Like, for 'The Children's Crusade', I said, "I want something that's kind of military," and he played something that was totally, utterly appropriate.

It's not Oh, Sting's got to have his little hobby, humour him and let him make his jazz record.

If they adjust at all. "Trust me," Sting told him, "It'll come together. Freedom is everything to me - freedom to change my mind, freedom to be seen differently. There are moments of ecstatic music here: the shrill, almost panicked chorus of 'We Work The Black Seam', Sting's evenly measured vocal crescendos on Fortress. Sting the musician has more to say than Sting the deep thinker - especially when he's paced, and pushed, by extraordinary young musicians. "Record, '85"Pop music at it's best is a great mongrel, taking in sources from everywhere. And I'm not precious about my ability as a musician. My intention was to use musicians who had the finesse of playing jazz, but to make music without that label. I wanted to give them a new springboard. The Dream Of The Blue Turtles With very little rehearsal time they booked a short series of shows at New York's tiny Ritz Club, Sting's idea being "To put the band through a baptism of fire to help fuse our identity before recording. Like much of his writing, 'Russians' is too clever by half, but puts its Prokofiev theme to wonderfully atmospheric use. I'm not intimidated by great players.

I'm not that interested in jazz to produce a jazz record. But aside from raising an eyebrow towards the charts, Sting's album has to be admired for its strong identity and wealth of ideas.

For me, the turtles are symbols of the sub-conscious, living under the sea, full of unrealised potential, very Jungian in their meaning. But I like him. Gordon Sumner) with their trademark minimalist accompaniment.But since 'Dream' is an extension of his development as a songwriter, Sting has appropriated a more personalized sound to compliment it. I have to say the sense of freedom in not having to tailor songs to accommodate a three-piece, even one as versatile as the Police, was like opening a window in a closed room. That would have been too much. "Los Angeles News, 6/85On the dream that inspired the album's title..."These massive, macho, virile prehistoric blue turtles were rolling around, doing back flips, wrecking everything. It's as simple as that. My idea is to have this body of work, and every album I just add to it; it's not like each is a separate chapter. "In January 1985, Sting went to New York to recruit a new band, enlisting Garbarini to help him. 'Children's Crusade' makes a rather tenuous connection between soldiers in World War I and young drug users. They started doing back- flips and other acrobatics, in the process utterly destroying my garden. I put this on the record and thought, "This is really going to put the cat among the pigeons - how are they going to play it in their format" And they did. It's not going to fit terribly well on radio formats, for example. A concerned citizen, frustrated by the cumbersome rhetoric of U.S.-Soviet detente, says with cautious resignation: "I hope the Russians love their children, too. I don't see them as my back-up band. In 'Consider Me Gone', he comments, "The search for perfection is all very well/But to look for heaven is to live here in hell." I had been in a band before, where everyone didn't decide who was what until much later. I'm from my own kind of ghetto. (How many spotty-faced kids out there watching Countdown know who Mephistopheles is? There's a moon over Bourbon Street tonight Yet I'd suspect that the rest of the band edited his pronouncements for commercial zoning; without them, he does tend to go on about "All the bloodshed all the anger / All the weapons all the greed / All the armies all the missiles / All the symbols of our fear," as he does on 'Love Is The Seventh Wave'. Kirkland pumps out organ chords over Hakim's stomp, while Sting and Marsalis dodge each others' syncopations around the bass line.But except for Shadows, the bluesy 'Consider Me Gone' and an instrumental, 'Blue Turtles', that grafts progressive 1960s jazz onto a Weather Report march, 'The Dream Of The Blue Turtles' is a pop record above all. Sting delves into neo-vaudeville with 'Moon Over Bourbon Street' and seriouso classical hymnology with 'Russians', a disarmament song. Review from Billboard magazine by author unknownPerhaps the most anticipated release of the summer, and the wait proves well worth it: Police vocalist/bassist's solo collection features 10 tunes, and not a throwaway in the batch. While there's a moon over Bourbon Street The more people pigeonhole me the more my freedom is impaired.

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