In 1992, Annie begun dating Leonard Kempinski. While unconscious, he has disturbing dreams where he the same day, watches Aaron's funeral, and receives advice from the ghost of Val Pollard. She passes out after drinking some of it and is taken to the hospital where Robert is forced to admit his tampering to Aaron. Katie takes a photograph of Aaron and Robert kissing and threatens to tell everyone.

Aaron takes his eyes off the road Robert yells for him to watch out and they crash into lake after Emma Barton pushing her husband James Barton off which he lands on Ashley's car and causing a huge car crash involving Ashley, Pierce Harris, Rhona and Paddy. Rebecca went into labor and, with Robert present, delivered a baby boy named Sebastian. In October 1972 he was notified of his father Jacob Sugden's death. Sibling(s) Robert begins an affair with Aaron, while Katie realises Robert is cheating on Chrissie. [7], In an interview in December 2015, Danny Miller commented that the "power of Twitter" would keep the "Robron" storyline going. Victoria hoped Daz would change his mind but when he didn't, Victoria told him that she was pregnant, just as he and Scarlett were going away for a weekend. In September the same year, Smith sued Yorkshire Television for unfair dismissal from the role of Robert. He goes back to Keepers Cottage, but an emotional Aaron arrives on the doorstep and lists all the reasons he knows Robert and the good things Robert has done, and he asks Robert to come home. Jack decided to go and join her in Italy and said a fond farewell to his friends and family. Robert is still taking risks and seeking adrenaline. Jack and Diane got married.

With his wife Annie he had two sons, Jack in 1947, Joe in 1949 and a daughter Peggy in 1948. Photo courtesy of Beckindale Bugle. Joe left the village soon after and died off-screen in 1995. During this time, Jackie discovered that Jack was his biological father and took the news badly and there was an unease between the two. Moved by this, Aaron asks Robert to marry him. Having almost died, Jack initially disowned Andy but they reconciled and Jack and Diane planned to marry but she revealed that she had colon cancer and underwent chemotherapy. Andy took in Kerry Wyatt (Laura Norton) after her daughter Amy (Chelsea Halfpenny) threw her out. In the early months of 2000, the cracks in Jack and Sarah's marriage became even more evident. Despite feeling awkward he agrees. Jack Sugden in 1980 with Matt and Dolly. After some coercion from Rebecca, Lachlan decides to hand him himself into the police where he is charged with attempted murder and perverting the course of justice. He calls him to say his car has broken down and kisses Aaron, before pulling away and driving off. The episode which saw Andy set fire to the barn won the "Spectacular Scene of the Year" award at the 2001 British Soap Awards. He was the son of Jacob Sugden and Annie Sugden and older brother of Peggy Skilbeck and Joe Sugden. We knew for some time that actor Ryan Hawley, who played Robert since 2014, was set to leave the soap this year .

Chrissie's son Lachlan (Thomas Atkinson) soon moves into Home Farm. Robert discovers that Andy started the fire and disgusted by this, he goes to Spain in May 2001 to stay with his grandmother Annie Brearly (Sheila Mercier), and her husband Amos (Ronald Magill). Andy told her about his and Jo's affair. Andy and Katie eventually remarried.

In November 2014, Lawrence White borrowed a copy of Jack's book The Field Of Tares.

Robert's later beaten by Cain until Aaron saves him. At the pub Robert comforts Aaron who is worried that Gordon going to prison won't help him to forget what he did, but Robert encourages him to be happy. Aaron tells him if the case falls apart he will blame it on him. Robert pleads guilty to GBH with intent. Sarah, his mother, in the hospital suffers from depression and has an emotional affair to get back at Jack. However, he accidentally shoots Jack instead, leaving him fighting for his life. Annie and Amos returned to Spain where they married on 5 November 1995, though Annie returned briefly on 7 November 1996 to ask Jack to sell Emmerdale Farm; he refused. However, Aaron discovers Robert got rid of Gordon's letter. The character returned on 23 October 2014 with actor Ryan Hawley taking over the role.[1]. Robert immediately agrees and they kiss. Robert and Katie argue and he pushes her away. Robert, not wanting him to find out by someone else, tells Andy why Chrissie is so angry and he throws Robert out saying that he wishes he had killed him years ago when he had the chance. In May 1994 Jack and Sarah married but weeks after the wedding, Victoria stopped breathing and a hole in her heart was found.

Robert tries to apologise to Aaron but Aaron refuses to listen. She married local thug Tom Merrick (David Hill) that year and tricked him into thinking the baby was his, by telling him the baby was premature. Robert asked Chrissie's sister, Rebecca White (Emily Head) to come to the village to help him with his vendetta against Chrissie. In an attempt to force a confession, she doused the furniture in petrol and demanded the truth, Andy confessed but a fire soon ignited. In November 2000, Andy tried to help his cash strapped father by torching a barn for insurance. Rebecca meets Robert at the scrap yard to apologise for making advances towards him. Robert gets into his car and drives away. However his plan doesn't work and Robert is soon holding a bound and gagged Aaron at gunpoint after knocking him unconscious with a glass vase.

Jack Sugden in 2007, his last full year in Emmerdale. Aaron's eyes close and the heart monitor starts beeping. Jack calls the emergency services and tells Robert to leave. He heads back to the quarry to retrieve the ring.

By then they had discovered Sarah was pregnant with Jack's baby and in March 1994 Sarah gave birth to Victoria Sugden. Later, at the pub, Robert runs into Rebecca and lets her know that Lachlan knows about their past affair. When they missed the bus, they stole a car and accidentally killed their headteacher Barbara Strickland (Alex Hall). A plane crashed into Emmerdale village and left Annie comatose and her new husband Leonard Kempinski (Bernard Archard) dead. Jack was aghast and had flashbacks. Max is killed and Jack arrives just after the accident and Robert tells him what happened. Robert takes Andy to a local quarry where Andy traps his foot under a rock.

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