The biomechanics of running and common injuries. The best thing you could possibly do during this isolated period is work on your running strength and conditioning to ensure a smooth transition back into your routine when you hit the road again. © Sports Science Institute of South Africa 2017. A minimalism/ barefoot fad and inconsequential footstrikes? Learn the scientific principles behind writing training programmes & learn how to build your own. Learn the science behind taper and how to create the one that will maximise your performance the most. Click here to find out … I did this course to assist with my own personal running journey. No previous experience and knowledge is required. 021-650-4640info@nullsportsscientists.comBoundary Rd, Cape Town 7725. Running coaches who want to understand exercise physiology & training principles and methods behind programme design. Learn about altitude training and how to use it to maximise your performance. Rebecca is an endurance consultant at the Sports Science Institute of South Africa. We then provide an applicable exercise physiology overview of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems and how they respond to exercise training. Part 4 of our barefoot Q & A, tackling cushioning, proprioception, the strength of the foot & 'intelligent' muscle…, 2010-03-17: It may be The Sport Science Institute’s ‘Nutrition Reconsidered: a relook at the science and practice’ or ‘Optimise your Sleep’ course that is the investment which guides you towards living out a fulfilling lifestyle. We discuss the footstrike and the kinematic changes associated with barefoot…, 2010-03-16: No previous experience and knowledge is required. Was the barefoot and minimalist running 'explosion' just a fad? A comprehensive discussion of the barefoot running debate, explaining the origins of the theory, its validity and potential stumbling…, 2010-03-17: Stay up to date with what is happening and let us send you our latest specials and offerings. The interview at the end was very informative and helpful. Module 3 - Factors related to endurance performance, Module 4 - Special issues related to endurance performance. In this instalment of the barefoot Q & A, we discuss performance and injury implications, and belief around…, 2010-03-16: Preparticipation screen active individuals, Special issues related to endurance performance preview, 10km Beginner training plan (60min) (8 weeks). Advanced and elite athletes who want to understand the science behind their training. A certificate of completion will be issued once all of the assessments have been completed. All I’ve written in the last few months is academic analysis…. PROGRAMME IN PROGRESS . You’ll receive a detailed programme followed by videos of each of the movements, guiding you through your workout as you would here at SSISA. 50% OFF HOME-BASED PROGRAMME. Welcome to the Science of Sport where we bring you the second, third, and fourth level of analysis you will not find anywhere else.. Be it doping in sport, hot topics like Caster Semenya or Oscar Pistorius, or the dehydration myth, we try to translate the science behind sports and sports performance.Consider a donation if you like what you see here! Requirements. Our Healthy Weight programme is a scientifically-based, holistic and safe way to reduce and manage your weight through regular exercise, diet, psychological and sleep science intervention. T&Cs and Privacy policy, STUDY BIOKINETICS, EXERCISE SCIENCE AND SPORT & EXERCISE MEDICINE, Healthy Active Kids South Africa 2018 Report Card, SOUTH AFRICAN 24-HOUR MOVEMENT GUIDELINES FOR BIRTH TO FIVE YEARS. Each home-based session involves a dynamic warm up with mobility work, followed by running-specific activation and strength work, followed by conditioning and core stability work. HOME-BASED STRENGTH & CONDITIONING PROGRAMME FOR RUNNERS. Interested? The best thing you could possibly do during this isolated period is work on your running strength and conditioning to ensure a smooth transition back into your routine when you hit the road again. We kick off a 5-part Q & A series on all things barefoot and shod running. Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Subscribe by RSS Email Us. This programme is […] Each module will have four multiple choice questions. Learn about exercise physiology as it relates to endurance exercise training. © Sports Science Institute of South Africa 2019. This course is for the recreational to elite endurance runner, running coach, health professional, and student who wants to learn how to design training programmes to maximise performance and reduce the risk of injury. She specialises in programme design for runners, swimmers, and triathletes and monitoring training load in athletes. HOME-BASED STRENGTH & CONDITIONING PROGRAMME FOR RUNNERS . Here's why it's more likely a…, 2011-06-06: We published The Runner's Body in May 2009. Minimal equipment will be required, although some exercises will necessitate a resistance band and possibly a suitable medicine ball/ dumbbell or kettlebell. I found module one a little confusing but it was much clearer once I had completed the other modules. Today: innovation, the future and an ultimate…, 2010-03-17: Access to how sport scientists categorise endurance athletes into beginner, intermediate, or advanced. Understand the concepts of lactate threshold, running economy, and VO. Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site. Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter, subscribe to our RSS feed, or email us. View a list of the programmes at SSISA | Sports Science Institute of South Africa Previous experience and knowledge is not required. Recreational runners who are looking for scientifically designed training programmes to optimise performance and decrease the risk of injury. I would most definitely recommend the course to someone interested in improving their own performance without calling on a coach. So last night, at the Sports Science Institute of South Africa where I’m based, I gave a presentation on barefoot running, aimed at the public.…, 2020-02-06: These sessions are periodised and progress in intensity over the 10 weeks. We are currently a Level 4 BEE contributor. David Leith will be on the other end of your mobile device to support you through your home training regime. Study through the Home of Sports Science via campus-based or distance learning and get your National Certificate or Diploma in Personal Training and Conditioning, or take one of our range of online short courses. Fitness professionals who want to train endurance runners. Students will have unlimited attempts to answer these questions. Individuals who want to learn how to incorporate a series of fitness components into a training plan will benefit from this course. All Rights Reserved. We start with a discussion of "natural" running, and…, 2011-11-22: Last modified: Sunday, 8 July 2018, 9:21 AM. The Sports Science Institute of South Africa (SSISA)’s Education Hub is an accredited training provider, bringing you the latest in wellness, fitness and sports conditioning. With an average 4.4/5 stars on, it has been receiving positive reviews from runners and non-runners alike. The Sports Science Institute of South Africa (SSISA) is a proudly South African NPC #94/000250/08. The Sport Science Institute’s Education Hub offers a range of online short courses aimed at those who want to improve their knowledge and better their performance. The Sports Science Institute of South Africa is a CATHSSETA accredited provider: 613/P/000126/2008. Student-athlete well-being is a foundational component of the NCAA mission and has been a priority for the NCAA for more than 100 years. See the best resistance training exercises for endurance runners via video demonstrations and word documents as well as recommended set and repetitions.

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