Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old slow down quotes, slow down sayings, and slow down proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources. There was a sign telling motorists to. down example sentences. Punctuation is how you tell your reader to speed up or slow down when reading your research article. Word Panda provides you with a huge database of English words. Running around will make enemies slow down considerably. But the massive rise in the last two years has led economists to predict a sharp slowdown over the next year or so. You're driving too fast! The in-game graphics are realistic and crisp, and the on-screen action can handle an immense amount of characters and cities at one time without so much as a trace of slowdown.

4. 39. To cause, compel, or force someone or something to decrease in speed. For example, simple EXPLAIN statements in the queries and a la A slow meal; a slow trip. The OS uses utilizes the hardware well, so there is limited slowdown and lag. The search engine also warned it may slow down search speed. 7. When you are driving, you should slow down on corners. Some Win, Some Lose The slowdown is throwing into sharp relief the uniquely lopsided shape of Britain's TV market. 28. 2. If you get the wheels of your vehicle on the soft shoulder, Lack of proper bandwidth or inefficient calls to databases can, If you know there is a speed camera in a particular place, you will, Traffic lights were also put into operation during that period and they helped to, Although we may know where we want to go, without a speedometer and a speed limit it's hard to know if we could move faster or, What is the point of encouraging spin-outs if they are just going to, You twist the handgrip to pivot left or right, lean the platform forward to go faster, and rock it back to, After staunching the wound and waiting for the bleeding to, But David Shenk is not so optimistic that collectively our culture can, He walked ahead at a fast clip, still trying to get his heart to, My face red and blotchy, I leaned back in the seat, hiccuping now from trying to, I gradually slowed my voice as I spoke to subliminally cue her breathing to, A speeding driver who cheated death in a horrific collision has made a desperate plea for Swindon motorists to. slow down . Anything less will cause jerkiness in the application, slowdown of your computer, or maybe even freeze the computer. Once he slowed down and started speaking clearly, I finally understood what he was talking about.

Every once in while you will find some slowdown, but it's rare, mainly because there are not a lot of graphics that need to be pushed through your connection. How to use slow down in a sentence. (C) 2020 Word Panda. It adds emphasis and ensures clarity.

Errors in satellite to receiver distances can creep in if conditions within the ionosphere, the electrically charged outer layer of the atmosphere, He points out that the proposal to give left-turn cars advance green lights will, Just one more incompetent clown that can't, He reckons the bush telegraph would soon get the others to, That is, if some of the Earth's energy were to be diverted into a slightly larger precessional wobble, the rate of spin should, When Kildare Town is bypassed it will create traffic chaos in Monasterevin during peak periods as ever rising numbers of vehicles, Unfortunately, he's a runaway freight train of creativity, with no one in the brake room to, There is no market-maker in the middle to be compensated or to, He was still travelling at a reckless speed, but he didn't dare, Every time I have burp or my body has an urge to, In particular the work contains his important idea that one could test theories about falling bodies using an inclined plane to, New Mexico natives Shenoah Allen and Mark Chavez will probably become acclimatized to the Canadian winter, but they're not likely to, Bastian only sighed again as the taxi began to, As soon as one car spots a radar trap, all the cars know about it and can take appropriate action, as in, Though I studied Spanish in high school and college, I found myself stumbling on phrases, jumbling pronunciations and asking natives to, To allow more time for settling, newer septic tanks feature one or more baffles or dividers to. A noun or pronoun can be used between "slow" and "down" in this use. Morrowind proves that you can have smooth graphics and in-depth gameplay without pushing the limits of Big Green; Test Drive says that you can combine fast racing and excellent looks with no slowdown or jaggedness. 3. S s. The car slowed down as they passed Customs. Please enter your email to receive the reset link.
The car slowed down as they passed Customs. A slow child. Current financial problems in some importing countries may, 47. 2. Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved Contact: Meaning: v. 1. lose velocity; move more slowly 2. become slow or slower 3. cause to proceed more slowly 4. reduce the speed of 5. become less tense, rest, or take one's ease. 185+11 sentence examples: 1. [VERB PREPOSITION]. Before turning, you should slow down your car. " You must slow down to about 30 kilometers an hour when driving through a school zone between dawn and dusk. Slow to anger; slow to take offense. Battles are bigger and have more action going on -- no slowdown or pauses. He said: I certainly expect a slowdown in growth in the first half of 2002. Slow Down Sayings and Quotes. How to use down in a sentence. Slow down. There is some slowdown once in a while when passing into heavy coverage, but that's about it.

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