen just anywhere, especially on any hill… Could the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun be the energy machine that Samer hypothesizes? Sacred geometry is the geometrical patterns and the mathematical laws in nature from the most minuscule particles, to the greater Cosmos, upon which all creation is founded thus making Mathematics and Geometry a Universal language. Filmmaker Craig Brewer used the building as a sound stage for his film Black Snake Moan in late 2005.[9]. You’re probably thinking, it’s far more likely that the four sides of that mountain are just a coincidence. The City of Memphis's contract with the Grizzlies forbade the use of The Pyramid without the team's approval, and as a result, it went dark. Once in a blue moon, something is discovered that completely rocks the world of archaeology and invites us to reconsider what we understand of history. Take, for example, the two well-known pyramids in the Mexican Yucatan – in Coba and Calakmul, which appear to be hills amid the jungle… except that the excavated site reveals the granite and sandstone. The project originally included three pyramids located on the south bluffs of Memphis overlooking the Mississippi River. If they are the engineered structures they appear to be well, it’s time to rewrite our history books. The project languished for three decades until Mark's younger son, Memphian Jon Brent Hartz, resurrected the concept. Originally, there were plans for a shortwave radio station broadcasting Memphis music, an observation deck with an inclinator along the side of the building, a Hard Rock Cafe, a music museum, and a theme park on Mud Island along with other things. Here are the 15 tallest in the world, year 2013 AD:-15-THE GREAT PYRAMID OF CHOLULA outside of Puebla, Mexico (300 BC – 800 AD), 180′ / 55m (photo by HJPD) The largest pyramid, as well as the largest monument ever constructed, The Cholula pyramid was built slowly from the 3rd century BC to the 9th century AD.

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