5.1.3 Empathy-Creating Function 8 I think Hazen's comment fits here. "Hazen, I hear you. It deepens like a coastal shelf. And half at one another's throats. (I don't normally laugh with my nose at all—but then I suppose my tongue mostly between my cheeks.). Posted by:

By fools in old-style mortar boards and gowns, Oh how further from the truth we travel when we over-analyse a writers simple intention. I think "they may not mean to" also points out the difference between the narrator and "characters" in this poem--the narrator takes the position of knowing about life's nasty little secrets (it's miseries), but the characters (the mums and dads of past and present generations) don't seem to get this idea yet. A Google search of the title produces 101,000,000 hits in 0.14 seconds. Posted by: Posted by: « Catullus 63 has never seemed more plausible | Larkin, whom I met, and found to be, at least on that occasion, a rather glum man, would have thrown up had he seen what someone has read into his perfectly straight poem about the potetial for 'some' parents to fuck your life up. Start to turn thingsupside down. October 17, 2008 at 09:19 AM. Hey Bérubé, the next time you see Russell Berman, tell him off for me, will you? Larkin parodies the divine threat by rewriting the deliberate retribution of an angry vengeful God as the tragic shortcomings of "your mum and, Yet Larkin incorporates it almost immediately into his poem.

Well, this is certainly one of the most amusing interpretations of this poem that I've ever read and the liveliness of the debate brought a smile to my face. sorry about the missing apostrophe -- where was it to be put? "I believe you are laughing with a silent nose." January 25, 2008 at 11:31 AM. This is sometimes difficult to do if you're both standing up in a bus shelter in Hull, but the provincial English are nothing if not ingenious. Sports Day prizes, Bablake School, Coventry, Marguerite Yourcenar: Zeno's Ending, from The Abyss, Yannis Ritsos: Supplementary Acquisitions, Abdellatif Laâbi: One hand isn't enough to write with, John Clare: From The Journal: Walks in the Fields. Just stunned, I am the bullets, the oranges and the memory: Mahmoud Darwish: Ahmad Al-Za'tar / Fadwa Tuqan: Hamza, Have Mercy (Mr. Obama, do you have a heart? Examine Philip Larkin’s view of love and relationships expressed in his poems in The ... Larkin has been criticised for a lack of sympathy in his poetry. "And don't have any kids yourself.". Even if it was not what the poet originally intended. So yes, Larkin's talking about parents fucking you up. 5.1 Functions of the Use of Prose 7 Larkin's seems to be one of those cases. Thus, "fuck you up" is a perfectly valid way of talking about reproduction. That brings me to my third point: that the people who read such a poem know, whether consciously or not, that they are in a distinct group, and that this poem was written for them. Referring back to the first stanza line 2, the uncertainty but go-ahead "may not mean to, but they do" "soppy" is used in the second stanza to emphasize the uncertainty that the parents face. Supportive parenting, dictatorial parenting, inconsistent parenting, the loss of one or both parents, etc all produce distinctive behavioural and thought patterns in adult life. Michael Popplewell RMN | The poet's meaning is opaque here. plain and simple. And don't have any kids yourself. "... the Lilliputians will needs have it, that Men and Women are joined together like other Animals, by the Motives of concupiscence; and that their tenderness towards their young proceeds from the like natural principle: for which reason they will never allow, that a Child is under any obligation to his Father for begetting him, or his Mother for bringing him into the world; which, considering the Miseries of human life, was neither a benefit in itself, or intended so by his parents, whose thoughts in their Love-Encounters were otherwise employ'd." JavaScript seem to be disabled in your browser. They fuck you up, your mum and dad. Haha!! ben wolfson | There again, what do I know? March 02, 2010 at 07:42 AM. >>The final two lines, I'm pretty sure, are oral sex references of various sorts. It might come as a surprise to hear that a large share of the lamentation that surrounds one in such places has family dysfunction as origin. I like the analysis regarding biology and I had never thought of it before, always believing it to be the psychological damage many parents cause their children. You're seriously telling me that the conjunction of "soppy" (ie moist; wet) and "stern" (stiff, with a hint of punishment—well, it is Larkin), combined with a blatant allusion to deep-throating, isn't remotely sexual? And don't have any kids yourself. August 24, 2010 at 10:29 PM.

It's easy to be smart-arsed, loud, confident, and wrong. You can't honestly be oblivious of its common meaning? They may not mean to, but they do. What?!

This whole thing (the original post and thread) is absolutely hilarious.

Just because we commonly use "fuck you up" to mean something else does nothing to minimize the validity of this usage. "Don't have any kids yourself" is another way of getting out--refusing to participate in the mad cycle of reproduction, which is the cycle of passing on faulty genes and misery. I love the original analysis. It takes the joy out of a quite worldly, a little twee and a touching poem which is a downer ending with a sting suggesting you dont breed and suicide. Sign up to view the whole essay and download the PDF for anytime access on your computer, tablet or smartphone. But young people from every generation can relate to motives and issues concerning 'having children' and the friction between what you want & what you get. Larkin tells us in this poem about his friend 'Arnold' and his married life. Error type: « Catullus 63 has never seemed more plausible, The credulity of the recappers, or, what does Rick & Morty have in common with "Who Was Nietzsche's Genealogist? (ll. Posted by: This is a classic example of over-analysis of the text, does no one actually think that Larkin might just mean what he's written?

so terribly wrong!!! Michelle | michelle | Man hands on misery to man. You appear to both be going for a record. January 04, 2010 at 08:35 AM. Parents, two young lovers. August 17, 2008 at 09:05 AM. I had the idea [for, Macharia ...read more.

Well it did seem the hunter home from the hill should be deserving of some small liquid reward. In verses 12, 15b, 20, 21b, 24b, and 27a, a woman works hard starting from sunrise (verse 15a) to sundown (verse 18b).

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