In contrast she feels that the majority of white women who have read the novel have enjoyed it. Her survival though the novel takes its toll on her character and she loses a lot of her strength and dignity, which was depicted very well in Spielberg’s film when she makes her very short visit home. In literature, Uncle Tom was a clever and intelligent slave who was able to help his people. The Color Purple’s characters of Celie and Sofia cope very differently to the problems they face as black American females in the 1930s, such as: enslavement, sexual and physical abuse in the powerful patriarchal black society. 55-156). This material is available only on Freebooksummary, We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Ultimately, the whites give Sofia no choice. The evidence in this novel seems to indicate that black men use physical might in order to keep their wives in their place — just as white men have used physical might to keep the black man in his place. Therefore, using Brer Rabbit psychology, they hope to convince the white man that if he really wants to punish Sofia, he would take her out of prison and make her work for a white woman. Luckily, FreeBookSummary offers study guides on over 1000 top books from students’ curricula! ncte. During her years of confinement, both in prison and in the home of the Mayor, Sofia is fuelled by hatred and murderous thoughts, but also learns from Celie’s example to submit and disassociate herself from what’s happening. They know that not only is Squeak's appearance important, but that her performance is important also.

The Color Purple: Structure. In many ways Sofia is similar to Celie, in that she shows strong endurance and courage in the face of deep suffering, so it is not surprising that the two women form a strong bond of friendship that lasts throughout the novel. Touchingly, and yet humorously, Sofia tells Celie that the only way that she survives is by acting "like I'm you. Sofia is one of the few strong female characters in the novel. McEwan, N. (1998). It is the strength of bonding between black blood-sisters and black friend-sisters.

The Color Purple. Ironically, it is Mary Agnes who intercedes with the prison warden and manages to get Sofia’s sentence commuted to serving as a prisoner-maid in the Mayor’s house. Pretty soon…you can’t imagine why anyone would bother to write any other way’. Squeak was trying to defend her place in Harpo's life and her place in Harpo's home, especially after she heard Harpo tell Sofia that his house, the jukejoint, was still Sofia's house. To me, Sofia was a role model who helped me never become pigeonholed into silence. She learned a long time ago that you have to fight: "All my life I had to fight," she told Celie in Letter 21. Sofia is unsuited to her imprisoned role by her nature, she was meant to rule and not be ruled over.

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