The casino isn’t agreeing to pitch in to help pay for the arena or anything.
Shoutout Sudbury UNCUT has 7,565 members. Does anyone have any idea how many human hours are directed to a cell phone’s 3 x 5 screen? Expose that he builds systems that put lower income earners out of work that weren’t privy to post secondary education- those who put needs of their families before themselves- that made ultimate sacrifices – that are new to the workforce- our sons, our daughters, our grandchildren, taking them out of work and takes money away from the local economy. Can’t wait for the Mother of all solar flares to put an end to all this electronic distraction and getting back to being Human again. Something the city could really build off of. Got little return on that. © 2020 Shoutout Sudbury. Dairy Queen in Chelmsford temporarily closes dine-in service, COVID-19: Ontario reports 1,242 new cases, Quebecers helping flatten COVID-19 curve by reducing social contacts. ETC ETC ETC… He is in the business of making tools that put people out of work for a company that funnels every penny out of the communities they are in. Haha. People are responding to pleas from public health officials and reducing their social contacts, a new study shows. Way too many. The KED will require Many statures of employment. This is a proud Shoutout Canada production.Made with by Jody Mitoma.

Downgrading cashiers isn’t a way to get your point across. LEAVE OUR JOBS ALONE! Your email address will not be published. It’s always been food or meals only. They’re turning senile and mad. The operative words “original ideas,” I would suggest, should not be conditional to a specific location. I see some contradictions in Ed Stankiewicz’s explanation and warnings. They got a It is an innovative experience and a choice destination for northeastern Ontario that will proudly host visitors to the beautiful city we love and call home. Sherrydawn Wygant when did they say that we are being forced to go to the casino? The man who’s claiming “job and cultural loss if the KED prevails… who is using Sudbury citizens collected and campaigned for money to stop REAL JOB CREATION – that years of university is not needed for in order to obtain employment to feed our families-is the same Man ensuring the Rich stay Rich- The Poor get Poorer. At least he’s looking out for the best interest of probably 90% of sudbarians the other 10% are the counselors and Tom Fortin. var bannersnack_embed = {"hash":"bzplr5l9z","width":336,"height":280,"t":1585101966,"userId":40796321,"type":"html5"}; TORONTO — A Toronto MP says she's leaving the Liberal caucus over allegations she employed a relative at her constituency office. Jay Brunette we as a city are going backwards on a fast track. 291 likes. Do you know what makes him millions? LOL) are from out of town. Workers to build the road and grade/prep the land, Engineers, Iron workers, mason, trades people to build and maintain (electricians, plumbers, finishing contractors etc the list goes on). Now stores can push people through the revolving door – in with the money- out with the money. People are responding to pleas from public health officials and reducing their social contacts, a new study shows. I’m for the casino and the KED. Tom Fortin why did you delete all of your comments? They knew that it would be a fight, that the KED has a bunch of extra costs and that throwing out the old arena plan (which already had zoning and land purchase agreements) would turn into this. No one predicted COVID would happen and as a municipality, we need to re-evaluate not just what’s going on with new projects, but existing projects,”. Citing the costs both of the court case, and the possibility he could be on the hook for the legal costs of his opponents, businessman Tom Fortin said on his website, Casino Free Sudbury, the chances of winning the appeal were low. And, while there may be more questions than answers, the NHL’s board of governors could get a look at what next season will look like as early as Thursday. Ya Fortins a goof, wasting our tax dollars fighting against something the majority wants, a very small percentage cannot accept they fact they lost. It appears they will go to any lengths to push this project through. Honestly though, go look how many stores are closing and just not being replaced. Shawn Donohoe I believe the context is regarding the need to keep blue collar jobs instead of replacing them with computer technology. In what world is this a smart move? Unfortunately we don’t live in a perfect world and as delays mount on the most important project Greater Sudbury has potentially seen in 20 years we are getting unreasonable delay after unreasonable delay.

And, while there may be more questions than answers, the NHL’s board of governors could get a look at what next season will look like as early as Thursday. The new group is a local architecture firm by the name of 3RD Line Studio. Where do you think he gets his parts and tools from? The benefit is all for the casino because it can run events like concerts that draw people to the casino afterwards, without having to spend their own money to upkeep the concert space. Thank you all so much for continuing to make Shoutout Sudbury the great place that it has become. It would save #taxpayers $40M and work could start now.

