The flag is emblazoned with a white Dhari (headdress) which is a symbol of Torres Strait Islanders. Elmira Jackals, that permission must be received in writing from the TSIRC, prior to its use. Evil Episode 12,

In 1992 the flag was also recognised by the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission (ATSIC) and given equal prominence with the Australian Aboriginal Flag.

Great Northern Hotel Kempsey, The Aboriginal Flag and the Torres Strait Islander Flag were designed in the 1970s and 1990s respectively and are proudly displayed around Australia today. The Torres Strait Islander flag was designed by the late Bernard Namok of Thursday Island. Highest Paying Jobs In California, No two islands are identical, each being shaped by its unique landscape, stories and history.The Torres Strait Islander peoples along with Aboriginal peoples are the Indigenous peoples of Australia, and are two very distinct cultural groups.Torres Strait Islanders are a sea-faring people and engage in trade with the people of Papua New Guinea. His flag was the winning entry in a design competition run by the Island Coordinating Council (ICC), a Queensland statutory body representing the Community Councils in the Torres Strait.

Die Torres-Strait-Insulaner sind die Indigene Bevölkerung auf den Torres-Strait-Inseln vor Queensland in Australien. 1964 Plymouth Fury, Range Rover Sport Precio Mexico,

The copyright of the Torres Strait Island flag is owned by the Torres Strait Island Regional Council (TSIRC).

Rockingham County, Nc Wanted List, Oc Register Classifieds, The five-pointed star also represents the five distinct language and cultural groups of the region. The TSRA will always make every effort to respect Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal people’s cultural sensitivities when featuring the images or names of people who have recently died. The Torres Strait Islander Flag is attributed to the late Bernard Namok of Thursday Island. We give permission for requests to reproduce the Torres Strait Islander Flag subject only under the following conditions: To request permission to reproduce the Torres Strait Islander Flag, contact us. Its contact details are:The TSIRC gives permission for requests to reproduce the Torres Strait Flag subject to the following conditions:Permission is not required to fly the Torres Strait Islander Flag, however, any questions on how and when to display the Torres Strait Islander Flag should be directed to: Main article: Torres Strait Islander flag The national flag features a white Dhari (headdress) and, underneath, a white five-pointed star, symbolising "peace, the five major island groups and the navigational importance of stars to the seafaring people of the Torres Strait".

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