Elevation Change: 500 feet (152 m) Difficulty: Moderately stressful; not a trail for those with a fear of heights.

Dry - Beautiful desert train to an an amazing ruin. [1] The bridge spans White Canyon. After continuing along the mesa top for a while, you descend into a shallow wash. Cairns lead you down to the bottom and up the other side of a slickrock amphitheater.

We will never know the names given to the bridges by early inhabitants of this land. Hiking from the canyon rim to the base of the bridge, you lose 436 feet (133 meters) in elevation using three wooden ladders, one long set of metal stairs, rock stairs, wooden stairs, and switchbacks. This is a neat spot to peer across the canyon rim.

This trails starts across the road from either the Sipapu Bridge parking area or the Owachomo Bridge parking lot. Download the free Moss Back Butte topo map. Don't let a little snow keep you from exploring the Grand Canyon. The Paiute referred to all bridges as mah-vah-talk-tump, translated today as "under the horse's belly." Horace Long, who explored the region in 1904, renamed the bridge after his wife. Your donations make our work possible. This trail should only be attempted by well-prepared, experienced hikers in the winter.

Heartier souls searching for a work-out will opt for the Sipapu Trail down into the canyon bottom to see the bridge up close. Find a volunteer trip ›, Speak up for the Colorado Plataeu by signing a petition. Some day the bridge will collapse and erode away. This soil crust is essential to the survival of desert life in Natural Bridges. Around 0.3 mile you get to a trail junction; straight ahead is the Sipapu Bridge viewpoint, and a right turn takes you to Sipapu Bridge.

The trail declines 436 feet (133 meters) to the base of the bridge. From here, hike Armstrong Canyon’s floor southeast 2.9 miles to Owachomo Bridge. The total trail length (roundtrip) is 1.4 miles (2 kilometers). From the parking area, the trail descends some slickrock slabs with steps cut out to ease the journey. Backtrack to the junction, and continue towards the bridge. Best Season: Spring, summer, and fall. Please explain.

Your email and your recipient's email will NOT be shared with anyone. Elevation Change: 600.

Sipapu Bridge’s current name is Hopi for “place of emergence,” or the opening through which Hopi ancestors entered this world. Elevation Change One-way (from Rim to Base): 436 feet (133 meters) loss, 11 feet (3 meters) gain.

Many of the hikes and destinations featured on the Colorado Plateau Explorer are located in remote areas or near rural communities with limited healthcare resources. The trail may be muddy, icy, and slick. So keep an eye out for cars. Sipapu Continue making your way down stone steps that take you underneath an overhung wall. There is uncertain footing in places. This turns into the park road, and you reach the visitor center in a few miles. Spam?

There are flush toilets outside the visitor center.

After stopping to take a few pictures, continue along the trail for about another mile. You're all set! This bridge, whose opening would almost house the dome of the United States Capitol, has taken thousands of years to form but will someday collapse and erode as part of the endless cycles of time and change. All Rights Reserved and.

Width: 31 feet (9.5 meters)

Be prepared for a steep, sunny, hot climb back up to the rim. One factoid from the NPS: the opening of Sipapu Bridge is large enough to fit the dome of the U.S. Capitol! Return to the main trail along the same path. [4], Media related to Sipapu Bridge at Wikimedia Commons, U.S. Geological Survey Geographic Names Information System: Sipapu Bridge, "A tour of the Big 19: Photos and information on the world's giant natural arches", "Sipapu Bridge - Natural Bridges National Monument", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Sipapu_Bridge&oldid=975359420, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 28 August 2020, at 02:30.

The Natural Arch and Bridge Society has published a revised span of 255 feet (78 m), demoting the arch to a thirteenth-place ranking. Details . That elevation change is experienced using three wooden ladders, one long set of metal stairs, wood stairs, rock stairs, and switchbacks.
Sipapu is also the largest bridge in the National Monument, so it is worth a visit for sure.

Arches are formed by weather-powered erosion or pounding waves. NOT OKAY! Coordinates: 37°36′58″N 110°00′41″W / 37.61611°N 110.01139°W / 37.61611; -110.01139. This hike is perfect for adventurous hikers who are experienced with steep canyon trails. Initially you can see the park road to your right, but it soon fades into the distance as you hike northeast along the sandy trail. Sipapu Bridge is the second largest natural bridge in the US.
Proceed up more stairs, and turn right when the trail intersects a paved path. DIRECTIONS: Loop hike begins and ends at the Sipapu Bridge parking area. Counties in southern Utah have closed campgrounds, RV parks, hotels, and Airbnbs in an effort to avoid straining local healthcare systems. Sipapu Bridge Natural Bridges NM, Utah The Sipapu Bridge Trail, located at the bottom of White Canyon in Natural Bridges National Monument, Utah, immediately drops 440 feet in 0.6-mile to the creek bed under the bridge—utilizing slickrock inclines, steel staircases, and wooden ladders to manage the particularly steep sections.

Summer: Summer temperatures often reach 100°F (38°C). Its rounded opening and smooth sides are mute evidence of countless floods bearing scouring rocks and sand.

Stay away from the canyon edge - although it is not sheer, it can be steep.

Audio recordings of the posted signage are not available. Hike the unmaintained canyon floor southwest 2.3 miles to Kachina Bridge. Following signs towards Natural Bridges National Monument, turn right onto UT 275. After the trail passes underneath the bridge, turn left and head down Armstrong Canyon.

A more accurate measurement obtained by laser survey in 2007 revealed the measurement to be a significant overstatement.

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