Tom Fortin has said himself he out sources engineers, etc from out of town- that he doesn’t hire his own staff unlike most facilities alike his in Ontario! Fabio Belli was one of the most respected city councillors that Greater Sudbury has seen in generations. Mathieu Labonté for some people, this is all they have known. What is exasperating, is to continually hear from councillors reminding us that KED was approved by a 10-2 vote in 2017 without mentioning that the “original idea” was selected having zero costs to taxpayers and returning a revenue of $500,000 per year, but they have this obligation to see it through anyway. Look into Tom’s past and present. So with all of these roadblocks how does the city expect to get a fair deal for taxpayers if they just kiboshed the plans that have already been in place for a few years now? This is in keeping with Ed’s position of original idea and specifically what the money was intended for. But it has to go to improvements. Innovation and optimism always win. Someone is either great at project You are NOT helping us! During that time, there have been 336,530 constructive (and sometimes not-so-constructive) comments made. Interesting.

As a city, I’m pretty sure we can come up with better ideas. Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. David Williams said people are feeling “a bit of COVID fatigue” and. It’s also a job that’s quickly trained and offers benefits in almost all storefront and distributing locations. Furthermore, Stankiewicz imagined it would not be a problem replacing it with another project, but it has to be 30 years in duration. KED, Sudbury June 27, 2020 Downtown Propaganda Fueling KED Doubts In a perfect world where things can be built without unreasonable objections we would already have construction of the Kingsway Entertainment District or KED for short, near complete or completed. .. Way too long didn’t read anyone got the cliff notes version, Angela M St Jacques never even heard of him, Perhaps the poster should think about how many jobs are being provided by a business owner where ever those jobs are… Every single person who has a job contributes to the economy whether it’s in Sudbury or elsewhere…think big picture not small minded, small town…Whatever you think of Tom Fortin, he’s doing his best to put out real facts, not made up numbers so, both sides of the argument understand what’s at stake…think about the fact that the government wants to put casinos in North Bay, Sudbury and in Sault Saint Marie along with existing casinos…every dime of extra money that people spend at the great restaurants around Sudbury or movie theatres or other entertainment venues will be gone into the black hole of the casinos… this will cost people jobs so the net job gain due to the casino would be zero because of the Job loss in other industries in Sudbury…the only people using the casino here will be said Sudburians due to the number of casinos there will eventually be in the North…rather than spouting false claims and emotional bullshit maybe people should read the real story about what the casino will cost the city…. You keep talking about restaurants when l am talking about stores and shops. And they did so in remarkably high numbers. Fight back for our rights!! Copyright 2020 | MH Newsdesk lite by MH Themes, KED has faced legal delays for quite some time. Blasting required, a court order to hold it until the case is resolved and lots of bitching. Ahh finally someone exposed Tom fortins business…if only would do actual investigative journalism, then it would have been said a long time back….poor sudbury(literally), Someone needs to be looking after our best interest, If you even for even a minute that peter could have wrote this, tsk tsk tsk, Shawn Donohoe seems like a Peter rant to me.

Sign in or register for your free account, Resident says he isn’t buying reasons from city administration about alternatives, Letter: City offers more support for stray animals than homeless people. I do not believe this loan is tied to the KED location, but rather to the project itself. Tom Fortin, of Casino Free Sudbury, makes a presentation at the City of Greater Sudbury planning committee meeting in 2018.
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We VOTED FOR THE KED! Jay Brunette thinking of moving to north bay. How you have the audacity and arrogance to be So Hypocritical is shameful!!! © 2020 Shoutout Sudbury. SHOUTOUT SUDBURY UNCUT — This is the sister community (the group) to Shoutout Sudbury (the page), but there are … I don’t mind paying and contributing. Downtown is so dead on Sundays it looks like the abandoned roadside attractions on old Route 66 through Arizona. The KED has faced legal delays for quite some time now and unfortunately some people are banking on them to put an end to the massive income and economic prosperity projects. Not to mention our disabled. What gives you the right to take from our families by replacing us with machines that with breakdown costs associated only line Your pockets and the major distributors?? Linda C. Makela if you are proud to live in Sudbury you should understand how short sited this sentiment is. This page is dedicated to those who are in favour of proceeding with the KED. Thank you all so much for continuing to make Shoutout Sudbury the great place that it has become. Well bravo for Mr. Signoretti. Signoretti said the city needs to re-examine many of its expenditures so “why aren’t we revisiting all capital projects?”.

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