Also available in 45- and 55-liter models, the Maven has all the standard features you’d expect on a premium pack, including a rain cover that stows within the lid and secondary gear access through a left-side zipper. The REI Flash 55 Backpack is an ultralight, roll-top backpack with an optional top lid pocket. 8.3 oz.) REI Co-op Zephyr 20 Sleeping Bag - Mens (New - $125.29), REI Co-op Zephyr 20 Sleeping Bag - Womens (New - $118.29), REI Co-op Zenith 0 Degree Sleeping Bag - Mens, REI Co-op Zenith -5 Degree Sleeping Bag - Womens, REI Co-op Zephyr 20 Sleeping Bag - Kids (New - $119.00), REI Co-op Camp Bed Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad (New - $83.29), REI Co-op Trekker Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad (New - $69.95), Big Agnes Insulated Air Core Ultra Sleeping Pad (New - $89.95). I have absolutely nothing against the packs you mention here – they are all great; maybe I just found that magical perfect pack for my body frame. Copyright text 2020 by For Her About Her By Her. Then you can put all your gear into one highly-water-resistant place. Both are solid packs, but the detail work on the Paragon at a similar weight gives it the edge over the Banchee. Depending on the seller, most products ship free in the United States on orders of $50 or more. Alison section hiking the AT in a frameless, 18 ounce ultralight pack, a Mountain Laurel Designs Exodus 55L. It’s an important enhancement, especially on a pack that will be used for longer distance trips. I’m a tiny woman attempting to buy my first serious backpack… and I’m super divided between the REI Co-op Flash 55 and the Granite Gear Crown2 60. Directions for attaching the straps are printed on the outside. For more reading on tips to best use pockets: Efficient Backpacking Tips | Easily Increase Mileage and Fun.

You were right about the Dutchware Gear Netted Hammock kit – t’s awesome and was so easy to obtain In fact, most gear weekly rental rates are 4 to 10 times the actual cost to purchase the equipment brand new. Waxed canvas would certainly be a retro way to go for a backpack. Glad I could help. I need a large capacity pack with a small hipbelt and lots of outside pockets.

Hit the trail in comfort, and with enough space to carry what you need. As a short, very curvy woman with a booty, I find it difficult to get a good pack fit, especially the hipbelt. Solidly anchored compression straps on the front; not on the sides (for skimo style ski carry, snowshoes, etc) All told, it’s a big win to get such convenient accessibility in a pack of this weight. Altho, I do point out that the #1 factor for pack comfort is total-pack weight. Please pardon the wordi-ness. Osprey packs like the Exos and Eja packs do well in these areas, altho the Hyperlite Mountain Gear, and Z-Packs also do well and weigh less. Onni LS 50: $325 REI recently started carrying the HMG 2400 and 3400 packs. Best, -a. I’ve read many stories where folks just can’t get a pack to fit them well, but works for many others. Hope this helps and wishing you a great AT hike. As such, the number one thing you can do for “pack comfort” is to shave a bit of weight. The REI Flash 55 is a ventilated backpack with a suspended mesh panel to help keep you cooler and your shirt drier in warm weather. One downside of DCF packs is that they are about $100 more expensive than the same pack in standard nylon. 8.3 oz.) Thanks for the great info. The Paragon also makes it easier to really customize the fit—especially with the adaptable hipbelt—and we find the large mesh pocket to be more convenient for storage. Well-integrated suspension adds carrying comfort. Need more context to be honest. Capacity: 62 liters | Tested Weight: 4 lb. If find this the ultimate in freedom of movement and joy on the trail. They’re also known for an extremely comfortable, weight-distributing frame, and the innovative AirSpeed 3D tensioned mesh back panel to reduce sweat and eliminate lump discomfort.

That greatly expands the pack’s utility on more remote or technical trips. In these conditions, I felt the pack did a nice job wicking away moisture and encouraging airflow behind the back. When combined with DCF stuff sacks or other nearly-waterproof sacks you won’t need a rain cover. Capacity: 40-60 liters | Tested Weight: 2 lb. Your REI Store may not offer everything as they only offer gear rental for outdoor activities in their area. I guess I’m indecisive. But again not a great value to save just a few ounces for each! It’s a good value for a comfortable pack that’s equipped to carry everything you need and then some. In fact, the entire build feels like a step up in build quality from the original. So yeah, while a streamlined backpack with few external pockets may look slick, leave them to climbers. Different people have different needs and preferences for different trips and regions. I’ve seen on several other lists that the REI Flash 55 received positive reviews. Then, we loaded up the most promising picks and hit the trails. So yeah, while a smaller pack may look all pro and sexy on your back, most times the larger lightweight pack is far more practical and user friendly. If you REI Rent Tent instead of buying a tent is a good way to find out which tent would work best for you. We were impressed at how comfortable the hipbelt on the Flash 45 was; many packs in this size range don’t have hi… For some reason, bear canisters are the most frequently sought item to rent.

What do you think?

We put some holes in the mesh water bottle pockets of the prior version, but the new model feels tougher and hasn’t torn yet. Is it worth the weight savings to upgrade to the CF Tarp? The flexible foam was fine on lower mileage days but less supportive after 15 miles or so. Cost: Basically, the frame is made of stiff light foam. Many other parks like Rocky Mountain National Park have their own requirements.

Make no mistake, the REI 55 is a true ultralight backpack and represents an exciting leap forward by the Co-op to make lighter weight backpacking more accessible and affordable. Compared to the 2400, it weighs just two ounces more, but you get 30% more volume. BTW, most of the well known ultra-light pack companies will modify their design to fit your requirements…save for maybe the horizontal bear can placement. Ron thought the Prophet matches my small torso best!

I emailed Chris and he was very responsive. So yes, the ZPacks Arc Blast 55 L, should be a revelation for you in terms of getting weight off your shoulders and onto your hips. The REI Flash 55 is a highly configurable, ventilated, roll top backpack that weighs 2 lbs 10 oz, but can be stripped down to 2 lbs 3 oz by removing several optional components. But that wasn’t a deal breaker. No Trekking Poles required. One is mesh-faced and other has a solid fabric front. They’re held on with a clever webbing strap/toggle system which holds them in place and prevents them from flopping as you bounce down the trail. The nice thing about having an optional top lid is that you can add it when it’s needed, in cooler w…

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