The owner’s pavilion that occupies the front half of the upper deck, is arranged in an open-plan area of interlinked spaces, divided by finely crafted wooden screens providing intimacy and subdued lighting.

My job as. (I very, very hope I did not break any unwritten rules by bringing up Naval Ops Warship Gunner). From iJoby  @ WoWs Gamer Blog   ... will have a main battery armament with higher accuracy and firing range, which is balanced by an increased main battery reload and turn time: will be dedicated to the 2020 Lunar New Year Celebrations. Hope to not see one again like that!

And thanks to the electric propulsion, AQUA is designed to be extremely quiet underway. Honestly it's a very interesting design study. [7], The design of the A-150s called for a main battery of six 45-caliber 51-centimeter guns in three twin turrets. I suspect after an initial round or two, I'll dock her until the Missouri is released and then free exp to the C hull for the Izumo after the Missouri is laughably priced. The designers hoped to give the ships a top speed of 30 knots (56 km/h; 35 mph), which would give them a comfortable margin over the American 27-knot (50 km/h; 31 mph) North Carolina-class battleships.

1. [1] By 1941, one—possibly two—of the 51-centimeter guns were being constructed at the Kure Naval Arsenal and detailed designs of their turrets were drawn up.

As part of this, the class would have been armed with six 51-centimeter (20.1 in) guns, the largest weapons carried aboard any warship in the world. Yes, the thing here is Yamato was an actual battleship, Iowa was a glorified carrier escort.

My job as yachting scribe has brought me on adventures from the Arctic Circle to the equator, and to nearly every tropical destination in between. This was another great read Destroyer_Fuyuzuki ... thank you ! afaik several patch ago it shot a 1460kg shell with the stock hull. Meanwhile, the Iowa-class was a fleet escort, providing well-directed AA support for the CVs.

As well, more secondaries in place of the hangar doors will stop shells coming down her aft and through her backdoors delivering unwanted citpens. I mean its not like Dunkerque which followed the same design but used x2 quad turrets instead.

Special thanks to Jinxed_ Katajainen for the chart above and for helping with some translations. In-game, Izumo has a phenomenal amount of "dead" displacement due to these things. the greatest class of battleship to ever set sail, the Yamato class.

Most likely such a ship would be too heavy to move at all, unless nuclear powered, with almost three times the reactorpower of the three times smaller Nimitz class ships of today. So the IJN didn't want to use 16" guns here.

I am incorporating the classic STAR BLAZERS models with the new YAMATO 2199 range.

One of the draft designs for a "super battleship" concept, preceding the appearance of the Yamato-class battleships. I just logged in to search and read about this ship since I had never encountered it.

All the guest cabins are designed for openness, luxury and comfort, providing a maximum sense of freedom in a highly detailed minimalist Japanese beach-style setting.

Year of Design: 1936 One of the draft designs for a "super battleship" concept, preceding the appearance of the Yamato-class battleships. Militaries of the World and their Ships, Histories and Weapons. Sep 22, 2012 - In-Progress: EDF Super-Battleship Electra Anime..

Daigensui-senpai, please be gentle if I got anything wrong ;w; Izumo unfortunately isn't a word I can jumble up or replace too much, unlike my Yorck and Khabarovsk posts. I'm not asking for a buff to her main guns, but rather a buff to making her a more viable secondary build battleship like her successor Yamato. This topic is the starting point for discussing this type of battleships. Sitting in the Japanese battleship line up at tier nine is a gigantic cucumber of death equally loved and hated (I say equal, I liked her at least) battleship - the Izumo. Spaceship Concept Spaceship Design Concept Ships Cyberpunk Earth Defense …

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