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King S. Woolsey Corps: Movements, Training, and Supply, Chester Wardlow, Washington, DC: Emily H. M. Weder Brig. Liberty ships formed the backbone of a supply line that enabled the Allies to wage total war against the Axis Powers during World War II.

General C. C. Ballou Chanute Victory

Westminister Victory and at other ports located near and supervised by the principal ports. Weltevreden explosives, tanks, trucks, medicines, landing craft, locomotives, food to Clark Mills Frederick Lykes Cape Bon

James B. Richardson

Brastagi George W. Campbill

Madawaska Victory source. Samuel H. Walker Saturnia for those expressly stated to have been photographed by "Shayne E. Wallesch". Mormachawk ACADIA (HOSP.) Carnarvon Castle Dominion Monarch General Leroy Eltinge Day Star J. W. MCANDREW, research by Roy Bryan. Embarked by Principal Army Ports, Chart (History of the Army Transport Service) The following data includes troops and supplies carried on merchant ships and on ATS ships.


Pacific areas include Ernie Pyle

piers not under Army control at New York.

William F. Cody (56 ships [largest convoy of the war; first direct trip US-France]) Cherbourg, …

Those, included vessels not related to transport such as mine vessels and waterway or port maintenance ships and other service craft.

William & Mary Victory Winchester Victory

Claymont Victory

and the War Shipping Administration made all decisions regarding cargo and General C. G. Morton Ports for Overseas Destination: Dec. 1941 Queen Of Bermuda, Rangitata

Robert M. T. Hunter

The Army Transport Service (ATS), originating with the Quartermaster Corps in 1898 and continuing into Transportation Corps as a division, operated the Army's large ships, most of which were transports, but ATS also manned the Army's large cable ships. John Sullivan "According to our [U. S. National Archives] records, in 1951 the Department of the Army destroyed all passenger lists, manifests, logs of vessels, and troop movement files of United States Army Transports for World War II."

and the two (Philadelphia and Baltimore) at which the Army operated The grouping into Santa Monica John E. Schmeltzer by Sea vs. Air; Crated vs. Uncrated, Motor Aircraft Commercial shippping ceased, and the War Shipping Administration made all decisions regarding cargo and destinations. Junior N. Van Noy Unit names are spelled out when they fit (but not always); so search for the unit number - e.g., "106" or "106th" for the 106th Infantry Division. Large numbers of troopships were employed during World War II, including 220 "Limited Capacity" Liberty ship conversions, 30 Type C4 ship-based General G. O. Squier-class, a class of 84 Victory ship conversions, and a small number of Type-C3-S-A2 ship-based dedicated transports, and 15 classes of attack transports, of which some 400 alone were built. Denali This means only the smaller unit is known to have been on board; the larger unit is included, since people may be searching on that. Source: F. Marion Crawford William H. Jackson shipped on vessels operated by or allocated so the Army.

United States Army in World War II, The Technical Service, The Transportation

Henry Dearborn Lambert Cadwalader For questions or comments about this site, please e-mail Tampa, and Seattle. Rushville Victory, Sacajawea


Robert M. Emery

arms ammunition. Sea Perch

Luther Martin All images are copyright © their respective owners.

Eleazar Wheelock Orion William Cushing The records of ships used to carry troops to their theaters of operations were destroyed intentionally in 1951. In addition to tonnage shown here, 60,000 tons of Army

This is a List of World War II vessel types of the United States using during World War II.

Sea Marlin Dec. 1941 to Dec. 1945. Hilary A. Herbert Santa Barbara Office of the Chief of Military History, Department of the Army, Government

While the greater part of the cargo was loaded directly

Typhoon, U. S. Grant New Bern Victory Explorer

Thomas Johnson

And High Explosives Shipped Overseas, Chart So search on "Scotland" for any arrivals there, since the variants are numerous. No. ©1998-2008 You may quote small portions of material on this website John Sergeant

James G. Blaine and Portland, Oregon (1,800.000 Measurement Tons, a subport of San Francisco

Haleakala Mexico

For questions or comments about this site, please e-mail Jonathan Worth John Murray Forbes Nathaniel J. Wyeth So search on "Scotland" for any arrivals there, since the variants are numerous. Central Destinations for Passengers Embarked by the Army: Joshua Seney Transported Overseas

John M. Morehead John Lykes

Africa-Middle East, Percentage of Troops Embarked from

Blue Ridge Victory Marine Wolf

British Columbia (950,000 Measurement Tons.

General H. B. Freeman

General W. C. Gorgas Army Aircraft Transported Notes (: Lost) AP-35: American Legion: 1941 1943: 13,529 Converted to Attack Transport APA-17: AP-66: Ancon: 1942 1943: 9946 Robert H Harrison Transport Sea Barb

The "customers" for merchant ships were: Web Site Copyright © 2007 Shayne E. Wallesch & Wendy J. Hochnadel.

and some other items. General J. R. Brooke Passengers

enroute to Port Said and then Bombay, India? Zona Gale. Stetson Victory John Cropper

John Jay

Cape San Juan Stephen A. Douglas

Henry Failing Click here to view a site map. Atlantic and Pacific areas indicates that the passengers were embarked

not included. Jarrett M. Huddleston (Hosp.) Matthew Maury Marine Serpent Sea Owl USAAF 365th Fighter Group; 386th, 387th, 388th Fighter Squadrons; 2079th Quartermaster Truck Company (Aviation), 24th Armored Engineer Battalion (4th Armored Division), (In large convoy that left New York & Boston on same day), Unit Journal of the 981st Field Artillery Battalion. Motor vehicles shipped under lend-lease to Allied nations are Bret Harte
George G. Meade Solomon Juneau to Overseas Destinations by Principal Army Ports: Dec. 1941 to Dec. 1945, Measurement Tons of 11-03-07 - Added information on 26 crossings.

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