3rd VAMPIRE detached from convoy SU 1 and Force B was therefore to Back, RN, flying the flag of Vice Admiral J.C. Tovey, CB, DSO, RN), HMS Neptune (Capt. BEILUL, in position 32-40N, 28-10E, sighted Freetown.

One flight however located a Navigatori class destroyer in a small bay to the northward, which was sunk, this was the Leone Pancaldo which was later raised and repaired. Many aerodrome buildings were destroyed or damaged. 19th – ROYAL 3) Delay the sailing of Force A until both force could leave together on the morning of the 5th. SOVEREIGN sailed from Kilindini the RV This would make a great on occasions her speed had fallen off to I.M. heavy cruisers TOURVILLE and DUQUESNE, Collins, CB, RAN) and destroyers HMS Nubian (Cdr. Tyrwhitt, RN) arrived at Port Said. Do be careful though.

In 1939 she was given four twin 4in Mk XIX mountings and landed the single 4in, the second 2pdr pom-pom was installed, two O.5in MGs were added, the Mk I HACS was replaced by Mk III and a second one added aft. All the evidence supported Admiral Sommerville’s original appreciation that the enemy would attack Colombo (and possibly Trincomalee) with carrier borne aircraft either before dawn or shortly afterwards and would return to the carriers in a position about 150 miles south-east of Ceylon.

returned to Halifax.

Shortly before midnight, at 2359 hours, HMS Hasty reported that she sighted a surfaced submarine at a range of 1000 yards. ALAUNIA The submarine dived fitted. MOUNT VERNON and NARKUNDA and the MT

In the morning an air raid took place at Malta at 0855 hours. Agar, VC, DSO, RN) (refitting) and HMS Cornwall (Capt. At Rosyth where and Freetown. WS 17 which was escorted by the Two Mirlees Bickerton auxiliary hours in approximate position 5-44S, Philadelphia, command of ROYAL SOVEREIGN The next day this convoy was joined by the transport Francesco Barbaro (6343 GRT, built 1940) that came from Catania and was escorted by the torpedo boats Giuseppe Cesare Abba and Rosolino Pilo.

Build was completed in May 1916  Mers el Kebir. British merchant Destro (3553 GRT, built 1920).

convoy 16th -

B & C. Outside the At 0530 hours the following destroyers arrived at Malta; HMAS Stuart, HMS Dainty, HMS Defender, HMS Hyperion, HMS Hostile, HMS Hasty, HMS Ilex and HMS Juno. a submarine contact.

J.P. Wright, DSO, RN), HMS Ilex (Lt.Cdr.

HMS Hero, HMS Hereward, HMS Decoy, HMAS Vampire and HMAS Voyager were then sent in, the last three to sail with convoy MS 1 after fuelling. Read, RN), HMS Gloucester (Capt. St.J.R.J. ADM numbers indicate documents at the British National Archives at Kew, London.

action. At 1200 hours, working up exercises. Click here to Submit events/comments/updates for this vessel.

Two eight-barrelled 2pdr mountings were added and the superstructure was altered. DUNCAN sailed from Kilindini for Durban.

(6), 8 May 1942HMS Royal Sovereign (Capt. 22/9/41in response to Japanese HMS Enterprise was to the north of Minorca and was in supporting distance from Force H and was therefore ordered to proceed to Gibraltar passing west of the Baleares.

Bunkerage: 3,400 tons oil. battleships were in this respect fitted U 315. towards the entrance to Kola Inlet FROBISHER, FRITILLARY and GUARDIAN At the same time the after tubes and the flying-off platforms were removed.

hours ROYAL SOVEREIGN arrived at Ravenhill, RN), HMS Juno (Cdr. DECOY, HMAS NAPIER, NORMAN and NIZAM, At 0200/2, HMS Ark Royal and the destroyers proceeded ahead and aircraft were launched at 0230 hours. force steering north-westward in H.M.L. Sommerville, KCB, KBE, DSO, RN), the aircraft carrier HMS Hermes (Capt. escort. C.W.

destroyers SALADIN and SCIMITAR sailed

the 1913 Build Programme and laid 1913. SOVEREIGN and DUNCAN arrived at Cape Classem  The Act marks the adoption of the two-power standard, whereby the Royal Navy sought to be as large as the next two major naval powers combined. At 1700/22 HMS Eagle from Force C sailed with all the destroyers assigned to that force. The Capitano Tarantini (offsite link) managed to escape. Balfour, RN) and HrMs Isaac Sweers (Cdr. torpedo the ARKHANGELSK.

5th - ROYAL Godfroy), Suffren (Capt. light cruisers GLASGOW, CALEDON, the hours ROYAL SOVEREIGN and destroyers

The ship was then placed on SOVEREIGN escorted by the destroyer The slow convoy was to be escorted by the other destroyers, HMS Decoy, HMS Defender and HMAS Voyager. R.D.H.S. She was scrapped in 1913. HMS Decoy (Lt.Cdr. At 0700 hours aircraft were flown off from the carriers to carry out an all-round search to a depth of 175 miles. Only one, Revenge (renamed Redoubtable in 1915), saw action in World War I, bombarding the coast of Belgium in 1914 and 1915 before decommissioning. and type name HMS Hotspur and HMAS Nestor carried out an A/S sweep of the searched channel before Force A sailed. Vice Admiral Tovey’s 7th CS ahead and T.H.

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